May 2022 brought us many reasons to celebrate, but we will not remember it for that. Unfortunately, more displays of American exceptionalism smacked us down to Reality.


blood dropping

May 2022 brought us two mass shootings in a matter of days. Instead of sending thoughts and prayers, we can take action. Please support the many activist groups fighting for more gun control. We recommend the Sandy Hook Promise campaign if you do not already have a favorite one.

Besides sending money and perhaps voluteering our time, there is one more thing we must do. As the midterm elections approach, it is up to each of us to study the candidates’ platforms. If a candidate in your distrcit does not suppor gun control, do not support them.

Friends from the USA, I advise you to start reading the foreign press. For instance, this piece from the prestigious Le Monde: American is killing itself.

San Francisco Porn Film Festival

More than 70 adult films will be part of the Third Edition of the San Francisco Porn Film Festival. After two years of restrictions, the Festival will project the movies in a conventional theatre in the Mission District. If you happen to be in the Bay Area in August, you may want to stop by.

However, you do not need to be in Frisco to enjoy first-hand projections. The Festival will also be streaming live. Follow their Twitter or their Instagram, and you will be well informed.



Many of you have probably heard of Bateworld: a masturbation online community with a youtube channel. In May 2022, they are bringing a new reality show: six contestants will compete in different jerking-off challenges. This is the teaser.

If you have watched it, please let me know your thoughts. I was going to, but then both of my hands got suddenly busy.

Bruce LaBruce in Argentina

Argentina’s visual arts (all of them) are well known for their thriving culture and continental influence. As one more example of the local sophistication, in May 2022, Bruce LaBruce enjoyed his popularity in the Porteño Bohemia.

Besides being a juror in a local movies competition, Bruce is touring the world, advertising his last movie: The Affairs of Lidia, featuring favorites like Sean Ford.

Go-go Boys Porn Drops

May 2022 brings another reality show to gay adult entertainment. This time, a little bit less kinky than Bateworld’s chain onanists. We could even say this is entertainment for the entire family. Of course, I meant gay families.

Twelve smoking hot men participate in Gogo For the Gold, competing for a U$S 10,000 prize. Gladly, some of them are among our favorite adult entertainers, and hopefully, the winner will be one of them. Please, join me to cheer for Rico (remember Bad Kid?), Adrian Hart, and Ken.

If you are curious, you can read the exclusive interview with the show’s creator by The Sword.

New Porn Drops 2022

So far this year, we have two newcomers triggering our enthusiasm. The first one is Jin. Jin wants to become the #1 Asian gay porn star, despite being a straight boy. As we are very impressed with his talents, In May 2022, we wrote a report about his OnlyFans.

We love his looks, but we are especially fond of his brains. As an example of our admiration, we may steal one of his mottos: エロで世界はもっと優しく繋がれる(Erotic connects the world more gently). 

Although I usually fall for bottoms, my second most interesting 2022 newcomer is (so far) a dominant Alpha top. Despite being an only top and having a career as young as four months old, in May 2022, we wrote a report about Shadow’s OnlyFans.

Of course, I learned about these two new talents through The Cooperative. The White House was on fire in May 2022.

Argentina, at the vanguard of continental LGBTQ+ rights

In May 2022, Argentine Gender Identity Law (Ley 26.743) turns ten years old.

This norm allows trans people to have the name and gender of their choice in their documents. Additionally, this Federal Law orders that all medical treatments for adaptation to gender expression must be part of the primary health insurance, which guarantees coverage of practices throughout the health system, both public and private.

According to trends in the matter, it is the only gender identity law globally that does not pathologize the trans condition.

Compare that to our brothers and sisters trans in the United States.

Another May 2022 anniversary

Going back to porn, May 2022 brought us another birthday. If you have been reading us, you know that we are not fond of most studios. However, we do like some, and Guys in Sweat Pants is one of them. The studio, owned by one of the best gay porn stars ever, Austin Wilde, has just turned nine years old. A long time ago, we wrote a full report on the website.

Full video available at Guys in Sweat Pants

The studio had brought great news earlier this year: Marcus Young‘s return. The last April studio’s release features Marcus as a top, for the first time for this blogger.

Full video available at Guys in Sweat Pants

So far, in May 2022, Guys in Sweat Pants has only released two videos. If you are into twinks, you will love the first one. Although we do not know the performers, their interaction depicts excellent sex and porn. Not at all surprising, they are coming from Austin Wilde’s creature.

Full video available at Guys in Sweat Pants

The last movie available is a smoking hot threesome. Besides premium quality interactions, you can also enjoy a bonus: Jessie Stone delivers his first versatile performance. Please take a look at the teaser. He seems as talented at the top as he is at the bottom.


Antonio Berni’s erotic drawings

Are you into Art? Please, allow these May 2022 Porn Drops to step out of Gayland for a second. Antonio Berni is one of the most internationally recognized Argentine painters. His work has never been not even close to being sensual or erotic. Imagine the surprise.

We had no idea he was also drawing porn! The drawings are explicit and beautiful. Additionally, I should also say sexy. Even when they depict heterosexual interactions, this very gay blogger felt aroused. Please, dust off your Spanish and take a read at this article.

Rhyheim Shabazz’s May 2022

voyr porn drops may 2022

In May 2022, Rhyheim’s White Headquarters were on fire. To close April, Big Bro officially announced the coming of his new studio and then continued doing what he always did: producing more and better porn than any existing studio.

Full movie available at Rhyheim Shabazz’s OnlyFans

As usual, Big Bro’s production is so prolific and diverse that we will not make an extensive review of his releases. These are only my few favorite scenes.

First, he started in May 2022 by taking control of Gemini Aesthetics, a beautiful mountain of Ebony muscle. As often when we are in Shabazz 2.0 realms, the guest also interacted with other members of The Cooperative and fucked in all the White House corners.

Full movie available at Rhyheim Shabazz’s OnlyFans

Then, Rhyheim followed with Eli Martínez. One of my May 2022 top masturbatory inspirational moments comes from their collaboration. Indeed, watching this Dominican giant rolling his eyes while impaled into submission is something to remember.

Full movie available at Rhyheim Shabazz’s OnlyFans

The clip above is from a short video, only 12 minutes. Filmed by EyeFilmz, it documents the interaction between Big Bro and Shadow right before the latter started shooting his movie with Elijah. Although it is just a warm-up, it is promising for future collaborations. In his OnlyFans, Shadow is flirting with the idea of performing as a versatile.

Of course, in May 2022, Rhyheim introduced us to many more performers of all colors and sizes, in duos and groups, but these few were my top favorite creations.

We are waiting for VoyR. Can it possibly be better than this?

More Meaningless Awards

cybersocket may 2022

I was pondering whether I should say meaningless or shameful. If I chose meaningless, it was only because shameful would stain many performers’ names who do not deserve it.

In May 2022, the Cybersocket Awards announced this year’s edition winners. After I go through a few highlights, you will understand why I think these awards are as meaningless as shameful.

First, perhaps the most important award, Performer of the Year, went to Cade Maddox. How many plastic surgeries did it take for Cade to climb to this podium? If he did not do it earlier, it was only because he was too busy using his social media to cheat on vaccination procedures, when people were often dying from COVID 19. Ultimately, someone who does not want to suck dick on the screen should not be Performer of the Year.

Second, Rhyheim Shabazz got the award Top Cock. You can recognize the guy who shook the gay porn market, and all you can see is a big cock. Really?

Third, they recognized ChiChi LaRue with their Legacy Award. Here, we do not want to repeat ourselves. Check what we said when hating on the Grabbies. It is quite disgusting, actually.

However, they do have a well-deserved award. Playdate with Rhyheim won the Best Group. One.

May 2022 at the Royal Prince’s

Elijah Zayne is a good student and a fast learner. Besides, we must notice he is under the wings of the best master. The Royal Prince bombarded us with smoking hot porn in May 2022.

Full movie available at Elijah Zayne’s OnlyFans

He started with his collaboration with Shadow. Indeed, one of the hottest interactions I saw on my screens this last month. Shadow’s relaxed and confident way of driving Elijah out of himself is exceptionally appealing. Knowing that Rhyheim was editing this scene also sent me looking for a tissue.

Full movie available at Elijah Zayne’s OnlyFans

With Elijah, I must reiterate my previous warning about Rhyheim. He is very prolific, and therefore we are only highlighting a few scenes, the ones we liked the most.

After the impressive performance with Shadow, Elijah brings us another pearl, always documented by EyeFilmz. As Gemini was in the White House and Reign seems to be living there, the three of them got together to deliver an explosive threesome.

Full movie available at Elijah Zayne’s OnlyFans

We have a gang bang to close May 2022 highlights in Elijah Zayne’s OnlyFans. It is not just another gang bang, though. Please look at the cast: Elijah Zayne, Sean Austin, Reign, Boomer Banks, Krave Melanin, and Roxas Caelum. It is the best gang bang of 2022 so far. The meeting probably triggered a transatlantic earthquake.


Sean May 2022

This is excellent news for Sean’s fans. As of May 2022, his Rentmen ad is back up. Sean is fully available for escorting services, although it is not clear whether or not he is also returning to the stage. He is residing in Washington, DC.

We met him a few times a few years ago. Perhaps my reviews are outdated. However, I must say that he always delivered a premium escort service. Every time I met Sean, I walked out feeling a mix of Rhyheim Shabazz and Superman.

May 2022 at EyeFilmz’

Did I say before that EyeFilmz deserves some credit for most of the pornography we are highlighting? I am sure I did, but I repeat it. Of course, the movies he films for others are not our only gate to access his talent. The man has his OnlyFans.

Full movie available at EyeFilmz’s OnlyFans

In May 2022, he brings us a collaboration between Reign and Mark. By the way, Reign seems to be always in the White Castle. If we call Elijah Royal Prince, perhaps we should start calling Reign Supreme Priestess.

Elijah Zayne and Gemini Aesthetics by EyeFilmz for Porn Drops May 2022

Besides casting in his movies the performers who come to collaborate with The Cooperative, there are other perks in a membership to EyeFilmz’s OnlyFans. Belonging gives you access to countless backstage and staged pictures with the models. Above, you have one of our favorite photos depicting Elijah and Gemini Aesthetics.

reign and krave for Porn Drops May 2022

Sometimes, EyeFilmz’s pictures give us more than just beauty. For instance, posted on May 16, the one above thrills me. Why?

We know The Cooperative’s Modus Operandi when they bring creators from other cities. They lock down for a few days and shoot collaboration after collaboration. Reasonably, we can expect the release of a collaboration between these two gods anytime.

Porn Airport

We wanted to close our May 2022 Porn Drops with a funny note. On May 27th, someone hacked the advertisement screens in Sanos Dumont airport. Suddenly, passers-by were able to watch porn.

Disappointingly, it was straight porn.

Stray tuned!

Hasta la próxima pinga, amig@s!


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