Rhyheim Shabazz and Sean Xavier kissing

Sean Xavier‘s return to porn is ground-shaking news by itself. But it is also another example of Rhyheim Shabazz‘s genius.

Sean Xavier

Rhyheim Shabazz and Sean Xavier by eyefilmz

Until his retirement a few years ago, Sean Xavier was our favorite porn star and escort. When we started our blog in 2017, celebrating his talent on and out of the screen was one of the first things we did.

Sean worked for Lucas Entertainment during most of his porn career. Sean Xavier’s privileged physic and extraordinary talents made him stand out despite working for one of our less favorite porn outlets. We had fallen for him from his first clip about ten years ago before his relationship with big porn studios started.

Since then, his appearance has evolved. Initially, Sean would display a spotlessly shaved body and face, highlighting his youngish beauty. Towards the end of his career, or should we say of the previous stage of his career, he let his body and facial hair grow. We enjoyed in person his latest “daddy” looks the last time we hired him. After all, he is in his mid-30s, which in porn’s life spam makes him a very salted veteran.

Besides being an astonishingly beautiful man and a talented slut, Sean Xavier is brilliant and educated. Several years ago, he earned a master’s and tried a conventional career. We are unsure whether he would like us to link to that information. If you are curious, you must apply basic research skills, and you will learn about it.

We celebrated his coming back to escorting in our last monthly I Like Pinga Porn Drops. Sean Xavier’s return to porn in partnership with The Cooperative is much more thrilling news for this blogger.

Rhyheim Shabazz and Sean Xavier


Sean Xavier’s return in partnership with The Cooperative shows all the traits of Neo Vanilla Porn in the Shabazz 2.0 universe. The porn scene is “only” 49′ of burning gold, opening In Media Res and closing with a historic orgasm.

However, you will find plenty of nonpornographic material if you are a member of Rhyheim’s and EyeFilmz’s OnlyFans. I also guess those materials will be available on Sean’s relaunched fans’ page. However, there is nothing posted there yet. After a long break from adult entertainment, the man is putting his act together.

Big Bro’s Modus Operandi involves bonding and establishing rapport and chemistry before jumping into shooting. There is footage of Sean’s arrival and Rhyheim and Sean chatting by the swimming pool. We can witness how Rhyheim shares his long-lasting quest to contact Sean, and some of Sean’s return challenges, as he had erased all his social media and contact outlets.

EyeFilmz masterfully documents everything. Rhyheim Shabazz and Sean Xavier are two extraordinary sex freaks. Nevertheless, we would not be able to enjoy their talents should we did not have granted access to them through our favorite Erotic Philmographer of all times.

Let’s take a look.

The beginning

Rhyheim Shabazz and Sean Xavier kissing

At the beginning of Rhyheim Shabazz and Sean Xavier’s collaboration, there is kissing. Actually, there is kissing all through their interaction. Even during the initial kissing, there is more going on than just eating each other mouths. Soon we can see that Sean is grabbing Rhyheim’s legendary cock. And soon, the lovers would add more action to the kissing.

Remember, we are not talking about romantic kissing. One of Neo Vanilla‘s many achievements is to take kissing out of the foreplay realm and into hot kinky sex action.

Rhyheim sucks Sean

Passionate, uninhibited kissing feeds Rhyheim Shabazz and Sean Xavier’s interactions. However, their mouths are busy doing much more. Big Bro giving head is not a rear occurrence, especially in Shabazz 2.0. But we have never seen Rhyheim sucking dick with the voracity captured in this scene by EyeFilmz‘s kin eyes.

Maybe I was not paying attention, though. The Cooperative‘s production is so prolific that I may have missed it. Indeed, it is impossible to have a life and at the same time watch all the porn coming from the White House.

Whether or not this is the first time, this blogger had never seen Rhyheim giving head with such a masterful devotion. The gif illustrating this section is just the beginning of the scene. Later, he will swallow Sean’s massive cock up to the balls, driving him into ecstasy several times.

Jumping to the bed

Sean and Rhyheim kissing

You would say that we should be impatient, out of expectation for the fuck to come. However, this blogger was not. All the oral play preceding penetration is so hot that I am perfectly pleased with just watching them kissing and sucking each other.

We know that excellent lovers do not rush. Both lovers are building up to the moment when they will merge into each other. In my dictionary, good sex is gentle sex.


Rhyheim and Sean give us 69s.

sucking your own dick

Sean sucks his cock while Rhyheim is tasting his ass.

eating ass

The returning star eats Rhyheim’s ass while Big Bro is sucking his dick.

eating cock

Surprisingly, Sean Xavier struggles throughout the scene with Rhyheim’s size. They even joke about it. In contrast, Big Bro eats Sean’s boner longer and deeper. Considering the length of Sean’s cock, one of the lessons from this interaction is that Rhyheim probably has one of the most bottomless throats in the industry.

Beyond oral


Throughout the scene, there are several attempts to go into penetration. The illustration above is from the first try and looks misguidingly easy. Rhyheim and Sean will go through this process several times. Even when the scene is almost 50′ long, it is evident that the edition left out a lot. It was a long fuck.

doggy style

Once Sean’s manhole is expanded, they spoil us with several positions.

guiding the dick inside

Rhyheim Shabazz and Sean Xavier honor us with their love-making skills. Watch how Sean guides Big Bro’s cock.

riding cock

I wish gifs could keep the soundtracks. If dick-riding turns you on, you will go crazy by listening to the moaning. Usually, Rhyheim’s partners are who mesmerize us with their singing. As a compliment to Sean, he also gets Big Bro to show his moaner side this time.

riding cock

I always loved Sean Xavier’s histrionism. His expressiveness is a masturbatory nuke when watching his porn performances and a practical guide when fucking with him.

My favorite moments

locking eyes

Sean’s return to porn comes full of precious moments. Here, once again, we must praise EyeFilmz’s exceptional talent. As always, he manages to be consistently in the right place at the right time with the right frame.

Above, we can see one of many moments when Rhyheim and Sean lock their eyes while diving not only into each other’s bodies but also into each other’s souls.

sean's return

This interaction is so hot. Sean massages the legendary boner, seemingly pushing it against his ass. Meanwhile, the lovers kiss. Did you notice? Did I say it before? If it is physically possible, Rhyheim and Sean will kiss. As they have acrobatic skills, they are almost always kissing.

Rhyheim always works hard to please his lovers. However, in Sean’s return, it is almost like worship. Indeed, he is getting the right inspiration. As I highlighted before, Sean’s expressiveness is the perfect guide to squeezing ecstasy out of his body. Big Bro works every sensitive squared inch of Sean’s skin. As we can confidently say that every squared inch in Sean’s body is an erogenic source, you can picture what happens throughout the scene.

Sean Xavier's orgasm

Finally, we have Sean’s spectacular orgasm. It happens after Rhyheim digs in his ass for a while, and it is hands-free. This summit moment involves yelling, moaning, howling, shaking, and spasming. Without any doubt, this blogger has never seen a more shocking orgasm documented in porn.

Best of all, notice that I said: “documented.” Sean Xavier’s incredible orgasm is not a staged fabrication but an actual occurrence. Sean Xavier’s return already made (porn) history.

Sean’s return and The Cooperative

Sean Xavier’s return brings beauty, passionate pleasure, and joy. We are especially thrilled because he has found the perfect crew after many years of choosing the wrong partners. Look at him.

We have only one concern. This blogger may have lost the count, but Sean is coming back after his third attempt to retire from adult entertainment. We hope he realized that porn and sex work are honorable and potent sources of human happiness and cultural and political change, and personal satisfaction.

Rhyheim Shabazz’s vision and genius have inspired countless talents to blossom. Sean has little to learn about pleasure on or out of the stage. Yet, he may find a new purpose behind Rhyheim’s transformative mindset towards sex work and adult entertainment. If that is the case, we are confident we are about to witness his best creations.

Sean is reactivating his social media. Last night I caught broadcastings from his Instagram account with workout demonstrations and tips. As we write this report, there are already two orgies filmed with The Cooperative and available at Rhyheim’s OnlyFans.

We have been his fan since his first porn scene. I may be wishful thinking, but I hope he will find that the White Headquarters maybe his place in the world. A place where he will find happiness and inspire joy.

Stay tuned. Sean Xavier has returned.

Hasta la próxima pinga, amig@s!



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