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Buzios By Shabazz

Once again, Big Bro has started an expedition to Carpe Diem Paradise, settling his throne in Brazil for a few days. Unlike previous trips, Rio de Janeiro will not be the hosting location. Instead, just a few miles away, Rhyheim and his little porn performers army are taking over Buzios.

Although we are thrilled, we do not know what is going to happen in Buzios by Shabazz. I mean, we all know a lot of smoking hot sex will happen. However, we are curious about the context.

So far, Rhyheim has divided the crew in two teams, headed by Italo Andrade and Andy Rodrigues, the two most popular stars in the group. Big Bro has them mingling, playing games, holding different activities outdoors. They are broadcasting live feeds through Twitter, you can set a notification and receive the alert.

Probably, we are witnessing team building activities. Some of these guys have no or very little porn experience. I bet wise Brig Bro is first working in making everyone comfortable in the group. I am just guessing. Perhaps, we will have the chance to ask our hero.

Allow me to introduce the crew and cast who will be inspiring our imagination with their porn talents from Buzios by Shabazz.

Old faces in Buzios by Shabazz

In a record breaking production, Rhyheim Shabazz summoned 15 Brazilian adult entertainers. It is a long list, indeed. Perhaps, we should have said 15 so far. Buzios by Shabazz could see their population increased anytime. Even now, there is a hot model in the group pictures who is not tagged and we know nothing about. Perhaps we should be already talking about more than 15.

Bernardo (backstage Buzios by Shabazz)

Bernardo for Buzios by Shabazz

First, we are starting with the old friends working in Buzios by Shabazz. Bernardo has supported previous Big Bro’s incursions. His Twitter introduces him as a trilingual guide, but we know he is also a talented camera men. His IG profile adds that he is a Geography Teacher and a model. You can see some samples of his modeling work here.

Needless to say, if you are planning to explore Rio, Bernardo is the person you should try to hire. Besides his knowledge of the local culture and life, he may entertain you with porn backstage anecdotes in Spanish, English, or Portuguese. Priceless.

Bernardo has big shoes to fit in this time. Eyefilmz is not part of this project, but fortunately they worked together in other opportunities. We are confident that Bernardo has learned from that partnership, and added to his own talent and craft.

Additionally, a little bird told me that he can seduce anyone with his sweet talk and beautiful eyes. Unfortunately, his modeling work has so far stayed out of porn territory.

Andy Rodrigues


Gladly, we see Andy again after his introduction during Rhyheim’s previous trip. In Buzios by Shabazz, Andy is heading one of two teams, although we ignore the nature of the coming competition. His home base is nearby Sรฃo Paulo, if you happen to be around and want to meet one of the current most popular Brazilian adult performers.

Italo Andrade

Italo has been a major attraction in all of Rhyheim’s Brazilian adventures. Of course, Buzios by Shabazz is not going to be different. Almost as popular as Andy, Italo will be heading the other team for our still unknown competition. He is home based in Rio de Janeiro, if you want to reach out to him.

Will Prado

After being introduced to us in Rhyheim’s previous trip, Will has quickly rocketed to the pole position of our favorite boys. Before asking me why, look at his pictures and his performances. Hopefully, we will see a lot more from him in the near future after Buzios by Shabazz.

In case you want to contact him and enjoy his company, Will is home based in Porto Alegre.

Carlos Maranhao

Although we loved Carlos’ work with Rhyheim, we had already fallen in love with this performer before. Side by side with Will Prado, he is in the pole position of my favorite Brazilian adult artists podium.

Hopefully, we will have the chance to meet him. He travels a lot around Brazil, but his home base is Sรฃo Luis. Perhaps you would like to reach out.

Caio Rodrigues

Just as Carlos Maranhao, we had enjoyed Caio’s porn talents long before he started to work with Rhyheim. We are glad to see him in Buzios by Shabazz. If you happen to be in Rio de Janeiro, you may want to reach out.

Yuri Oberon

One more star we knew before he started working with Rhyheim. Indeed, Yuri is one of the most charismatic Brazilian adult entertainers I have met. Besides his performances, we were fortunate to meet him last November, during our last visit to Rio. He is based nearby that city if you want to have the joy of enjoying his company.

Max Booty

Max Booty is a popular Brazilian performer we met in Rhyheim’s first expedition. Now, he is back in Buzios by Shabazz.

New faces in Buzios by Shabazz

Besides our old friends, we are meeting some new faces. Despite not knowing much about them, we already have a couple of favorite guys. However, the chart can quickly change once we start enjoying actual porn. Remember, we are still in the preliminary warming up.

Farley Ferreira

Man, I wanna lick his nipples. Farley is one of the new faces brought to our screens in Buzios by Shabazz. As we understand this is his first porn gig, we are thrilled to see him in action. Clearly, the preliminaries are very promising.

David Santos

Head to head with Farley, this boy may become one of my new crushes. Damn he is hot. David is based in Sรฃo Paulo, his Twitter introduces him as an escort. Of course, I would contact him with no hesitation should I be in his area.

Davi Petinelli

Davi is another new face joining Buzios by Shabazz. His Twitter places him in Rio, although his Instagram location says Sรฃo Paulo.

Lucas Ricardo

Lucas introduces himself as a Power Bottom in his Twitter. Evidently, he is meeting his promises taking Rhyheim’s legendary cock, as you can see in the sample above. His base seems to be Rio de Janeiro, and besides his twitter you can also check his Instagram. Additionally to being a talented performer, we may be in front of some poetic spirit. His Twitter’s headline is “Icarus: the Fallen Angel”.

Felipinho Souza

Although I had not noticed him until now, Felipinho does have a porn background. We learned from his Twitter that he is based in Rio and is a model for Meninos On Line. Besides his Twitter, he also has an Instagram profile.

Caco Fox

Although we know nothing about this one, he is gifting us with some very promising performances in Buzios by Shabazz. As an example, look how nicely he is taking dick from David. Caco has just opened a Twitter account.

Lucas Sans

Lucas is another performer who seems to have his own adult entertaining history, but we are meeting just now. His base is Sรฃo Paulo. Besides his Twitter, you may also want to check his Instagram.

Felipe Leonel

Felipe is another performer being introduced to us in Buzios by Shabazz. Unfortunately, we know nothing about this hottie. Perhaps you want to check his Twitter. There, we learned he is a Mineiro residing in Sรฃo Paulo.

More Buzios by Shabazz

So far, these are the guys. However, we can imagine the amount of men knocking at the door to join the event. Therefore, if you have a favorite who is not yet showing, do not lose hope.

As we enjoy the preliminary flirting and hot skirmishes, we are thrilled to see what is Rhyheim planning to do with these two teams. Is he elucubrating some king of porn competition reality show?

Stay tuned.

Hasta la prรณxima pinga, amig@s!



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