lee as sexy male maid

A Sexy Male Maid scenario has been in my To Do List for a long time. I am quite happy with my first try.

Living your fantasies

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Next weekend we will publish some video.

Are you not surprised at people sharing they have a fantasy? I know, it is not surprising at all. The surprise comes when they share their dream. You would be expecting something weird and unusual, a situation that is challenging to enact. However, they come up with the most familiar and accessible role play scenarios.

Well, this blogger is not an exception. Although I do have some weird kinks not so easy to make real, this post is about a traditional, stereotypical, and extremely easy role play scenario. A sexy male maid is a porn classic narrative, one that transcends homosexual fantasies. Unexplainably, I had never done this before with costumes.

One of the many goals of this blog is sharing our sexual explorations. So I brought our favorite model. Kitty Lee has been my partner in many experiments, and here he joined me again. He was my partner for Sexy Clown and for Puppy Play. Although those were scenes that do not fit him, his performance was great.

This one is different. Kitty Lee is the perfect Sexy Male Maid. Playing this scene together brought us to sweet memories from our first meetings, when he was one of my favorite strippers at Rockhard DC.

A Sexy Male Maid in the make

lee mucama ass

Actually, the sexy male maid role-play scenario is one that I have enjoyed many times in the past. Back in my younger years, when I was living in Buenos Aires, I used to enjoy it with frequency.

This blogger has always been into men considerable younger than him. Although we have never been wealthy, we tend to be in a better financial situation than our lovers. Of course, I have my doses of rich boys, but usually my hook ups and not only much younger, but also much poorer.

Interestingly, I never did it since I moved to the USA. But in Buenos Aires, I would often experience the following situation: we would hook up with a boy in the bar or the disco (I am remembering pre Internet and smart phones times), and we would become regular fuck buddies. Some of them would run into financial difficulties, and would inquire whether I was in need of a home cleaning service. We would agree on an hourly fee aligned with the market, and after they completed their task, we would go back to our fuck buddy duties.

With some of them, we would make a deal. We would act as if we did not meet before. They would arrive and we would fake it as it was our first cleaning contract. However, we never used sexy maid costumes.

The Ultimate Sexy Male Maid

lee mucama frente

Probably, we never got an offer from our DC fuckbuddies because race and social class dynamics are unlike in Argentina. Because I am still playing with younger and poorer lovers, after all, as I have always done.

Therefore, I called Kitty Lee. He is not one of my fuck buddies, but my longest lasting regular male escort. Although he is retired from public offerings, Lee still visits me with frequency.

I did not pay for his cleaning service, but for his modeling talent. He got dressed up as a sexy male maid, with leggings and lingerie, and everything else. His muscular buddy looks quite hot in that outfit.

We had fun taking a lot of pictures and some video. Not only we checked out of my bucket list the sexy male maid fantasy, but we got close to another of my kinky dreams. I want to fuck a muscular man dressed in drag. I mean full drag, wig and make up included. We did not get so far with Lee, but it was an approach.

Today we posted the first set of pictures in our JustForFans page. This week we will work in the videos, and hopefully a first clip will be published next weekend. In this post you have a few samples.

Hasta la próxima pinga, amig@s!



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