June 2022, the month when Christian Theocracy took over the USA SCJ, Sean Xavier returned to Adult Entertainment, and Rhyheim Shabazz bottomed on camera for the first time. Would you call that eventful? Welcome to another issue of I LIKE PINGA’S PORN DROPS.

A Rainbow Month

Indeed, we have news of all colors. I am glad I am a man since we live in a country where fetuses and guns have more rights than women.

Fortunately, not everything was rotten this last month. Let’s start with our favorite events of the previous 30 days.

The best of June 2022: Sean Xavier’s return to Porn

Sean and rhyheim for porn drops June 2022

Sean Xavier’s return to Porn is our favorite June 2022 event. After I wrote my celebratory report on his collaboration with Rhyheim Shabazz, I realized that many readers might not know him.

Even if you go back to watch his performances, you would not understand how impacting he was.

Sean is brilliant, highly educated, 100% versatile, openly a Poz, a slut, a sex worker, and a barebacker. He is probably the first Black Gay porn star to conquer mainstream porn, not from a stereotype.

Although he does not use his real name in adult entertainment, Sean does not hide his sinful career. Rather than the opposite, he would include his unconventional experiences in his conventional academic work. A living example of intersectionality, his mere onscreen presence is a radical political statement.

In actuality, Sean had returned to adult entertainment a few months ago. We celebrated that his Rentmen profile was back up. Nevertheless, as we are not planning on hiring him, what got us ecstatic was his return to Porn.

Imagine how I feel. The favorite porn artist of my Past, coming back to collaborate with the favorite creators of my Present. Additionally, his comeback seems to include a long-term partnership with The Cooperative. Right now, the Future of my Porn looks like I would love the Future of my life to be.

Rhyheim Shabazz’s bottoming debut

June 2022 Rhyheim shabazz bottomed

Sean Xavier’s return sent seismic waves across the Pornosphera. We were still shaking when The Cooperative dropped another Porn nuke.

With the same naturality as he treks with his dogs or eats his Ferrero-Rocher every morning, Rhyheim Shabazz bottomed in June 2022. No one was expecting it, not even Big Bro.

You can read my full report, where I suggest a narrative that may not be easy to believe. However, a conversation between EyeFilmz and Sean Xavier corroborates my hypothesis.

The Cooperative ruled

Our favorite porn collaborative of all times took over the Pornosphera. Apart, we highlighted Sean’s return and Rhyheim’s bottoming debut. We did it because each of those events has extraordinary significance itself. However, there is more.

June 2022 at Rhyheim’s OnlyFans

June 2022 rhyheim and Romeo Antonio

Rhyheim opened in June 2022 by introducing a newbie, Romeo Antonio. Romeo rode the legendary cock in several positions, a beautiful, Mediterranean-looking young man. Check his OnlyFans.

There are more duos. Do not forget; I only pick the ones I like the most. As this blogger said many times, The Cooperative is too prolific to share with you an exhaustive report.

orgy June 2022

Shabazz 2.0 is the land of Promiscuity. Besides several duos, we can also pick amongst orgies. Above, you can see one of the several sex parties. Besides Sean Xavier and Rhyheim, we have Elijah Zayne, Roxas Caelum, The Shadow, Theo & Eli, and Beau Buttler.

June 2022 at Elijah’s

Elijah started in June 2022 fucking a porn studio star, Vincent O’Reilly. The guest to the White House delivered a performance significantly hotter than his usual studio posturing. Does it sound familiar?

Several guests came to the White House after Vincent. We skipped them until mid-June when we found a threesome featuring good old double dicking. Elijah and Angel Rivera take shifts fucking Prince Flackoo. And when they do not take turns, they fuck him at the same time.

Sean Xavier and Elijah

To close June 2022 at Elijah’s, we have one of our favorite scenes of the month. Sean Xavier and Elijah deliver a stunning and original performance. We enjoy the usual high quality coming from The Cooperative, with an unusual and intense touch coming from the guest megastar.

June 2022 at EyeFilmz’s

June 2022 is the perfect month to join Eyefilmz’s OnlyFans. If you are as excited as I am about Sean Xavier’s return, do not waste your time and join now.

In no other place would you find his exclusive material. For example, you have two juicy conversations. The first one is between Sean and Rhyheim before their scene together. The second is Sean talking to Eyefilmz (or the entire audience), retelling his experience topping Rhyheim.

Sean Xavier by the pool

Besides engaging conversations, you will find plenty of images related to Sean’s reunion with The Cooperative. We can also expect more pictures to come, these are all recent events, and the materials are still being processed and edited.

porn drops June 2022

Sean’s return is the most significant event in June 2022. But it is far from being the only one. Check the meeting between the Royal Prince and Junior the Giant.

Our last highlight from our favorite videographer is the collaboration between Krave Melanin and Felix Fox. EyeFilmz reports that one of the performers busted five times during the interaction. What about that? It is better than when I saw Italo Andrade cumming three times.

June 2022 at Reign’s

We were not sure how to classify Reign. This blogger is unsure about his exclusive contract with Falcon. However, as he seems to spend a lot of time in the White Headquarters, we include him in The Cooperative. Unfortunately, June 2022 was not his most prolific month, as he has been under the weather.

June 2022 at Reign's

Nevertheless, as soon as he recovered, Reign jumped into the White Sheets. EyeFilmz documented this orgy with Reign, Rhyheim, Sean, Roxas, Elijah, and Cole McKenna.

We have recently joined Reign’s OnlyFans. In July, you can expect a full review.

The USA is moving backward

Sadly, the Right keeps moving forward in the US. Biden’s electoral victory has not stopped the trend, as Democrats seem unable or unwilling to fight back.

After several regressive moves at the state level (anti-trans legislation, homophobic legislation like Florida’s Don’t Say Gay Law, book banning, etc), the Supreme Court of Justice strikes down Roe vs. Wade. Consequently, numerous states have already or are about to ban abortion.

Tragically, Christian Theocracy has taken over the Judiciary Branch’s head in the United States. Indeed, it is scary and concerning, as the next targets are anti-conception and fundamental LGBTQ+ rights. Worse, we are getting close to the midterm elections, and the Right will probably prevail.

Not only will the Conservatives gain power in the Legislative Branch. Besides, the Democrats have proven to be unreliable allies. It is time to withdraw to our base organizations and plan a long-term fight.

One lesson we should have learned: as long as minority rules in the United States, we should not leave the protest.

Menu for bottoms in Postmates

Fortunately, not everyone in the United States is going back to the Middle Age. To celebrate Pride Month, Postmates offered a menu for bottoms. And it is informative and helpful!

Another bad one

Everyone working with sexually explicit materials knows about censorship. We all have suffered it on social media platforms, especially Facebook and Instagram.

Now, Amazon Prime has banned Bruce LaBruce‘s Saint-Narcisse. Read all the details and Bruce’s declarations here.

Rediscovering an old favorite

This June 2022, we rediscovered an old favorite. After several years without visiting the website, this blogger returned a few weeks ago. As we liked what we found, we published a full report.

Kendro is retiring

June 2022

In June 2022. one of our favorite Argentine porn stars announced his retirement. Kendro Leandro started his career in Porn very young. Back then, his screen name was River Taylor. After 13 years, he will not produce more new content.

If you are a fan, all his archives are available in OnlyFans. Indeed, we will miss him.

Another America is possible

If your Spanish is not good, you must set up the captions for Automatic Translation to your favorite language. I do not know for others, but it works well for English.

We are used to hearing everything about the terrible Cuban Revolution in the USA. I call bull shit. Any problem, big or little, is proof of the failure of the island’s regime. In contrast, American miseries are little flaws in a system striving to improve.

Fortunately, we do not need the intermediation of USA media to learn what is going on. Take a look at this blogger: Paquito el de Cuba. He is a critical voice contained inside the Revolution.

Women and sexual minorities’ rights are going backward in the USA. Ironically, the debate is flourishing, and conditions are improving under the Communist Regime.

June 2022: another Pride Month

If you are a regular reader, you know our opinion about Gay Pride. If you are a new friend, this post will explain it to you.

Nevertheless, it is time to compromise when the Christian Right is marching. Although we feel uncomfortable with the idea of Gay Pride, we join the celebration. But we do it with a few reminders.

Do not forget that this is not only a celebration for homosexuals. Right now, when women and trans’ rights are the primary targets, Unity is essential. Remember that despite all the victories, the fight continues. Remember that what we have, we can lose in a blink.

Unfortunately, Puritanism in the USA infects both political parties. Minorities cannot take for granted any political party support. Especially sexual minorities cannot. It is time to party, but also to organize.

Stay tuned.

Hasta la próxima pinga, amig@s!



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