We had to address the worst of 2022, although we started our year-on-review series with celebrations. Do not worry. After this hiatus, we have more to celebrate.

The worst of worst of 2022

The falling of Roe v Wade is, indeed, THE worst of 2022. Not only because it leaves the rights of millions of women living in Conservative states unprotected. Besides, it landmarks a significant victory of Christian Theocracy in the U.S. They will dome for more.

The war on drag

Together with the Anti Abortion wave, the war on drag, the war on trans, and the war on Gay have been flags of the Christian Nationalist reaction.

Worst of 2022 Porn

If we had awards, the Worst of 2022 Porn would go to Naked Sword/RaginStallion/Falcon and the whole Gamma Billing complex. Not only they produced horrible adult materials (Ride or Die belongs to the anthology of the biggest fiascos in U.S. porn history). Besides, they sheltered some of the worse characters in the industry, like ChiChi LaRue and Ricky Larkin.

Worst of 2022 video clips

Surprisingly, the worst of 2022 video clips is still fully available. I am surprised because you would expect to put it down out of shame. However, the clean cut is still posted on youtube, and the extended version is fully viewable on pornhub.

Indeed, this is premium bibliography for conversion therapies, together with the previously highlighted video cover. The song’s title is S.A.D., standing for Suck a Dick. Ironically, the video is so horrible that after watching it, I get sick when I think of cocks.

To close, we were infected

No, it was not a virus but malware. We cannot address the worst of 2022 without mentioning that we had to shut down I LIKE PINGA. Last October, the system detected malware redirecting traffic from our site to illegal outlets selling first-brand forgeries. That is why our last news bulletin was in September. Hopefully, we will be back to our monthly Newsletter this month.

The Worst of 2022 is a short article. We will have more celebrations coming soon. Please keep enjoying our year-on-review series.

Stay tuned.

Hasta la próxima pinga, amig@s!



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