Get the lube, my friend. If you continue scrolling down, you are going to need it.

A pandemic summer

2020 Summer is fading, and despite the pandemic we do have porn to celebrate. Although the industry has slowly started to reactivate, the good stuff is not coming from the studios.

Amongst the many trends accelerated by the pandemic, we can count the rising of independent porn creators. They were already growing their audience before COVID 19 because of superior quality and creativity. However, their market was mostly limited to social media alternative channels.

We will write about how the lock down has probably damaged for ever traditional studios’ porn market dominance. But not now. Now, get the lube. It is time to celebrate some of the best porn we enjoyed this summer.

Get the lube, and join any of Rhyheim’s channels

Needless to say, our recommendations are mostly coming from the legendary Angelino bedroom. Get the lube, because Rhyheim Shabazz is producing premium porn at light speed.

When I am trying to figure out what to write about a new favorite Big Bro just introduced, boom. He introduces a new one, and this blogger has a new favorite to import to his masturbatory paradises.

During the last couple of months Rhyheim has collaborated with so many performers that it is impossible to honor all of them. If you are one of our followers, and share our preferences, get the lube my friends. These are the ones who inspire my boners the most.

Get the lube, and a pole

badkid and rhyheim get the lube

Badkid introduces himself as a “commercial entertainer”. I love the ambiguity, the many doors he is leaving opened to our imagination. And obviously, to our “potential commercial proposals”.

One of his many entertaining talents is pole dancing, according to his own onlyfans. Imagine what he can do around your pole. Are you imagining it? I warned you, get the lube now!

Elijah Zayne

rhyheim and Elijah zayne

We already wrote about Elijah. Since those posts, we have enjoyed more of his work and our fondness for him has not stopped growing. Although based in Alabama, Elijah has been traveling around and settled for a few days with Big Bro and friends. This fully versatile god delivered, unsurprisingly, his best porn performances guided by Rhyheim and Eyefilmz.

Get the lube, and join his own onlyfans.

Armani Flex

rhyheim and army get the lube

I did get the lube before writing about this one. We know nothing about him, only that he is based in Chicago. We are not even confident about how to call him. Armani? Shakur?

However, we do know he is our favorite amongst favorites. In his own onlyfans his introductions states: “I can be whatever you want me to be”. I want him to be mine. All the time. For ever.

Damien Cruz

Damien cruz and rhyheim get the lube

I may be wrong, but I think Damien is the last new face in Rhyheim’s Onlyfans. Hopefully, we will see more collaborations. Additionally, we can always join his own onlyfans. Always get the lube before watching a Filipino bottoming.

Jim West… did I not warn you to get the lube?

Rhyheim and Jim West

Did I say before that Shakur/Armani was my favorite amongst favorites. I was not lying, however I have a confession to make. This blogger is a polyamorous slut. I also want to get married to Jim West.

This extraordinarily sexy man stayed inside Rhyheim’s orbit for a few days. Not only he interacted with Big Bro, but also with several of his friends. Of course, everything was spotlessly documented by Eyefilmz‘s luring camera.

Besides the production during his visit to LA, you can always join his own onlyfans. But do not forget to get the lube before.

Get the lube because there is more

porfi and orgi
Porfi, another of the frequent travelers to my masturbatory landscapes

Those performers are only the last ones who I liked the most. There many more new and old faces that perhaps you prefer. You can probably say, without exaggeration, that one month of Rhyheim gives you much more than one full year membership to any studio.

As an illustration, check up this list: Porfi (damn I also want to marry him), Alexander, JC and Tiger, James Ant, Cade Maddox, Brock Banks, Isaac Parker, Joshua Flores, Boomer Banks, Morgan Thicke, Michael Boston, Nic Sahara, Leon Redd, Andy Rodrigues, and probably someone else I am forgetting.

Obviously, in case you do not like the boys I highlighted, you can still get the lube and peruse through a very diverse buffet. Enjoy it.

Keep the lube after Shabazz

krave and caged jock get the lube

Although the creative team Rhyheim & Eyefilmz takes us to the highest of Porn Olympus, we have more inspirational talent. Out of the many skillful adult entertainers luring us from the screens, we would like to highlight three.

Recently, they collaborated in a scene you can watch at Caged Jock’s Just For Fans. Our fondness and admiration for these three men is not new and not a secret. Of course I am talking about Caged Jock, Krave Melanin and Rider Jay.

Our oldest crush is for Krave. His Just For Fans and his work for studios have been source of endless masturbatory sessions. Throughout him, I met Jay and immediately became a fan of their work together. Jay also has his own Just For Fans. I will try it soon, and you should too.

Our admiration for Caged Jock is younger. We met him throughout Rhyheim and became huge fans after following his voice in social media. Indeed, he is a truly exceptional and unique adult entertainer.

Get the lube, join their Just For Fans and Only Fans, and wait for the vaccine!

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Hasta la próxima pinga, amig@s!


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