rhyheim & italo kudos to timtales

Kudos to TimTales. About two years ago, we celebrated the European porn factory for discovering Rhyheim Shabazz. This weekend, the Barcelona based studio is perhaps landmarking another porn benchmark.

We were looking in the wrong place

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In a recent report, we forecasted that Rhyheim’s visit to Barcelona would trigger an international pornquake. However, in our last Porn Drops, this blogger confessed his relative disappointment.

Although The Cooperative delegation delivered premium porn, it was just more of what we are used to. This blogger was expecting an impressive catalogue of porn big names parading in front of EyeFilmz‘ camera. It did not happen.

Nevertheless, an international pornquake was in the make indeed. This blogger failed to see it, but we all can feel the waves right now. Big Bro tricked us with a distraction maneuver. As I was looking after massive orgies in the famous beaches of Sitges, he was actually sneaking into a studio stage.

Rhyheim was actually preparing his unexpected and unannounced return to a mainstream production. Additionally, not only it was a return to working for someone else, but also a return to his first porn producers: TimTales.

Kudos to TimTales One

rhyheim & italo kudos to timtales

Last week, both the studio and Rhyheim revealed the surprise and started advertising their collaboration. In a single weekend, they released not one but two scenes. This is a double kudos to Timtales.

The first release is a scene featuring Rhyheim and Italo. The production is 26 minutes of masturbatory gold. Indeed, if you are following The Cooperative, you will not see much new. Of course, there is always a new position to try, or a new angle to film from. However, Italo and Rhyheim had already delighted us combining their extraordinary performing talents. Perhaps we can highlight one new detail, though.

Previous scenes where these two stars interacted depicted Italo’s pre-pandemic looks. The Brazilian God has been working hard in the gym. For the first time, we can enjoy his newly sculpted muscular body playing around and riding Big Bro’s spectacular cock.

Grab the lube, because you will need it.

Kudos to TimTales Two

rhyheim & elijah 4 timtales

The second release that inspired our Kudos to Timtales is just as hot as the first one. If in the first production the studio matched Rhyheim to one of his main creative partners, in the second scene they matched him to his partner in life.

Rhyheim and Elijah together have been bombing us with inspirational materials for months now. We know how talented both are, and how an explosive combination they make. Rather than for us, this scene is a first time for Elijah. I may be wrong, but I think this is the first time he performs for a studio production.

The kudos to TimTales are well deserved. Not only they continue their tradition of in media res premium porn. Not only they do keep matching performers who are into each other, and documenting the whole experience. Additionally, they are not afraid of learning from, competing, and collaborating with the independent talent.

Because certainly, this blogger smells more than just these two collaborations. Something else is in the oven, I think.

A change in the axe of porn?

Elijah, Italo and Rhyheim in TUB
Photography by alternativavf

If you follow our blog, you know that our Pornuniverse Axe has been very stable the last two years. The North Pole is in Los Angeles. More precisely, it is in Rhyheim’s legendary bedroom. The South Pole is in Rio de Janeiro.

Most of the porn we watch takes place in between those locations. However, we may be witnessing a tectonic movement. The axe of porn may be switching from LA-RJ to LA-Barcelona. All of it, in the context of The Cooperative becoming a significant player in territories previously granted only to mainstream studios.

Our Kudos to TimTales may go beyond what you were expecting. Let’s take a look at the clues.

On going collaboration?

Besides what the studio is calling the “Rhyheim Weekend”, there are signs of more collaboration. For instance, recently TimTales featured Roxas Caelum, a prominent member of The Cooperative for about one year now.

Yesterday, Rhyheim twitted the message illustrating this section. Is it just a rhetoric question? Is it the introduction to a new role as talent hunter for the Barcelona based studio?

Surely, it is too soon to tell. But the sign is out there. This is our second Kudos to TimTales. If they are recognizing Porn Powerhouse status to Big Bro, many more are to come.

Italo is moving to Barcelona?

Italo Andrade, so far, had been The Cooperative‘s Ambassador in Brazil. This partnership was at the core of the Neo Vanilla and Independent Porn Booms. We had the privilege to enjoy his geisha talents after admiring his work in porn for several years. Last year, we observed his interaction backstage with other performers.

If Europe thinks they know Brazilian Carpe Diem from the many Brazilians who preceded Italo, they are about to be surprised. He is quite impressive in the screens, but the experience of feeling his magic in person is unique.

There is a lustful glow surrounding him all the time. It is an aura that modifies everyone who enters Italo’s space. He is a Fairy and a Demon, you do not have to choose and you cannot choose.

If he has really moved to Barcelona, we are about to witness a new conquer. Reality may be paraphrasing Laurent Binet’s Civilizations, in the Adult Entertainment Realm. Beyond whether or not there is a new partnership with TimTales, Italo’s residence in Spain guarantees the conquest of Europe by The Cooperative.

Kudos to Str8UpGayPorn

kudos to timtales

The Kudos to TimTales come also with Kudos to Str8UpGayPorn. The European Porn Powerhouse discovered Rhyheim Shabazz’ talent, and now is the first studio to develop a partnership (not an employment relationship) with the One Million Star.

Similarily, Str8UpGayPorn was the first mainstream porn blog to feature Rhyheim. They celebrated his talent in their last Awards Ceremony, and now seem to be also collaborating as partners.

Evidently, not only the studios but also their related outlets are embracing a new reality. Kudos to all of them.

The beginning of the Post Pandemic?

All of those clues together, make me think that our Kudos to TimTales is for releasing another landmark production. After the Independent Porn Boom, smart studios could not go back to business as usual. Timtales is breaking ground by developing a never seen before partnership with an independent creator.

Perhaps, it is the beginning of a new business model where performers have more to play. Perhaps, it is nothing. After all, this is all based on speculation.

Whatever it is, stay tuned. Soon, we will find out.

Hasta la próxima pinga, amig@s!



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