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With Best of 2022, I LIKE PINGA starts reviewing the year we just left behind.

Adios 2022

Let’s celebrate the first post-pandemic lock-downs year. Listed randomly, we present you with I LIKE PINGA’s BEST OF 2022.

Best of 2022 trends: the wave of ex-only tops

Roxas bottoms for Rhyheim Shabazz best of 2022

Last year, several only-top performers rode their first dick in front of the cameras. The series started in February, when Roxas rode Big Bro’s big dick, culminating by mid-year with Rhyheim unexpectedly bottoming for Sean Xavier. This was a good year for versatility, making this one of our favorite Best of 2022.

Although we have been talking about Top Supremacy for a long time, this wave of versatility allows us to state, for the first time, that nowadays, being Only Top in the porn industry is a demerit.

Best of 2022 rescues

company of men logo for porn drops march 2022 best of 2022

We could not miss this event when talking about the Best of 2022. In March, the team working to ensure Daddy’s legacy remained alive launched the new website Company Of Men.

We are talking about the most active virtual community gathered around sex work that this blogger knows. Their archive is a testimony of gay American culture of the last few decades, and it is a living community essential for many of its members. The survival of this subculture is one of last year’s most fantastic news.

Best of 2022 announcements

voyr logo

Announced by mid-year and initially planned for launch in the last trimester, VoyR is still a project. However, we can see much of the work in progress. Beyond when the Best of 2022 announcements will materialize, they have already released more (and better) scenes than most porn studios. After watching their hot movies, we attempted a first approach to deconstruct VoyR pornography and later wrote a second report in November. We are thrilled to see how our predictions in Shabazz 2.0 are becoming a reality.

We cannot yet celebrate the arrival of the new porn brand. However, there is no doubt that we can find some of last year’s best porn from this studio-in-the-works.

Best of 2022, I LIKE PINGA interviews.

We were able to visit Colombia twice last year. First, in April, we spent some time in Medellin and met Max Avila. He nicely conceded us the privilege of an interview. Watch it and tell me whether you got infected by his positive energy and optimism.

Right now, we are visiting Bogotá. A few days ago, Alex Rosso honored us with 40 minutes of conversation. Despite his shyness, he generously shared the positive and empowering effect his porn career has triggered in his life journey.

And, of course, do not forget our exclusive interview with Sean Xavier, where he reveals unknown facts about his personal life.

Best of 2022 returns

Sean Xavier interactive

Amongst the Best of 2022 is undoubtedly Sean Xavier’s return to adult entertainment. First, we learn that he was escorting again. Then, he traveled to Los Angeles and, for a few weeks, collaborated intensively with The Cooperative. He was the first performer to top Big Bro in front of the camera. Also, we had the honor to interview him in an exclusive and revealing conversation.

Best 0f 2022 contrasts

While in the Land of the Free, gays, trans, and women had a horrible year, suffering record discrimination and homophobic, transphobic, and misogynistic legislation and campaigns; one of our favorite Best of 2022 comes from Cuba. The National Assembly of the Republic passed sweeping legislation expanding gay, women, seniors, and families rights. The Cuban people approved the new regulation in a national referendum, and nowadays, the new law is fully in force. Participation in the referendum was 66.87%. Compare that to the US elections! Who said there is no democracy in Cuba?

The pandemic we dodged

After the COVID-19 global emergency, when the WHO declared the alert because of monkeypox, we all were worried and scared. As one of our Best of 2022, we celebrate that the magic thinkers were not in power this time. Information about the infection ran freely, and the homosexual collective reacted accordingly. We did not even need massive vaccination campaigns to stop the threat.

The best gift of the year

VOYR in RIO best of 2022

No, it is not a material thing. Amongst our Best of 2022 is the only scene where Rhyheim Shabazz bottoms without flip-flopping. The event occurred close to Rio de Janeiro during the mid-year VoyR expedition. Elijah was returning to the US the next day, and his loving partner produced this scene, filmed by Alternativa, as a goodbye gift. Beautiful beyond beauty.

Best of 2022 studios

Austin wilde and Leo grant best of 2022

Once again, one of our favorite studios last year was Guys in Sweat Pants. We dedicated a full report long ago, but everything we wrote remains current. The only thing we do not like about this outlet is the low frequency of their releases, but the low quantity is compensated by quality. Austin Wilde flashed his talent after a long time hidden backstage to make it even more deserving of the Best of 2022 distinction.

bilatinmen July 2022

And once again, our other favorite studio was BiLatinMen. Perhaps they do not meet the industry’s highest production standards, but I cannot stop masturbating when I see their models and interactions.

Best of 2022 Political Fiascos

We are still celebrating the Republicans’ horrible mid-term election. To make it even more hilarious, they cannot agree on a House Speaker while we are writing this report.

Best of 2022 Political Victories

The progressive wave south of Rio Grande is amongst the most significant Best of 2022. First, Gustavo Petro’s democratic victory dismissed long years of right-wing Uribism in Colombia. Then, Lula ended the four years of Bolsonaro’s nightmare. While there are many reasons to be concerned about our future in the US, we are hopeful about Latin America.

Best of 2022 Porn Events

VOYR crew @ casa das tartarugas best of 2022

The Best of 2022 porn gatherings, and the most memorable porn event of the year, was the crowd of hot men summoned by Rhyheim Shabazz in Casa Das Tartarugas. Above 30 porn creators came together for 48 hours to do what they do best. On the first day, they were all by themselves to collaborate and feed their independent outlets. Big Bro took over on the second day and produced hot material for VoyR. We had the privilege to be there on Day One, and we will probably write more about what we saw.

Stay tuned. With this post, we are just starting a series of year-in-review articles.

Hasta la próxima pinga, amig@s!


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