A place for daddies into young guys to talk about sex

Me llamo José Soplanucas, I have recently joined the daddies’ club, and this is my blog. A blog to talk about the sex and the men I like: young, athletic, ethnic, submissive men. I enjoy sexual promiscuity. Therefore, I am planning to share on a wide array of topics. Expect to read about escorts, hook up apps, porn, and whatever comes to my mind that has to do with sex.

I am respectful of the law. In this place it is assumed that any exchange of money it is for time and company, and anything that happens during that time between two consenting participants in legal age is no one else’s business. Beyond the law, I firmly believe in honesty. All visual materials will be shared with the consent of the models. I do not approve or enjoy hidden cameras.

I stand for full decriminalization of sex work, to protect the rights of both, clients and providers, and allow a marginalized industry to flourish.

The blog purpose

This blog is a very young project, as young as my blogging experience and much younger than my joining of the daddies club. It has evolved since started in June 2017. At this point, May 2018, we can state these purposes:

  • Celebrating and promoting diversity, specifically sexual diversity. We do not judge anyone for not having our same preferences. As long as no one is harmed, as long as everything is happening between consenting adults, we join you to celebrate us. We also promote sex as a legitimate human expression. We should not be ashamed of talking about any kind of sex, of having any kind of sex, of liking any kind of sex. Of course, we are daddies into younger men and will focus  on that.
  • Sharing knowledge about everything sex. We are here to share and to learn.
  • Celebrating, advocating for, and promoting the adult entertainment industry.
  • Advocating for the rights of sex workers and clients.
  • Building community.
  • Fighting against any kind of abuse, exploitation, and/or trafficking. This is not the traditional bull shit disclaimer. What I mean is that those ignorant motherfuckers legislating and designing public policy should read this blog and other expressions of our subculture, to learn what a vibrant, talented, supportive, productive, socially responsible, patriotic community they are attacking. We are against abuse, exploitation, and/or trafficking because they are wrong, not because they are illegal.

Navigating the blog

I started this as a hobby with primarily the goal of having fun, but also with a strong motivation to provide a service. I recommend you to check the Resources page and posts like this one. If you are inclined to politics, perhaps you would enjoy entries like this one.

In the Reviews page you will find reports of my meetings with some of the hottest available men. There is also plenty of information about pornography and porn stars. In case you are fantasizing with your first hire, or if you are a young man considering a career as an escort, perhaps you want to check The School Series Lessons one and two. 

Please, help us

I obtain no profit from this website; all reviews and comments are  honest reports of actual experiences and sharing of my thoughts an opinions, with no other bias than my complete admiration, respect, and love for adult entertainers.

You will find advertisement banners in some old posts, but we have switched to a 100% free of advertisement environment. You will not have your reading experience interrupted with banners trying to get  a click from you.

However, we do need financial support to fund and expand the blog activities. We have created an associated account in JustForFans. There you will find additional visual materials complementing the blog experience. 

Please, sign up. For you is just a few dollars per month, for me it can make a huge difference in the amount and quality of information and entertainment I can produce.

If you feel like giving me some feedback and constructive criticism, or if you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact me: josesoplanucas@gmail.com