fosta M4M forums are close

FOSTA may fuck us all.

This week the Senate passed the Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act (FOSTA) and the industry is in panic. Craig List closed the section of personal ads. Rentmen4now finally shut down. Discussion boards all over the country are smoking hot with sex workers and their friends imagining a coming nightmare.

Personally, this blogger thinks we all are over reacting. The new law sucks, it is invasive and in violation of freedom of speech and other individual rights. It will be challenged by civil right organizations like The Free Speech Coalition, ACLU, and others.

Even if it the law passes all challenges, perhaps it is not a sign of future persecution against sex workers. Perhaps it is just a misguided attempt to actually go after real sex trafficking. As I said, a very misguided one.

Just in case, we all are preparing for the worst. I am considering migrating this blog to a server hosted abroad, besides using a more careful language to make clear and explicit our strong disapproval of sex trafficking and any other kind of abuse. Not because it is ilegal, but because it is wrong.


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