Best 2022 Comebacks follows our report on our favorite 2022 newcomers. After celebrating the new talent is time to shout out the veterans.

2022 Comeback #1: Sean Xavier

2022 comebacks: Sean Xavier

By mid-year, the adult entertainment culture airwaves were on fire. First (we announced it in May), Sean Xavier reactivated his escort profile in Rentmen. Soon after, he returned to porn with inspired and inspiring collaborations with The Cooperative. As we know now, he is back and working a lot without exclusivity limitations.

Sean Xavier is a mainstream porn superstar, and the waves of his return reach every corner of Gay Adult Entertainment. He was the first Black gay adult entertainer to break through an industry’s labyrinth of intersectional stereotypes. Versatile, Poz, over-educated, and intellectually sophisticated, he never compromised with the audience’s thirst for stereotypes. After his first few videos, his performances were a storm of fresh air in a landscape overpopulated by predictable performers.

Sean granted us the honor of an exclusive interview. If you are a fan, you will love some of the personal circumstances he shared.

Follow his Twitter and his Instagram. Join his OnlyFans. And, of course, do not forget his ad in Rentmen. This blogger has tried his escorting services a few times. As I wrote in one of my reviews, I sometimes left our appointments feeling like a mixture of Rhyheim Shabazz and Superman.

2022 Comeback #2: Staxx

In December, right when the year was dying, my boners were blossoming. I had one of the year’s best news: Staxx’s return. Michael Galletta brought him back to the screens after six long years. I missed him so much.

Staxx was not a celebrity in 2016 when he was reigning in my fantasies. The gif illustrating this section is taken from his first bottoming performance, which is the scene that always comes to my mind when someone asks about my favorite porn scene of all time. It is not what usually happens to me with porn, but that single performance still inspires some of my masturbatory fantasies. Thank you, Staxx, for six years of orgasms (sorry, Knockout, you are fine, but your partner monopolizes all my attention.)

It may seem that I am reporting this return as the second one, but I am closing this celebration with the highest point (to me). Staxx’s return does not have the significance of Sean’s. And yet, out of the two 2002 Comebacks I am highlighting, this is the one that gives me a boner when I write about it.

Believe it or not, I would disappoint most of you if I had the choice to spend a few hours with Sean or with Staxx. I have a six-year-old crush on Staxx, and I look forward to seeing more of him in 2023.

In his return, Staxx shared the screen with several other BBA regulars. Once again, Michael Galletta put together a multi-star casting for a memorable holiday orgy. It is a traditional annual event in the studio. Staxx showed off his versatile skills and left us all asking for more.

Damn, I like this boy. If you also do, follow his Twitter and his Instagram. Then, join his OnlyFans. I will.

Bye, bye, 2022

best 2022 returns

With this celebratory note, we close our 2022 Year-in-review series. Our next post will resuscitate Pinga News, in hiatus since we got infected with malware. Hopefully, we will be able to return to our routine of monthly newsletters. It is time now to look ahead.

Stay tuned.

Hasta la próxima pinga, amig@s!


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