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August 2022 finds us starting another school year without much time to watch porn. However, The Cooperative is dragging us back to the screens. Welcome to another installment of I LIKE PINGA’S PORN DROPS.

The worst of August 2022


Let’s start these August 2022 Porn Drops with the worst of the month because it was terrible. Above, you can suffer Dakota Payne’s S.A.D. (Suck A Dick) in its soft version on YouTube, and find the link to its more extended version on pornhub.

We will not bore you with word puns around what Dakota sucks or whether or not he sucks. I will not entertain you with a critique. The video is so horrible that no words would be eloquent enough to describe it or to describe the harrowing watching experience.

After playing it, once I recovered my conscience, I was left wondering, though. How come the video was published? All the people involved, what do they see when they watch the final product? Is it imaginable that they would not realize that they were stepping into high school prank quality during the creative process? I am sincerely disoriented.

I love sucking dick. However, after watching Dakota’s clip, I found cocks disgusting (for a few seconds). Fortunately, I knew the remedy. Indeed, S.A.D. could be a practical resource for conversion therapies.

The best cure for bad gay slutish music is an excellent straight slutish song. Thanks, Kim Petras, for modeling that talent, quality, and slutyness can go together:

After the worst, the best always comes

The Cooperative in Rio August 2022
Thanks to Rhyheim Shabazz for sharing this photo by Alternativa

Rhyheim Shabazz has been in Rio since last month. The Royal Prince and EyeFilmz were part of the embassy, but local blood became the note on this trip. Premium quality porn with The Cooperative‘s new findings flooded my August 2022 stream.

Besides delivering masturbatory nukes, the collaborative is exploring what VoyR’s aesthetics will be. If you are in team Rhyheim, we are living in thrilling times.

Let’s check some of what Rhyheim, Elijah, and EyeFilmz shared during August 2022 in their OnlyFans.

Na casa de Rhyheim

rhyheim and gael august 2022

In August 2022, Rhyheim started strong. His collaboration with Gael is not only excellent porn, but a beautiful sample of the transition The Cooperative is going through. We explain everything in our review.

That was just the beginning. Soon, Big Bro introduced us to one of our favorite new Brazilian faces: Jônatas. They delivered a beautiful piece of classic neo-vanilla porn under EyeFimz’s watch.

My other favorite August 2022 new face is Paranoia Viva. We highlighted this scene in a previous post, charmed at the performers but also at Alternativa‘s magic.

rhyheim and Yuri august 2022

Next, Rhyheim introduced us to Yuri Santana. The talent behind the camera is Alternativa.

mark and rhyheim

We can’t skip this flip-flop performance with Markin Wolf. Forgive me if I am cutting someone. Once again, Alternativa is behind the camera. Besides the two lovers, the scene shows an audience including Lucas Dias (Markin’s boyfriend), Manoel Dotado, Teddy Black, Gael, Grande Simões, and Alex Rosso.

Almost closing in August 2022, Rhyheim shared this collaboration with Alex. I wish I could adopt that boy.

And never forget, these highlights are only a few picks. There is much more waiting for you.

Na casa de Elijah

Elijah, Gael and jonatas august 2022

Rhyheim arrived in Rio in July, and the Royal Prince joined him in August 2022. Elijah did not waste his time. The day of his arrival, after Rhyheim went to sleep, he tried two of the best Brazilian new talent: Gael and Jônatas. EyeFilmz is behind the camera in the only creation I have seen in Rhyheim’s OnlyFans without the VoyR watermark.

Elijah gael vitor jonatas

The three puppies clicked. A few days later, they invited Paulo Vitor to join them. They delivered an inspiring show of versatility, documented by Alternativa.

Elijah and Lucas dias august 2022

My next pick from Elijah’s August 2022 production is his collaboration with Lucas Dias, also filmed by Alternativa. Lucas and Mark are from São Paulo and are two of our new additions to The Brazilian Cooperative, as we celebrated before.

Elijah santana gael

Please, never forget that we are only highlighting our favorite fucks. My next pick is this threesome with Elijah, Gael, and Santana. Alternativa did not miss any hot moments and angles.

Emmanuel Elijah gael and Rhyheim

This one made me extra happy. Not only because of the excellent porn but also because Emmanuel is Argentine. In Buenos Aires, he is a well-known porn performer and gay escort. He joined Elijah, Big Bro, and Gael in a powerful threesome filmed by Alternativa.

Elijah and Alex august 2022

It is hard to pick from Elijah’s many collaborations in his OnlyFans. They are many, and they are all hot. However, Alex Rosso stands out. Alternativa was behind the camera while these two puppies had fun.

The best of the best in August 2022

Rhyheim's goodbye in te beach

To close my selection, we have Rhyheim’s gift to the Royal Prince. Elijah left Rio before Big Bro. Rhyheim took the boys to a beautiful location as a goodbye present and filmed an orgy with six other performers and Alternativa behind the camera.

Although Elija’s OnlyFans published the entire scene in September, we had the privilege to watch it in August. Besides, the previews took over the pornosphera in the last days of August 2022. We had to include this pearl now in our monthly summary.

This creation deserves an entirely devoted article. The stunning natural landscape, the sunny day, the mouthwatering men, their salacious interactions, everything is just background. Tempting as they are, they cannot distract us from what matters.

The Royal Couple’s farewell fuck shines at the center of the stage. Rhyheim Shabazz delivers his first 100% bottom performance, only for the Royal Prince, and we are impressed. We are left speechless at the beautiful and joyful pornography, but especially at the eloquent display of one of The Cooperative’s most radical statements: the celebration of Love in Promiscuity.

Na casa de EyeFilmz

rhyheim and gael by EyeFilmz

Not only do we enjoy exclusive backstage images and collaborations from this Brazilian expedition, but much more. The Royal photographer has privileged access. His creations in August 2022 leave no doubts about it.

Sean Xavier on the rocks

Besides all that fresh Brazilian material, EyeFilmz continued posting fruits from his meetings with Sean Xavier in June and July. You will find tons of photographs and exclusive videos.

jonatas august 2022

Of course, in August 2022, most images are from Brazil. Or rather, from the new Brazilian faces joining VoyR’s first steps.

I met EyeFilmz on one of my trips to Rio. I thought we clicked well. However, I do not think we should hunt together. Based on his apparent fascination with Sean Xavier and Jônatas, we may fight if we go hunting together.

Monkeypox and homophobia on the rise in August 2022

monkeypox usa august 2022

Although in August 2022, Monkeypox infections in the U.S.A. and Europe seem to have slowed down, the numbers keep growing around the globe. Get vaccinated as soon as you can. Meanwhile, the last pandemic appears to be affecting alternative lifestyles. And, of course, there are always those getting more clicks from it.

The virus is not highly contagious or lethal but painful, and its potential to feed homophobia is evident. There have already been several materializations of this danger, even here in Washington, DC.

Guys in Sweatpants in August 2022

Guys In Sweat Pants August 2022

The only bad thing about Guys in Sweatpants is the low frequency of their productions. In August 2022, they published only two videos. Both are excellent pornography, though. They are one of the few studios that never disappoint.

Above, Mitch Matthews and Adrian Duvall gang bang my boy in perhaps the hottest scene from a studio last month. Out of their two productions, we chose to highlight this threesome not because it is better than the other movie but because it casts Evan Knox, one of our many favorite performers.

Drag Queens do not lipsync in Argentina

In Buenos Aires, you will notice it as soon as you watch a gay bar performance. Gay bars replicate mainstream shows, and drag queens can often sing. Café Concert and Varieté are part of the local culture beyond sexual orientation.

Above, meet La Barri. She got to participate in Canta Conmigo Ahora, a local clon T.V. singing competition. Before watching, set up YouTube automatic translation to your preferred language if you do not understand Spanish. I tried it in English, and the translation is often inaccurate but delivers the main ideas to you. Besides being a good singer, La Birra is an interesting character.

BiLatinMen.com in August 2022

blm jigsaw & pose

BiLatinMen may not be premium porn. However, not many outlets deliver hot sex as they do. In August 2022, we celebrate Xpose’s return. He is the bottom guy in the video above. Only because he is a returning performer can we identify him. It is easy to match a repeated name with a repeated face. As with many of this website’s boys, I hope to meet him on one of my trips to Colombia.

vandal & wage BiLatinMen

Our favorite new face from the last month comes in this video. But again, we are unsure whether our fav is Wage or Vandal. I’d like him to be Vandal, but my guts tell me he is Wage. Of course, I am talking about the bottoming beauty in the video above. You should hear them dirty talking.

August 2022 in TimTales

timtales august 2022

Our favorite European studio usually delivers its best porn when they hire South American performers. Above, you have a sample of Brazilian Victor Oliveira in our favorite TimTales scene of the month.

August 2022 at Sean Xavier’s

Sean Xavier cumming after massage

Sean Xavier’s OnlyFans published some engaging materials in August 2022. Above, you can see a little sample of an erotic massage filmed by Eyefilmz. The masseur was Desmides.

Sean threesome august 2022

The best movie he published this last month is probably this threesome. I love Uncutloc’s facial expression in the excerpt above. The scene’s stage was the White House, and the man behind the camera was Eyefilmz.

Sean Xavier's jerk off tutorial

To close our highlights, we chose Sean’s tutorial on how to jerk him off. Many of his new posts are self-recorded solos with a didactic tone.

At this point, I am perplexed by his profile. He never matched the quality of the production two months ago when he returned to porn. The best new videos in his OnlyFans are collaborations with The Cooperative. Sean has shared collaborations with other creators, but they are not a match, and sometimes you have to request the full movies through PM (I guess you have to pay extra, but I do not know because I have not ordered any).

In addition to his porn and erotic creations, Sean is quite active on social media. On Instagram and TikTok, for instance, he is publishing clips like the one above.

In our exclusive interview, Sean hinted that he had big things coming. We are still waiting. We still think he is one of the most talented sexual beings in the Milky Way, and we find his tutorials didactic and titillating. If you are a follower, you will surely like his OnlyFans. However, his return’s big boom is slowly fading.

What to do with Reign

rein threesome

In August 2022, Reign published only two new collaborations in his OnlyFans. Above, see a sample from a threesome with a still camera.

According to his post, Reign also shared a scene filmed in Barcelona. In this one, they have a cameraman.

At this point, I am unsure about what to do with Reign. Unquestionably, his best production comes from collaborations with The Cooperative. They worked together so often that we reported him as part of that collective for two months. August 2022 is the first time we consider him an outsider. Indeed, he did not work with Rhyheim’s club for the entire month.

Perhaps he is on vacation in Europe? Perhaps his independent collaborations will return once he is back in California? Maybe we should stop considering him an independent artist and count him as another porn studio performer? We do not know. We are waiting for VoyR, and perhaps he also is.

One thing we do know. This blogger will not forget and will continue following this sexy motherfucker.

Stay tuned.

Hasta la próxima pinga, amig@s!



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