In Pinga News you will find news and gossip related to the gay adult entertainment industry. For this blog, Sex Workers are also adult entertainers. Gay porn stars and escorts are going to be the habitual topic of reporting.

As everything in this blog, the intention is not to provide a whole outlook of the industry but only of the niche this blogger is interested in. If you are following ILIKEPINGA you know what the drill is.

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pinga news SeanWell, that was a short second retirement. The Ebony Gold is back and his Rentmen ad shows him available once again. Let’s keep tuned for more news, I anticipate new porn scenes.


pinga newsGood news for all the barebacking fans around the globe. The NIH is sponsoring world wide clinical trials of a new drug: cabotegravir. The trial is on Stage III and it seems we can be optimistic. Instead of swallowing our beautiful blue pill everyday, we will get an injection every 8 weeks. The news are very promising, you can check them here and here.


pinga newsPinga News always reliable sources report that the local police is using undercover agents to trap professionals, as February 2018. The professionals caught are arrested and prosecuted. If you are planning a visit, please ve extremely cautious.


KevinDo not be alarmed, you will probably feel it only if you live a few blocks away from my place. I am not sure, but I do not thing the expansive way will go further than that.

The thing is Kevin is in DC. I am not sure if I am meeting him tomorrow (today is February 23) or on Sunday, but I am meeting him this week end. Therefore the warning. Every time we meet, I have to rearrange the furniture.

If you are in the DMV area you should contact him. The boy is dynamite.


alam new fucksThe blond super bomb does not stop growing in his admirers “heart”. He has just signed up his first contract with a big porn studio, becoming a Falcon Studios exclusive star.

You can read the details in this article. I cannot help but wonder what is going to happen with Alan’s little empire in Instagram  and Only Fans. He will be for ever in my To Do list, unfortunately.


pinga newsI LIKE PINGA is ready for an upgrade. Not yet, but soon. Most of the content will continue accessible for everyone just as it is now. We will create a premium membership (the monthly fee will be around 10 bucks) with full access to all content.

What content will be premium access only? Full reviews, interviews, special photo galleries, and some home made amateur porn. If the switch happens before April, the special reports on Palm Springs will also be restricted to premium members.

I do not expect to make a lot of money, I just want to amortize the expenses of keeping up the blog. Of course, if I have more money in my budget, you will have more fun in here. Wish me luck with the move, although I am not sure yet when it is going to happen.

To give me feedback, always reach me at


spy vs spy pinga newsPinga News sources’ report that the members of the team behind have been receiving anonymous threats. Even when the website is hosted abroad, some of the guys do reside in US territory. They are being threatened with being reported to American authorities, under American law.

That happened last week. Some of you have probably noticed interface would switch between the regular mode and a new one with no rates and no narratives. The team is tying a “safe mode” they can easily switch to in case of legal trouble.

To make it even worse, the site suffered yesterday, February 3rd, a DDOS attack  and has been off line until a few hours ago. Welcome back, we are glad you survived!


Legend pinga newsI am thrilled. I just found out that Legend, one of my favorite dancers from the extinct Rockhard DC, has published an ad in Rentmen just a few hours ago on February 1st. Many times I asked him if he was into escorting while he was lap dancing me, and he always responded that he did not. Well, I am glad he changed his mind. I am making the preliminary contacts, hopefully you will have more news soon. This boy has one of the most charming smiles in the DMV area.


mintboys pinga newsPerhaps some of you already noticed them. We have a new player in the market. Besides Rentmen and, let’s welcome Mintboys.

The founder of the website reached out to me today. He sent an email asking for feedback and for a mention in this blog. Feedback was given and a few questions were asked. If he responds you may have a full post about them, I do not know yet. Meanwhile, you can go, check it, and make your own opinion.

I wish them luck if they are honest. We all would benefit from more competition in the market.


timarrie and Louistimarrie pinga newsTwo days ago Timarrie Baker flew to Barcelona, headquarter of one of my favorite European porn factories, Fuckermate. Yesterday he shot a scene I am already masturbating for. A threesome with Louis Ricaute and Carlos Leao. As you can see in the picture if you had never seen him before, Carlos is a very hot man, but he is not the one who drives me crazy but Louis. I almost met him in my last trip to Buenos Aires, I am a huge fan of his porn work. Louis and Timarrie are in my list of the Seven Modern World Wonders, these two men are absolutely amazing and I cannot wait to see them together.

To make it even better, Timarrie shared yesterday in IG that he was not expected to bottom much in the scene. However, once he was there, he had such a good time bottoming that he could not stop until his ass was in flames. OMG! I got a boner right now.


Rafael carreras pinga newsYep, you read it correctly, stop pinching yourself. The one and only super porn star Rafael Carreras is visiting DC. It is impossible to now for how long, because it looks like he does not know how to properly place his touring itinerary in his Rentmen ad. Let’s say some day between now (January 22nd( and March.

The line should be longer than for a new iPhone.

RENTBOY.PRO FOR EVER has just survived a leadership crisis. You know, a start up breaking into a market controlled by Rentmen monopoly, some bumps in the journey are expected. I am happy they survived the crisis because I like them, and I want them to succeed and bring diversity to the offer. They have been supporting this blog with advertising in exchange for advice.

They came out of the crisis with a clearer vision and an amazing offer. All the providers who sign up now for free, will keep their free membership for as long as they want, even after the service switches to paid. They will switch to paid service in a few months, the announcement of the exact date will be made in the near future.

Let’s support them, we all will benefit from competition after a long monopoly.


Ashton selfie pinga newsI guess you know who Ashton is. Former ballet dancer, Boricua, gifted with an extraordinarily beautiful body and a sexy kissable face. A raising porn star who is going to be big, much bigger than he already is in the industry. I do not know wether or not he escorts, but look at what he posted in his Twitter:

Ashton pinga news

I wish I was rich. Taking him in the best cruise to wherever place he wants to go would be my gift. Unfortunately this blogger is poorer than a shithole country immigrant. So rich motherfuckers, do not let this opportunity go. The boy wants a cruise. Buy one for him. Now. Pinga News commands you.


MAL Weekend is over and we are back to regular numbers in Rentmen DC. Take a look at some interesting offering you can enjoy the next few weeks amongst our visitors. Of course these are just Pinga News picks, there are more, many more.

Isaac powers muscles

Isaac Powers is back this week. I am not sure I will be able to see him but I am planning to. He is one of my favorite guys, you can read my posts here and here.



Toms de Castro pinga newsTomas Decastro will be visiting. I am afraid I will not have a budget for him. But you should not let this opportunity pass. You may have to travel to Europe to see him some other time, he is not one of our frequent visitors.



XL gif pinga newsXL is arriving on the 22nd. He has been in my To Do List for years. This time, if I can make it happen, I will. I cannot recommend him from personal experience, but several acquaintances shared with me about their meetings, and they all were extremely happy. Apparently he is not easy to catch, but if you are lucky to meet him, he makes sure you leave very happy.


mike gaite pinga newsMike Gaite is arriving on Friday. I have never met him, but we are talking here about one of the male escorts with the most and best reviews at Daddy’s reviews.




slutty Christmas lee


Fortunately  it looks like we all will be able to enjoy some leftovers from the already legendary DC strippers club, just a week after they closed doors. One of their wildest dancers, Lee, is now available for the general public. I can recommend this boy, and soon you will be able to read a full review. I did mentioned him in one of my last posts. You can also see videos of him in action in this post.


Sad but not surprising news. After months of mismanagement following Jim Graham’s passing away, Rockard DC has faded away. The website talks about a “hiatus”, perhaps hope is not completely loss. However, Pinga News’ contacts in the crew are skeptical. They seem to believe that the owner of the place (The House) is not interested in the boys night and wants to switch to fully straight.



Rocco Steele, one of the most popular big dick daddies in the porn industry, has relocated to DC. Here you can access his ad in Rentmen.

rocco Steele pinga news


The man with the more fuckable butts in the Milky Way is back. After announcing his retirement a few months ago, Chino Black reactivated his Twitter account and seems to be back. He is yet not sharing his plans, Pinga News doesn’t know whether he is returning to Black Rayne or he is starting his own studio.

If you have not seen his performances, you are missing something. He has such a control of his ass that it is easy to imagine him tuning the National Anthem with his farts.

chino black pinga newschibo black pinga news


Black Rayne Productions (if you do not know them you should know Breed It Raw, one of their brands), one of my favorite porn factories, is cooking a new website: Raw City Twinks. It is still not up, but you can sign up to get the notice.

I am not sure about the vision behind this new brand. Based in my quick research, I would say the target is the audience into Black twinks, young slim African American performers. They have a bunch of very promising newbies like Ciroc and Marvo, mixed with some recognized veterans like Dagger and TaetheDoug.

This blogger cannot wait.



Marvo Pinga News


Dagger Pinga News


Tae Pinga News


pinga news



DC is getting ready for MAL week end

MAL week end is approaching and the boys are coming. Today, December 27, we have 193 advertisers in Rentmen. Let’s follow that number the next days. One of my favorite guys already made it official. The beautiful Kevin Ryder is coming. You can check his profile here. Unfortunately he does not visit DC very often, you should take advantage of this opportunity.

Kevin Ryder Pinga News

ALERT DC, Houstonbest is visiting for New Year!

Kevin just updated his ad in Rentmen with his trip to DC from December 28th to January 1st. This guys is pure dynamite and one of my favorite regulars. I am afraid if we meet we are going to have a New Year earthquake.

Kevin pinga newsKevin pinga news

Beware of Ringworm, porn performers and escorts

A wide incidence of this fungal infection has been detected, according to a report by the Free Speech Coalition. It is a very easy to treat infection, similar to Athlete’s Foot. See the details in this linked article.

ringworm pinga news

Timarrie Baker is in Chicago!!!

Do not miss the opportunity, Chicagoans. Timarrie has been visiting since Christmas, and is staying over there until the first days of January. I with I was closer, this blogger has a crush on this boy but so far has not been able to meet him. You can check his contact information in his ad in

Timarrie Pinga News Timarrie Pinga News

Pinga News found more porn industry players joining competition high

Just yesterday we were sharing about how crazy competition is becoming in the industry. Well, today we found a porn factory bringing marketing technics from Walmart. The guys from Rawbreededers are matching or adding 10% to whatever payment a model gets from another studio. This is good for the Boyz.

raw breeders pinga news

Competition in booming Porn Industry is getting hard, and the beefing is going high

Porn has became a smoking growing business, and so is the competition involved. Not only traditional studios are shaking, their business model challenged by the Internet explosion. Besides that, competition in the streaming market is ferocious. Let Pinga News bring you one example from each.

Ashton Summers, one of the top young starts nowadays, is furious. Michael Lucas (not very popular in the industry) started an onlyfans channel, and published their a video of him fucking Ashton when he was a 19 y.o. unknown newbie.

Ashton tweet pinga news

Lucas tweet pinga news

Ashton nails it when he blames Lucas’ move on financial troubles. You have here one example of a big, traditional studio, having its business model shaken and trying to reconvert to the new porn outlets.

The second example is from two of the biggest web Black porn producers, BreeditRaw (one of Black Rayne Productions brands) and Take a look at the sue, or a lighter reading at this article. If you do not know the stars, these are the beauties they are beefing about: Arquez, DayDay, Kemancheo, Giovanni Cruz.

arquez pinga news


DayDay Pinga News


Kemancheo pinga news


Gio Pinga News








New male escorts on line catalogue

We are closing 2017 with a very good news for our market. came up to challenge Rentmen virtual monopoly. The new website is growing very quickly. If you are a provider, you should take advantage that they are not charging anything during their expansion period. You have one more, promising outlet to advertise your services, for free. Do not let it pass.