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Eloy is a beautiful young man who offers escorting services in Buenos Aires, Argentina. This article is the report on our meeting.

First, a disclaimer

If you are one of our regular readers, you may think you know what is coming. However, this is not one of our usual disclaimers. We often started our escorts’ reviews with a warning about subjectivity or the standard “we only paid for the time, whatever happens between two consenting adults is no one else’s business.”

This time you may not like what I am about to explain. Eloy from Buenos Aires inaugurates a new style in our escorts’ reports. From now on, our descriptions will be significantly less detailed.

I am sorry. I know that many readers enjoy and find the details arousing and titillating. Probably, we will lose some clicks. There are good reasons behind my decision, though.

Unfortunately, too many clients feel entitled to demand whatever they want. If I share everything that happened between me and an escort, they will indeed feel entitled to request the same for them.

In my opinion, clients only have the right to expect what a provider offers in his ad. If an escort describes himself as a top, they have no right to expect anything else. Of course, a taxi boy may enjoy bottoming when he wants to. But he is not obliged to do anything he is not offering in his ad.

Therefore, from now on, my reports will only include details related to the explicit descriptions coming in their ads.

Additionally, we will not report fees if they are not in the provider’s ad. Many professionals have flexible prices that vary from one client to another. We do not want to contribute to an uncomfortable conversation because someone thinks he should receive the same treatment we did.

With that point made, let’s introduce you to Eloy.

Scouting for taxi boys in Buenos Aires

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Eloy is publishing his ad on two local escorts’ websites: Soy Tuyo and Leonos. The information included in both outlets is precisely the same, but in Leonos, the pictures are more prominent, making my scouting more visually appealing. Although Leonos is just a mirror of Soy Tuyo, this blogger prefers it.

We strongly recommend asking for a verification videoconference before hooking up with anyone, for free or for a fee. The only situation that makes this verification step unnecessary is when you have a direct reference.

We did have one. This blogger participates in the local discussion forum for sex work, Foro Pirata. One of the posters, who had provided me with reliable recommendations during previous trips, emphatically praised Eloy’s looks and services.

If you are in Buenos Aires, I strongly recommend using that resource. Ideally, you would find the guys who fit your likes in Soy Tuyo, Leonos, and Onyce. Once you have identified them, follow the instructions we shared here. You will need a translation app if you are not fluent in Spanish.

Contacting Eloy

Frontal semi nude - Eloy from Buenos Aires

Before contacting Eloy, I got a chip from a local phone company. In Buenos Aires, double prices are a standard. If an escort knows you are a foreigner, you will receive a different quote. Nevertheless, even the differential fee will be significantly lower than USA’s and Europe’s rates.

Most times, it should not be a problem if you have an average budget. I have limited resources and can pass as a local, so I always look for the best price. I got the chip, installed WhatsApp on my extra phone, and sent a text message asking for the cost of a one-hour meeting.

My first message was on a Sunday. Eloy responded the following day, early in the morning, with an amicable demeanor. He was available that Monday, and, after exchanging a few texts, we agreed on meeting at 11 AM, just a couple of hours after establishing contact. He offered me options: Eloy can host or join you wherever you prefer. This blogger chose to host.

Do not forget; I had abundant references. Usually, I would not make a deal without a videoconference and would not invite to my place a taxi boy I have never met before. We advise you to abide by those precautions. In Buenos Aires, there is no shortage of albergues transitorios o telos, the local version of love motels.

In Eloy’s case, my references report that he resides alone in a nice apartment in Recoleta. You should not hesitate to arrange a visit to his place.

Meeting Eloy

behind of a Buenos Aires gay escort

Our appointment was at 11 AM. At 10:40, Eloy texted to report that he was still getting dressed and again at 10:51 to note he was leaving. He arrived at 11:30 AM. I was glad to see that he looked as his pictures show. Tight pants look sexy on him.

We started kissing in the elevator. Shyly at first, and once we stepped into my Airbnb, with no inhibitions. He was doing his best to please me. However, this blogger did not feel we were clicking at kissing. Please, notice I am not putting any blame on him. Eloy was doing everything I asked. Good kissing takes two, and we were not connecting well enough.

The interaction got much better once he got naked. Eloy is beautiful. He has a big dick that was consistently hard, but what I enjoyed the most was his welcoming ass. This blogger dove in and had a party eating it. I can also report that Eloy is a proficient cock sucker.

The best part was when we jumped into the sack. Eloy is a greedy bottom. After another session of ass eating, my cock needed very little lube to slide inside easily. His moaning drove me crazy, and I busted before I was expecting.


Eloy frontal

In my experience, visitors from the USA and Europe come to Buenos Aires looking for young men like Eloy. We will not entertain an explanation, but they believe Argentineans are primarily European-looking. It is not true. However, Eloy would ratify their prejudices and make them happy. He can easily pass for Eastern European.

Additionally, his escort profiles inform that he is versatile and can speak English. I cannot tell of any of that, but you may want to talk to him to verify the accuracy of such descriptions.

Overall, Eloy is honest, reliable, and physically beautiful. He delivered what he promised, and I had a good time with him.

If you are interested in meeting him, consider that Eloy is not a full-time escort. He has a regular job, and his availability is usually limited. That is why he did not respond immediately to my first contact. We met on one of his days off.

This blogger does not make multiple hours contracts. However, I am confident Eloy is good company for social events, dining out, and even traveling. He would make a perfect-looking and discrete companion. The only big question is how good his English is, but it is a question straightforward to answer if you give him a call.

Enjoy Eloy, and stay tuned.

Hasta la próxima pinga, amig@s!



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