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Newcomers are the condiment that flavors my main diet: porn. Are you not sick of this pandemic?

Sex monodiet: porn

Are you not sick of this pandemic? As I have a few check marks in the list of preconditions, I am in lock down and horny. Damn I am horny. Since the last days of March, only three hook ups visited my bedroom. My quarantine experience would be fairly summarized as a continuous struggle to avoid the snacks and the hook up apps.

Fortunately, we have porn. Although porn studios have stopped or slowed down productions, porn fans pages are in full bloom. I do not actually miss the studios, good porn is now coming from the performers, with no intermediation.

Being beyond the first half of the year mark, and despite the pandemic, 2020 has no shortage of newbies. Let’s celebrate some of the new talent inspiring our masturbatory sessions

Newcomers in The Haus of Konnor

haus of konnor models gif

As you all probably know, Max Konnor is leading an agency representing adult models. Please, go to his website and check them. 

Below, we will highlight a few of them who we find specially hot. However, you could have picked some others to place in the top of your masturbatory podium. Indeed, the offer addresses several different types.

Do not forget we are highlighting recent newcomers, though. Haus of Konnor’s portfolio also includes talents like Derek Kline and Jigz Castelo. Although they were newcomers last year, they have already worked for studios and even been recognized in industry awards.

Jabari Clutch

Jabari clutch smoking for newcomers 2020

Jabari is probably my Haus of Konnor’s favorite newcomer. I cannot wait to see him interacting with other performers. So far, we have seen only one scene that is not a solo. In this scene, he performs as a top. In case you like what you see, you should probably join his OnlyFans.

His profile in the Haus of Konnor introduces him as vers/top. Whatever that means, it may be that we will never enjoy his bottoming skills (I tend to prefer bottoms). In spite of that, what drives me towards him is his looks and his fondness for puppy play. Although not an expert on the puppy/trainer scene, this blogger often finds inspiration in the imagery.

Elijah Zayne

We have not seen much of this newbie, but we want more. Max invited Elijah Zayne to his Beach House and we were able to enjoy a full introduction to his beauty and bottoming talents. Damn I want him. I wish I was near Alabama.

Pablo Strokess

Pablo is another of the newcomers who recently spent some time as guests at the Beach House. Check him, and tell me whether or not you agree: he seems to be a very promising talent. Pablito is an amazing pole dancer! The boy loves the pole and the pole loves him back.

Newcomers from LA

rhyheim OF for newcomers 2020

Another very popular porn star who supports new talent is Rhyheim Shabazz. Although Big Bro did not invest his name in an agency, he has been very generous on putting his popularity behind new faces (and asses and dicks and…)

Not only he uses his massive social media following to advertise newcomers. When he collaborates with less known performers, he let his circumstantial partner to publish first their production. I do not know whether is obvious how generous this is.

Most popular performers use their high following counts to “overpay” less known models. They think that less known artists are generously paid by just collaborating with them, and therefore reaching out to their wider audience. Some would even think they should receive money for providing this access.

Rhyheim collaborates with countless newbies and less known models. Some of them are even overwhelmed at the popularity hitting in their lives. In what is gone of 2020, this blogger had to delete material in two of these cases. We did addressed before this power when we wrote Porn King Midas.

Obviously, Rhyheim does not think sharing his following is enough. In addition to releasing the scenes first in his less known partners outlets, Big Bro consistently goes out of his way to promote their work and label throughout his social media network. For many adult performers fucking with Rhyheim has made a difference. Ask the Brazilians.


rhyheim drowns porfi

Despite being a newcomer, Porfi is a strong candidate to win Best Bottom 2020 if we have a Best Pingas Awards new edition. For sure he will be a strong nominated. He is one of those few cases where the talent is so impressive, that rather than reading my narrative I invite you to watch his performances.

Porfi has been a relatively frequent visitor of the legendary bedroom (and outdoor annexes), although it wasn’t until this year that he flabbergasted me.

Will Prado (my favorite newcomer)

fantasy fucks

Out of all this year newcomers, Will is probably my number one. We did not know him before February, the last time Rhyheim took over Rio de Janeiro. To celebrate our 3rd Anniversary Month (July 2020), we had planned our first porn production in the Brazilian city. Will was in the crew.


This smoking hot man delivered an inspiring top to top performance with Big Bro. I still want to see more stuff two tops can do together. Of course, I want him to teach us.


Finally, he is the newest of all the newcomers inspiring my masturbations. The boy introduces himself as a professional pole dancer. In this case, I really wish he meant it literally and figuratively. 

It is raining Newcomers

To close, I wanted to highlight a special case. Perhaps I should have placed them under the LA section, as they are not subscribed to the Haus Of Konnor.

JC and Tyger are a couple performing together. They have a shared OnlyFans. In addition to be smoking hot, both exhibit exceptional talent for the sack. Coincidently, we can enjoy their interactions with our mentor stars in the lapse of a few days. That is why I am highlighting them apart. Check Rhyheim Shabazz’ and Max Konnor’s OnlyFans.

Those are just the few talents we chose to highlight in this post. Nevertheless, there are many more. I used Max Konnor and Rhyheim Shabazz as filters to have a limited pool. But all you need to do is to follow the right Twitter accounts. My stream has no shortage of hot amateur porn.

But 2020 is not yet over! Many more newcomers are going to land in our masturniverses. Hopefully, I will catch them first.

Hasta la próxima pinga, amig@s!



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