VoyR coming soon

Are you previewing VoyR, Rhyheim Shabazz’s new studio? Of course, you are. If you are with your feet on the porn ground, you are.

The Cooperative in Rio

previewing voyr
Thanks to Rhyheim Shabazz for this photo

How could you not be previewing VoyR? The Cooperative‘s embassy arrived in Rio to reactivate its local branch a few weeks ago. Immediately, their production took over our streams with sexy joy and beauty.

Unlike other occasions, this time, we have only three ambassadors. The embassy consists of the Royal Couple, Rhyheim Shabazz and Elijah Zayne, and the Royal Videographer, EyeFilmz.

In the beginning, business looked as usual. King Shabazz announced that Prince Elijah would arrive in Rio to join him and Italo Andrade. Only for a few days, old faces mixed with a few newbies. And then, we do not know what happened, but the old faces mysteriously vanished, and Italo never arrived.

Since the start, we knew that we were previewing VoyR. We just had to adjust our expectations. Instead of a stream of collaborations between well-established porn brands, previewing VoyR has become an impressive local talent explosion.

Alternativa‘s distinctive artistic character added diversity to The Cooperative’s standard esthetics. Not only did we meet irresistibly fuckable performers. Besides, a talented local photo and videographer gained more relevance.

As we preview VoyR, we confirm most of my dreams in Shabazz 2.0. However, I want to share the usual disclaimer before looking at some of our favorite videos. This blogger is not a porn expert but just a porn consumer. I do not predict; I dream. And sometimes, my dreams become real.

Previewing VoyR

rhyheim and gael

In Rhyheim & Gael, we already detailed apparent VoyR trends. That movie is a case study and, indeed, Gael is probably the most promising discovery on this trip. However, he is not alone. In this post, we want to celebrate also other performers.

Elijah and Lucas previewing voyr

When you preview VoyR, Lucas Dias is one of the creators who stand out. He flew from São Paulo to join the embassy in Rio. Check his OnlyFans. Above, enjoy a little sample of his flip-flopping collaboration with the Royal Prince. The talent behind the camera is Alternativa.

One of the questions I am wondering is whether VoyR will keep Shabazz 2.0‘s predominantly White background. Does it not look like they found a branch of the White House in Rio? Of course, all puns are intended.

gael manu marco

Lucas did not come alone. Markin Wolf, his partner, also collaborated and stood out in several videos. He shares his OnlyFans with Lucas. The clip above comes from his collaboration with Gael and Manuel Dotadao, filmed by Alternativa.

My two favorite new “faces” from previewing VoyR

previewing voyr

Out of all this talent, this blogger fell in love with Jônatas (and his perfect butts). His loving skills shone in his collaboration with Rhyheim. EyeFilmz is the man behind the camera. However, this is just one of many videos he delivered in these few days. As my mama would say, he is marriage material.

Jose and rhyheim previewing voyr

To close the list of the new talent I like the most, I saved my favorite one. ParanoiaViva (even his fantasy name captivates me) collaborated with Rhyheim, creating the most unconventional video of the last few weeks.

Not only was ParanoiaViva wearing high heels, long-sleeve gloves, and prominent tattoos. Besides, Alternativa attains a strange effect with the lights, the naked room, and the whiteness. Instead of Rio, they could be in Egipt or an alien planet from Dune.

Fortunately, the beautiful photography does not eclipse the impressive performance. ParanoiaViva is first on my hiring list if he escorts and is around. Check his OnlyFans.

A special case

previewing voyr

Grande Simões deserves a special mention. When previewing VoyR, this beautiful giant immediately caught my attention. Next to him, Big Bro looks small. Because of that and some photos and comments on social media, I was hoping we would meet the first man able to handle Rhyheim in bed. And he would handle him like a smiling juggler.

It did not happen. Did I tell you that I dream and do not predict? However, if you want to check this enormous piece of beautifully shaped man meat, go for his OnlyFans. In the clip above, the man behind the camera is also Alternativa.

The promise of beautiful and joyful pornography

multiverse orgy rhyheim

The clip above comes from one of the best orgies of this year. Alternativa‘s talent documented the inspiring interactions between Rhyheim, Elijah, Jônatas, Gael, and Markin. In a porn market still dominated by fixed roles, you will not find such an exercise of joyful versatility very often.

amateur orgy

When previewing VoyR, we are not only trying to identify Rhyheim’s new studio trends. Besides, we also wonder what will happen with Rhyheim’s fans’ pages.

The clip above shows the Royal Prince, Gael, and Manuel Dotadao and does not show the VoyR watermark. Where is the boundary between creations for the studio and for the fans’ pages?

Whatever that boundary is, there is beautiful and joyful porn on the horizon. As usual, the movies highlighted in this article are only the ones that caught my attention. There are much more creations. When all these horny performers have the chance to collaborate in exceptional backgrounds, productions flourish. I shared all of their OnlyFans.

As I always say, it is impossible to catch up with all of The Cooperative’s creations if you have a life outside of the screens. The promise of VoyR is an endless stream of beautiful and joyful sex.

Keep previewing VoyR. You will need to re-stock your lube.

Stay tuned.

Hasta la vista, amig@s!



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