With Rhyheim in Barcelona, the Catalan Capital will be probably invaded by Europeans trying to ride his legendary cock. Actually, it is better than that as Big Bro does not like traveling alone.

Rhyheim in Barcelona

Rhyheim in Barcelona

He announced the expedition last week. Since then, porn stars and other European sluts are probably flooding his inbox looking for collaborations.

But it is even better than that. As we know, Big Bro is the Number One, but is not a solo player. Rhyheim in Barcelona means that The Cooperative is actually taking over the city. He is presiding on a delegation that includes some of the shiniest stars in Neo Vanilla Porn heaven.

Potentially, this could be a historic event. Europe, after all, has been generous to Rhyheim. Let’s remember that he started his career in adult entertainment performing for a European studio. Later on, when his popularity was already sky rocketing, Big Bro went on a multinational tour. Back then, EyeFilmz documented memorable scenes with Jay Alexander. For instance, I will never forget the fucks with Klein Kerr.

Rhyheim was a raising newcomer, with an exclusive contract with Tim Tales. Despite Big Bro not being free, that European tour was a benchmark in his growing as an independent creator. Imagine what he could do now., when he is the King and is traveling with his Court.

Of course, Rhyheim is not traveling alone. His brand is cooperation amongst peers. Let’s take a look to some of the members of The Cooperative embassy.

The Cooperative in Barcelona

Italo, Rhyheim, Angel, Sharon and Sagat in Barcelona

Before checking some of the ambassadors, let’s remember that Rhyheim can be impulsive. At first, I did not believe him when he told me that he was not into planning. However, history proved me that he was truthful. He likes choosing a stage, and throwing people to interact and have fun. And of course, to fuck. Rhyheim in Barcelona is going to give us more of that.

Rather than as a reminder, take it as a warning. Things may change. Perhaps, some of the announced creators will not join the embassy. Perhaps, some not announced creators will. In Rhyheim’s Kingdom, anything is possible. Follow me to check the current menu offered by Rhyheim in Barcelona.

Italo Andrade

italo en Barcelona

Italo is head of The Cooperative branch in Brazil. He and Big Bro have been planning a tour together for a long time. Our admiration for this Brazilian God never stops growing.

During the last couple of years Italo has been redesigning himself. The results are obvious if you are a follower. Not only his body is turned into a massive but harmonious mountain of muscle. Additionally, he is trying to shift his brand. Historically, Italo was the King of the Bottoms. Since last The Cooperative expedition to Rio, he is trying to perform more as a versatile lover.

Whatever he does, Italo has a sensual aura that mesmerizes people around him. I saw it with my own eyes, and cannot wait to see his magic captivating Barcelona. He is already there.


Bernie's twitter

I had the pleasure to meet Bernie when Rhyheim invited me to his base in Rio, in November 2020. So far, he has never performed in adult entertainment, although has a career as a fashion model. Instead, he has worked from the backstage. Some times Bernie was the camera man when EyeFilmz was not around, but his most consistent role has been as a local guide and interpreter. He speaks Portuguese, English, and Spanish.

We are not sure what he will be doing in Barcelona. Certainly, they will need an interpreter. It is tempting, but I will not make jokes about Rhyheim and Italo’s language skills beyond their native tongues.

Bernie is also already in Barcelona.

Khi Lavene

rhyheim and khi lavene

Recently, we published our report on Khi Lavene and Rhyheim. Soon, we will publish a report on his OnlyFans. Meanwhile, we are very curious about his joining The Cooperative. He has not yet arrived, so we hope he is still part of the expedition.

Elijah Zayne

rhyheim and Elijah in NYC

Elijah is another favorite amongst favorites. Although his talents are unquestionable, his commitment to a career in porn seems not to be at the same heights. Hopefully, we are wrong.

We hope that his relationship with Big Bro will foster his willingness to become an independent porn powerhouse. Although he has not yet arrived to Barcelona, Big Bro announced he was going to be in the party.

Just as Italo’s, Elijah’s seductive power is strong. We cannot wait to see him flashing his charm in Barcelona.

Angel Rivera

Angel Rivera en Barcelona

We always liked Angel Rivera‘s performances for porn studios. Needless to say, we were excited when we learned he joined The Cooperative. Angel is already in Barcelona, so we know he will be inspiring our masturbatory sessions.

More Ambassadors to Barcelona

Shabazz and Sagat

Those are my favorite ones in this embassy. However, there are more. Sharok is the other creator who is also already in Barcelona. Phatrabbitkiller should be arriving soon, if the announced plans have not changed.

We have never followed them. Rhyheim in Barcelona may be the opportunity to learn more about their talents and bring them as inhabitants of our jerking of landscapes.

Of course, then we have the locals. Porn stars and hot sluts of all backgrounds are probably flocking right now to Barcelona. Big Bro has already been flashing images with François Sagat, but I am sure he is just a little sample of what is about to come. Indeed, we are in the preludes of a pornquake of historic consequences.

Besides our entertainment, we can be witnessing another independent porn big hit. Clearly, it is an extra pleasure when besides watching how our erection raises, we can also see independent creators’ careers sky rocketing.

Grab the lube, and stay tuned.

Hasta la próxima pinga, amig@s!



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