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We used to be addicted to Black Boys, just like Michael Galletta. Since then, our preferences have evolved.

Addicted to What?

Jay and Michael Galletta addicted to black boys
Michael Galletta interacted with G4P young Black men in his earliest videos.

First of all, we need clarification. Of course, we use the colloquial term for young men when we say “boys.” If you are a pedophile and your google search brought you this article, you are in the wrong place. Please, go away.

This post is not the first time we have written about Almost five years ago, we shared our first report. Back then, I was thrilled to find a man as addicted to young Black men as I was.

Michael seemed to be living, documenting, and sharing fantasies that were very similar to my own. Indeed, the idea of engaging in sexual interactions with these young, masculine men inspired solid boners in this blogger. Additionally, the leitmotiv was seducing these boys into flip-flopping and bottoming. For my younger self, these scenarios were highly appealing.

In our first report, we noticed how the website had already evolved. The DL and G4P boys, who used to be the sole subject at the beginning, slowly started to be replaced. Instead, we saw an increasing number of performers from the amateur and alternative porn markets.

In 2017, this blogger favored Michael’s earlier production over its latter videos. However, our preferences have evolved. We are still addicted to porn and still addicted to young men, but a few things have shifted.

Evolving addictions

knock out and stay addicted to black boys
Knock Out and Staxxx in one of my favorite scenes of all times, when Michael Galletta started to work with pro and semi-pro performers

Our personal preferences in porn and sex are different from five years ago. Although we are still addicted to young men, we have widened our racial fetishes.

Growing up in Argentina in the 20th Century, this blogger did not meet many Black men. When we moved to the United States 20 years ago, our darker-skinned brothers carried the additional charmed of being exotic to us.

After two decades of living in Washington DC, Black men have lost the charm of being rare and unusual. Nowadays, this blogger would instead describe himself as addicted to young Blatino men.

Besides a widening in our racial preferences, we can identify another change. This blogger is not fond of the Gay for Pay scenarios or the fantasy of flip-flopping and “converting” a straight man anymore.

Nowadays, we feel uncomfortable watching some of Michael’s earliest clips. It has nothing to do with the criticism I have heard about alleged exploitation. I genuinely believe that a sex-negative mindset taints those accusations. I do not find it more exploitative to pay someone for unwanted sex than for an undesirable job in Mcdonald’s.

Rather than my morals, what has changed is my sexual sensitivity. I cannot enjoy sex with a partner who does not make me feel wanted, and I cannot enjoy porn when the performers are not having a great time.

Blackboyaddictionz today

Zeke and Justice, blackboyaddictionz
Zeke and Justice are two of my favorite new generation performers on

The trend toward casting more gay and bisexual performers that we recognized in 2017 continued after publishing our report. In the previous section, we highlighted the evolution in terms of personal preferences. However, we could also connect to cultural shifts: homosexuality, pornography, sex work, bisexuality, fluidity, etc., all occupy a different place in contemporary mainstream culture.

The shift that started five years ago kept developing until the pandemic’s arrival., like all porn studios, went into a production hiatus in November 2020. Michael restarted production in July 2021, with scenes showing the trend away from G4P consolidated.

Now, he is casting some of his historic models who evolved away from G4P porn plus a new generation of performers. These new young men are bisexual, embracing homosexual interactions without inhibitions. Now and then, we still see one of these performers in a bottom training scenario. However, the situations are far from the original settings.

This blogger likes this new setting more than the traditional one. Indeed, we prefer to celebrate sex as a source of pleasure rather than a challenge imposed by our economic situation.

Addicted to joy

zee and zander addicted to black boys

To close, we celebrate the shifts in‘s pornography. Instead of boys reluctant to perform, inspired only by economic needs, we have something even better. We have boys happy to engage in sex and show off for the cameras to start a career in the adult entertainment industry. Indeed, young men’s attitudes towards building a business from their looks and sexual life have changed.

Just as we celebrate the shifts, we are also happy for what remained consistent. I am still addicted to new talent, and Michael Galletta continues offering fresh faces. Very few of his performers have experience in other porn outlets.

Another constant we deeply enjoy is the cameraman. The camera works for the performers in, as in all my favorite porn outlets. Unlike most studios, where the performers work for the camera. Instead of the studios’ still frame that demands countless changes in the staging and a lot of editions, Michael Galletta’s performers interact with more freedom. The camera follows them, looking to catch the best moments.

We are glad we returned after five years. has evolved in the same direction our porn preferences have.

However, there is one thing we are missing. The website includes a library with performers’ profiles: we wish the mini-bios had their social media outlets and fan pages. Of course, we know that some models may not want that kind of exposition. Yet, many of them seem committed to their adult entertainment career. In those cases, it would be great to be able to reach out to them or join their OnlyFans.

If you are as addicted to good porn and beautiful young men of color as we are, you should join

Stay tuned.

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