We like many 2022 Newbies. By “newbies,” I mean guys who showed up on my screens for the first time last year. They may have had a long time doing porn before, but this blogger met them in 2022.

2022 Newbies Galore

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2022 newbies

It is raining, men, hallelujah! The independent porn boom brought by fans’ pages during the pandemic is still flourishing. A studio post-pandemic revival also introduced us to new faces in adult entertainment productions. The 2022 newbies list is long, fortunately.

Let’s take a look, randomly listing the army of my new favorite hot guys.

2022 Newbies from TimTales

TimTales is one of the most popular gay porn studios. Even this blogger likes it. One of their many strong points is their skills for talent hunting. Last year, they did not disappoint us. These are the guys they introduced to me in 2022.

Victor Oliveira

victor Oliveira for 2022 Newbies

Victor rode Tim Krueger’s cock in January. Then, he performed always as a bottom in three more scenes for this studio. If you want more of him, follow his Twitter and Instagram. If you really, really want more of him, join his OnlyFans. If we cross paths in Rio, I would love to meet this 2022 Newbie.

Jerri Gomes

Jerri Gomes 2022 newbies

Jerri is another impressive new talent introduced by TimTales. He is based in São Paulo. Follow his Instagram and Twitter, and you will join his OnlyFans.

Dani Brown

Back in April, Tim Krueger introduced another favorite among my 2022 Newbies. For a change, Dani comes from Colombia. Follow his Twitter and his Instagram if you like him. How could you not? You will end up joining his OnlyFans.

Cristhiano Junior

Like most of our favorite 2022 Newbies, Cristhiano is Brazilian, residing in Lisbon. He has only one scene, bottoming for Nano Maso. While we wait to see more, we can follow his Twitter. However, I do not know how seriously he takes his porn career. His Twitter has only 4K followers and does not link to his Instagram or OnlyFans. I wonder whether he has any.

Diego Platano

From Mexico, TimTales brought Diego Platano to join our favorite 2022 Newbies. Look at the clip above. This baby face boy can take the most giant dicks as a champ. Follow his Twitter and Instagram. Join his OnlyFans and JustForFans. I can tell that this one is taking his adult entertainment career seriously.

Rex Lima

Rex may have been born in the UK but has mouth-watering Latino looks. He delivered three scenes with TimTales, and recently we also saw a hot collaboration with Rhyheim Shabazz. Between us, this beauty is among my top favorite 2022 newbies. Follow his Twitter and join his OnlyFans.

Imagine this Latino God speaking English with Manchester’s accent. I am wet.

2022 Newbies from The Cooperative/VoyR

One of the most significant events in my Pornuniverse last year was the evolution of Shabazz 2.0 into VoyR. As we report on 2022 Newbies, we use both labels in the heading.

We are uncertain how the creative group around Rhyheim will evolve. However, we will probably stop writing about The Cooperative. But this post is not about predictions; let’s look at the boys.

Ear Hart

Rhyheim Shabazz licking Earhart dick porn drops January 2022

I was so hopeful back in January when Rhyheim brought this boy! However, after a few collaborations, he vanished. His Twitter and OnlyFans accounts were deleted, and there are currently no traces of him. On the one hand, we hope he is OK. On the other, we want him to return to our screens. His collaborations in the White House are still available at Ryheim’s OnlyFans.


2022 newbies icvros

Rhyheim introduced us to a few US-born boys to join our favorite 2022 Newbies army. Icvros is one of them. Follow his Twitter and join his OnlyFans.

Jin Narumiya

jin, Elijah, and rhyheim 2022 newbies

Jin is one of the most intriguing additions to our favorite 2022 newbies. We even wrote an entire article devoted to him. Follow his Twitter and Instagram, and join his OnlyFans.

Loc Rios

Rhyheim Shabazz flip flops with uncut loc

Loc is another hottie on the podium of my top favorite 2022 Newbies. From Mexico and residing in Chicago, The Cooperative brought him to our screens by mid-year.

I have the pleasure of meeting him last November in Rio. In person, he is even more appealing. Loc is only 21 but has the demeanor of a much more mature man. Besides, his androgenic aura is captivating to me. The way he mixes his masculine and feminine sides is very effective in triggering my boners.

And there is more. Following his social media, I learned he is a Leftist like myself. As you can see, I like this boy. Someday I will write an article entirely devoted to him. Meanwhile, I am following his Twitter and Instagram. I have not yet joined his OnlyFans, but I will.


Gael voyr in rio 2022 newbies

Gael started working with Rhyheim last year and soon became one of the leaders in VoyR. Besides being a beautiful man and a skillful lover and performer, he is also a talented photographer. We wrote about one of the scenes with BigBro to deconstruct some of the trends in VoyR’s long-lasting birth.

Follow his Twitter and Instagram, and join his OnlyFans.


sonatas august 2022

Considering how little we have seen of him, it is surprising that he made it to our favorite 2022 Newbies. He is perfect for us, and we hope to see more of his talent as an adult performer. Meanwhile, follow his Twitter and Instagram, and join his OnlyFans.

Paranoia Viva

Paranoia Viva is a Brazilian who conquered me with only one performance and his Porn Name. Follow his Twitter and Instagram and join his OnlyFans.

Markin and Lucas

Lucas dias & markin wolf

Markin Wolf and Lucas Dias are a loving couple from São Paulo who have traveled to Rio since last June every time Big Bro leads an expedition. They are adorable. Follow Mark’s Twitter and Instagram and join his OnlyFans. Do the same with Lucas’ Twitter, Instagram, and OnlyFans.

Alex Rosso

Alex Rosso's frontal erection 2022 newbies

This Venezuelan residing in Bogotá also quickly earned our hearts to join I LIKE PINGA’s favorite 2022 newbies. We even had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing him last November. Follow his Twitter and Instagram, and join his OnlyFans.

2022 Newbies from BlackBoyzAddictions

I am back to my old addiction to this website. Michael Galletta has a unique knack for discovering fresh new talent. Furthermore, many of his discoverings start as only top to evolve into uninhibited cock riders.


That is not Zeke’s case. From the very beginning, he shared his bisexuality. Only his looks were enough to make him one of my favorite 2022 Newbies. When you add the way he enjoys a dick in his ass, he is rocketed to the top podium. I am getting a hard-on right now.

Unfortunately, I do not have any social media or fans’ pages to share. I do have a strong recommendation. Join BBA, and you will not regret it.


Juju is one case where we must be patient to see him bottoming. It is difficult because he is sending all the clues; Juju seems to be calling for a dick inside his sexy ass. However, it has not yet happened.

2022 Newbies from Guys In Sweat Pants

Guys In Sweat Pants is our favorite studio from the USA. Their production quality is premium, always with hot models performing skillfully and joyfully in the sack. They would score more entries in our 2022 Newbies list should they post new scenes more frequently.

Fabian Divani

fabian divani 2022 newbies

In 2022, they scored with Fabian Divani. This Italian-looking beauty performed in two scenes for Guys in Sweat Pants and collaborated with Rhyheim Shabazz and Elijah Zayne. You can follow his Twitter and join his OnlyFans.

2022 Newbies from BiLatinMan

bilatinmen July 2022

BiLatinMen‘s models are not professionals with a recognized brand. Besides, they introduce so many hot newcomers every year that making a selection does not make sense. Just follow my recommendation. Join the site for at least a month, and you will not regret it.

More 2022 Year in review is coming

Have you noticed? My preferences are transparent. Most of my favorite 2022 newbies are from South America, and they all enjoy bottoming.

Stay tuned. We are still reviewing 2022 and have a few more highlights to share.

Hasta la próxima pinga, amig@s!



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