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An interview with Alex Rosso was a must while visiting Bogotá, the Colombian national capital.

Alex Rosso

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Most people think Alex is Colombian because he currently resides in Bogotá. However, he is a fine representative of the Venezuelan diaspora. Alex and his con-national brothers and sisters have spread throughout Latin America, improving our cultures. What probably is the biggest tragedy for Venezuela in the last few decades has become a blessing for the rest of the sub-continent.

Alex is about to turn 24 years old and is one of the audience’s favorites amongst the new blood brought by Rhyheim Shabazz’ VoyR.

Please, read this conversation as a testimony of the empowering dimension of the adult entertainment industry. You can watch the entire video in this link if you do not want to go through this article. The original track is in Spanish, and you will need to apply YouTube’s automatic translation features if you do not understand the language.

Interview with Alex Rosso: the beginnings

In our exclusive interview with Alex Rosso, the artist shares his beginnings in porn. When he was an unemployed and undocumented teen immigrant, he and his boyfriend started broadcasting for Chaturbate, becoming one of the most popular channels. Soon, they had saved enough money to purchase the equipment they needed to go independent.

Going Pro

In this section of our interview with Alex Grosso, he shares how their success led him and his boyfriend to reconsider their mindsets toward adult entertainment work. They slowly faded from their Chaturbate channel and switched focus to their OnlyFans. They traveled to Europe and even got contracts with a traditional studio, FuckerMate. Alex identifies this transatlantic trip as a landmark in his journey toward understanding his potential.

Porn as Therapy

In this section of the interview with Alex Rosso, we stepped out of his career’s timeline for a few minutes. We wanted to know whether he had explored other adult entertainment fields like stripping, go-go buying, and escorting. Although we were disappointed to learn that his whole experience was as a porn performer, this is one of our favorite exchanges. Alex shares his struggle with shyness and low self-esteem and how his performance work helped him overcome those issues.

Interview with Alex Rosso: meeting Rhyheim Shabazz

Back to his career’s timeline, in this section of our interview with Alex Rosso, we learn about his first contact with Rhyheim Shabazz. They did not start working together until last June 2022, when they coincided in Rio de Janeiro. Alex casually noted his observations on Rhyheim’s character and work style throughout his narration.

Interview with Alex Rosso: joining VoyR’s official cast

After these first collaborations, we learn in the interview with Alex Rosso that his audience significantly grew. Alex is eloquent in expressing his admiration for Big Bro and listing all the benefits of their collaboration. He shares how he started being recognized as a porn celebrity in public. Our young star shares that Rhyheim was satisfied with his work, so he summoned him to join VoyR’s cast last November.

Closing our interview with Alex Rosso

After sharing his plans to return to Rio on March 2023 to continue his work with VoyR, we are ready to close our interview with Alex Rosso. We asked him to educate us on local expressions like arrecho, puro colágeno, gonorrhea, nea, and dulces and gave him a chance to address his admirers.

Here, Alex delivered other of my favorite minutes in this conversation. He rises to the heights of his life testimony. After being a disempowered teen, living in poverty, jobless and undocumented, his taking the risk of pursuing a career in the porn industry led him to a place where very few young men his age are. Alex sincerely encouraged his admirers to find and commit to their own paths.

Meeting this young, shy, humble, and talented promise was a privilege. If you want to learn more about him, follow his Twitter and Instagram. Of course, we all should join his OnlyFans.

Stay tuned.

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