The Haus of Konnor is a model agency focused on Adult Entertainers of Color. There are interesting things going on in New York.

The Haus of Konnor

haus of konnor about us

Max Konnor started the Haus of Konnor last year. However it is now, after last American reckoning with her White Supremacist soul, when the situation seems to be more favorable for such a commendable project.

The agency’s Mission reads: 

“H/K Talent Management is a boutique management company of exceptional and diverse adult performers by award winning star, Max Konnor.  Challenging  the status quo to bring needed change to the industry, we ensure the most comprehensive development, support, and representation for models of color. H/K Talent Management is helping to create a new narrative and holistic experience by establishing a sense of community.  Our aim is to be a pioneer in the direction of a Haus of Color.”

Indeed, there are favorable circumstances for a repositioning of non White Adult Entertainers. On one hand, we have the still growing popularity of fans pages if you want to skip studios’ intermediation. On the other hand, anti-racism awareness fostered by the last world wide popular demonstrations, is forcing traditional studios to rethink their hiring and marketing strategies. 

Although this is probably one of the best ever moments for Adult Performers of Color, succeeding in the industry is still an immense challenge for everyone. Too many young people are dreamfully jumping to a porn career, without realizing how difficult it is. Not only you need to have the proper physic du role for the audience you are trying to reach. Besides, you need a big deal of talent and know how to navigate the business and face a plethora of competitors. 

Having the support of an agency to represent you can be the answer for many. Agencies and agents have always played a significant role in the show business industry, but have also being highly distrusted. 

The Haus of Konnor portfolio

haus of konnor models gif

Max Konnor’s reputation, however, allows us to think that his agency will deliver to the models’ needs, and not vice versa. I am thrilled to see these newbies being successful and inspiring many of my future masturbations. Max can both, introduce them to the studios market and mentor them on self production.

Although their portfolio will continue growing, we have several very interesting names. Perhaps the most recognized is Derek Cline. Besides, we have Elijah Zayne, Jabari Clutch (I wanna marry him), Jake Waters, Jigz Castelo, Kyro Rose, Ojani Moncrieffe, Pablo Strokess (if you are reading, House of Konnor website’s webmaster, the link to his information is not working), and Titus McMaster.

Ravyn Alexa deserves a special paragraph. I was super excited when I saw her in the agency catalogue. Needless to say, having a cis or a transgender model would be very auspicious in these times of inclusiveness. However, the lack of information in the website is frustrating. I found out more bout her from her Twitter.

I also checked the data available about the rest of the models. Evidently, more information about everyone would be a wonderful addition. Not only narratives describing their scenes, but also links to their social media and samples of their work.

I understand that traditional model agencies would not share such information, mostly afraid of the models dodging their intermediation. However, as we quoted before, The Haus of Konnor is into “bringing change” and “establishing a sense of community”. Probably, the website is still under development and soon will include more data. We want to know more about these hotties.

The Beach House

While he works on promoting younger and/or less experienced and known adult performers, Max has not neglected his own career. His main stage has changed, though. As it is summer, he is shaking it from his Beach House in Fire Island.

If you hold a membership to his JustForFans, you know. If you follow his Twitter, you have at least heard about “The Beach House Series”. Not only Max is hosting the newbies his agency is representing. Additionally, we also have some big porn names. As an example, two of his last partners have been Aiden Ward and Chino Blac

Besides them, there is a long parade of hotties lining up to ride Max’s legendary cock. Several performers joined some of the boys in The Haus of Konnor catalogue. We can enjoy Fame, Damaged Bottom, Ray Dexter, Misael Sexy, and many others who visited Max’s Fire Island fuck shelter. I am actually surprised we do not see more of Max fucking his boy Tigger Redd, but I may have missed those releases.

It is great to see the New York cluster recovering after the COVID-19 city crisis worst moment. This is a specially challenging time for everyone, but our New York friends were in a quiet hellish situation.

We cannot wait to see what the Haus of Konnor has for us in the near future and after pandemic age. Hopefully in a few months we will be jerking off less, and fucking more.

Let’s keep waiting for the vaccine.

Hasta la próxima pinga, amig@s!


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