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Another attack against Rhyheim Shabazz’s account took place last week. This time, the target is not only Big Bro.

History Repeats Itsealf

Almost exactly 2 years ago, we reported on the first successful attack against Rhyheim’s Twitter. Back then, he “only” had 280K followers but his rocketing success was generating plenty of jealousy. Imagine now. His following was over 1.1 Million when his account was suspended on November 1st.

Certainly, there are many reasons for his competition to target him. Not only Rhyheim is the most popular male porn star on Twitter. Besides, he has become a Porn powerhouse able to negotiate and compete on equal terms with big mainstream studios. He has dethroned several former Kings (and/or Queens) and, although there are legions of his fans, there is no shortage of his enemies.

However, this attack seems to come not from the top players. You can find the breaking news in other blogs. For instance, read this Str8UpGayPorn article, or check this other one in Out. In our post, we want to add a few more updated details.

People have been guessing who is behind this new attack. We have found all kinds of speculations in the cloud: the Porn Studios, the Racists, the Anti Pornography lobby, almost every Bad Guy but Donald Trump. If you are into conspiracy theories, you will be disappointed.

Another attack against Rhyheim Shabazz on another attack against rhyheim's twitter

To be honest, when I first heard that Rhyheim’s Twitter had been canceled again, this time together with about 30 Brazilian porn creators, I was not going to write about Big Bro. What a relief. Too often, I Like Pinga looks like I Like Rhyheim’s Pinga.

I thought this was another indiscriminate attack against adult artists in social media. I was wrong though, as this is indeed about Rhyheim. Or should I rather say mostly about Rhyheim, as this time most of his regular artistic partners also are involved.

However, that is not the evidence that opened my eyes. Our sources showed us a copy of a Brazilian police report. In this document, an irrelevant adult artist located in São Paulo reports that Rhyheim and a long list of other Creators would have made him the object of several crimes. To name a couple: violent threats and violation of his privacy.

Apparently, the denouncer is disgruntled because Rhyheim did not invite him to his productions in Rio. He makes references in his allegation about criminal orgies taking place in Big Bro’s home, where illegal drugs would have circulated in abundance.

We do not want to publish a copy of the report because we are not certain of its authenticity. We do not want to name the suspect either. The guy has just a couple more thousands of followers than we do (I can relate to irrelevance), and we do not want to advertise him. Otherwise, he may plot another attack to gain more following.

Major responsibilities in this new attack seem to be coming not from the industry big players. The only big name to be held responsible is Twitter itself, for the poor way they have to manage reports placed against their members.

Twitter is to blame

scruff Brazil on another attack against Big Bro

Once again, Twitter is to blame for another successful attack against porn creators, by a revengeful, disgruntled third-line industry player. They should have better systems in place to manage reports and check their documentation.

Rhyheim is taking it with the same cool as in the first attack referenced above. After all, he does not need his Twitter account at this point in his stardom. However, he is not the only victim.

For many of the Brazilian artists whose accounts were suspended, Twitter is key for their business model. The suspension of their accounts affects their source of income and their way of living. This is what upsets me the most: a code bot probably triggered the suspensions and put out of business all these accounts (and all these human beings).

Rhyheim will fight this suspension and will probably win, just as he did with the first one. Not only he will get his account reinstated and not lose any followers, but he will gain more after all the extra advertisement. But not all porn creators have the skills, the network, and the resources to do so. Do not forget that Rhyheim is not representative, because of his very exceptionality.

Most of these guys, especially those more peripheral to The Cooperative, will probably choose the easiest way. Instead of contesting the decision as Big Bro is doing, they will open a new account and by doing so will start a new vicious circle, as they would be breaking the very rules applied in the suspension. Just wait for another attack.

We all are responsible

Although Twitter bears the main responsibility, we all share some. Hopefully, this attack will be a learning experience for adult creators and sex workers.

The adult entertainment industry is balkanized. Not only are we dividing our resources, but we are also hating and fighting against each other. We are easy prey for any scammer trying to profit from our hard work, but also for any bigot trying to grab some publicity. Who would step up to defend whores and porn actors? Our enemies are in the Right and the Left, in the top and in the bottom.

Let’s try to summarize some of the lessons we should be learning:

  • As creators, we will have more success if we focused on unity and collaboration, or friendly competition. Hating and dividing may make you feel better in the short term, but in the long term will be lethal for your appealing to consumers.
  • As creators, diversify your outlets and your advertising strategies. Adult artists and sex workers cannot trust any third party. Do not bet all your coins on Twitter, OnlyFans, or any other individual outlet. Instead, look to be visible in all of them.
  • As an industry, we are weak because we are divided. Twitter does not really care about sex workers rights because no one cares about it and we have no legal support. We must organize. Support efforts like the Free Speech Coalition.

Waiting for another attack

This is the villa that Rhyheim rented in Rio de Janeiro in November 2020. The attacker seems to be disgruntled for not being invited to collaborate with The Cooperative

We are still trying to figure out the details of this one, but we already know that another attack is coming. It is just a matter of time.

Rhyheim will walk out of this incident stronger and more popular. I am not so sure about the rest of the creators in The Cooperative. Some of them, like Italo and EyeFilmz will probably benefit from this crisis, but most of them will probably lose followers and income.

If you are missing Rhyheim and EyeFilmz on Twitter, you can join their OnlyFans accounts. Both are very recommendable. If you are not sure, check our reports. We wrote about Rhyheims’ fans pages here, and about EyeFilmz here.

As this attack was against the Brazilian branch of The Cooperative, the rest of the members of the collaborative are still active on Twitter. I especially recommend checking Elijah Zayne’s Twitter account (some new work by EyeFilmz is available there) and joining his OnlyFans. Since Elijah and Rhyheim are together, you will see plenty of Big Bro on his Twitter.

Stay tuned. This is a developing story.

Hasta la proximal pinga, amig@s!


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