Today we all are Asian, Women, massage parlor workers, and sex workers. The list could be longer, as this week Atlanta shooting is a case study for intersectionality.

We all are Asian

Although the list could be longer, we will keep our focus primarily on Race. Gladly for you, dear readers, we will not write much. Certainly, there are eloquent reactions from the top of our national leadership to countless organizations and opinion leaders and influencers. They all spell and dissect the atrocity of this crime much better than I could. Our intention is mostly to express our solidarity and to stand against another demonstration of White Supremacy. Today, We All Are Asian.

I do not know whether or not Race was what mostly inspired the White Christian man who pulled the trigger, repeatedly. However, we primarily want to highlight the evident racism inspiring this crime, out of its many potential sources of inspiration. 

Whether or not it was the explicit ideology justifying the murders, White Supremacy was indeed in the foundations of the disregard for the lives of last week victims. Notably, it is not an exceptional occurrence. Indeed, the history of anti Asian violence is almost as long as American History.

After 2020 racial reckoning, we must keep on deepening our understanding of and our fight against White Supremacy. It started with the unforgivable genocide of the Native American Peoples. It continued with the shameful slavery of the African kidnapped peoples. And as a pandemic, it never stopped expanding the scope of peoples of all colors to exploit, discriminate against, murder, and oppress.

Unfortunately, the last year it has gotten worse for our Asian brothers and sisters. It has been specially bad for our Asian sisters. The hateful discourse promoted from the former White House occupant made it worse. To all the stigmatization playing against Asian Americans, residents, and visitors, we added the China Virus and the Kung Flu.

Today We All Are Asian. Today All Asian Lives Matter. 

We all are Asian Women

Even if our first pledge is We All Are Asian, we cannot ignore evident gender issues in place. The overwhelming majority of the victims were women, Asian women. 

Is there a history of oppression and suppression longer than Women’s? Once again a man, a White man, thinks he is entitled to take the lives of women, of women of color, of Asian women. 

Unsurprisingly, the White man is Christian. We had to read the stories about his good deeds in his Christian church. We had to suffer the empathy displayed in the media. The White Male Christian murderer became a victim of his sexual addiction, and the Asian women, the objects of his temptation.

Today, we all are Asian, but also we all are women. All women lives matter.

We all are prostitutes

we all are asian
Picture taken from opendemocracy.net

Finally, the last category in this intersectionality show we want to highlight is sex work. It is also sex in general, and pornography.

In many chronicles recounting the murderer’s life, it is highlighted how his obsession with pornography developed into sex addiction. And of course, where would our poor Christian White Man find release if not into the poorest massage parlors in the city? 

Women’s lives have always been a subsidiary of Men’s. Imagine what value a White Male Supremacist culture places on the life of women, who happen to be Asian, who happen to be sex workers, who happen to be poor.

In Puritan White America, the answer is near zero. That is why today, primarily, we all are Asian. But we all also are Women, and we all also are prostitutes. All Whore Lives Matter.

Beware of Puritan America

we all are asian

To close, we stand today with our Asian brothers and sisters. That is why this week we are not celebrating sex and porn. Instead, we are standing in outraged fury to pledge that We All Are Asians.

However, we cannot forget who we are. Indeed, we are not Asian, women, or sex workers. Out of all my intersectional identities, I am here as a Male Queer blogger and intense consumer of pornography and sex. 

As such, I am always afraid of Puritan America. As an illustration, the empathy shown for this despicable killer because of his sex addiction scares me. In fact, Puritanism precedes the modern USA bipartisan political system, and extends its putrid influence across political parties.

Incidents like last week Atlanta killings, to me, highlight the need for legalizing sex work, dismantling White Male Privilege,  and addressing mental health and poverty. Those are public policy areas where we can foster substantive social change towards a more fair and inclusive society.

In contrast, others may see in this incident a justification to suppress sex work and pornography. In their disgusted (disgusting to us) minds, innocent good hearted Christian men can be corrupted by sex and its artifacts.

Beware of Puritan America, and never forget that We All Are Asian. Support our Asian friends.

Hasta la próxima pinga, amig@s!



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