My Gay Escorts Reviews

These are actual reviews of my meetings with some of the hottest (to me) gay escorts available out there. If I am posting a review here, it means that the experience was at least satisfactory. This blogger does not receive anything in exchange of advertising these gay escorts, my intention is to provide a service to them and to you. I love these young men, and I want their business to be successful. I love you all, and I want to share the amazing talents I came to enjoy.

Let me me make this clear one more time. If there is any exchange of money, it was to pay for the professionals time and social company. Whatever happens during that time between two consenting adults is no one’s business. I did not pay for any of the acts shared in my gay escorts reviews. Always check our About Us to understand where we are coming from.

Negative experiences stay private. They would not if I was robbed, or scammed, or any other flagrant violation. Fortunately, that has never happened to me. The bad experiences I have had were just unsatisfactory meetings. I would never dare to question the professionalism or any talents of a gay escort just because we did not click in one single occasion. It would not be fair.

More than once I have been offered a date in exchange of a gay escort review. I have never accepted. If I am happy with the meeting, the review is guaranteed. If I accepted the company of a gay escort without paying for his time, I would feel obliged. I want to keep the independence of these gay escorts reviews.


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