Manuel from Medellín with ILP t-shirt

Manuel was one of my best findings in our last expedition to the Ciudad de la Eterna Primavera. If you happen to be around and looking for gay escorts, I recommend him without hesitations.

mapa gay de Medellín, Colombia
Thanks to Nomadic Boys for the map!

Before getting into Manuel, let me share a few things about Medellín. This is an amazing city for all kinds of tourism, finding something interesting to do is not challenging. However, we are not here to talk about the city’s thriving cultural life or its beautiful natural surroundings.

If you are reading us, you are probably interested in the gay adult fun. Certainly, Medellín will not disappoint you. You will find several bars and clubs in Poblado, Laureles, and Centro (you can research the information in GayGuides). Your hook up apps will not give you a break. Hooking up in the bars, in the streets, or in your phone is easy for both, paid and unpaid encounters.

If you speak Spanish, no one will stop you. If you do not, Colombian cities will present you with a challenge you already know if you have visited Brazil without knowing how to speak Portuguese. Have your translator ready, not many locals speak English. Despite that fact, you will have plenty of opportunities to speak English with resident expatriates and visitors.

If you are looking for gay escorts, you will find some in the apps (look for key phrases like “disponible” o “doy masages”.) However, the best source for gay escorts is the website Mileróticos. That is where I found Manuel.

Duglas' profile in Mileroticos

His pictures got me. You do not need help to understand why. However, it may be useful for you if we take a close read to Manuel’s ad. After all, if you are visiting or planning to visit Medayork, you need to enrich your vocabulario.

It does have a phrase that I found relatively original (as not seen in other escorts’ ads) and appealing: culeo intenso. The noun is misspelled in the headline and properly written in the ad’s first sentence. It means intense fucking. The headline contains other key standard words that you will read very often in Mileróticos and the local hook up apps profiles.

You know the first word, versátil. Then, we have a classic, arrecho, which means horny and with a strong stamina. Finally, complaciente, which I think it is a clear cognate.

Moving on to the ad’s body, I think you do not need help until we find morboso and morbo. Morbo is the noun, morboso is the adjective, and it refers to passionately engaged sensuality. Depending on the context, sometimes can also mean kinky.

The rest of the vocabulary is standard Spanish dirty talk and you probably do not need any additional support to understand it. The question, of course, is…

Is Manuel as good as he describes himself in his ad?

Manuel from Medellín with ILP t-shirt

Spoiler alert: yes, he is.

Connecting with Manuel was super-easy. Before traveling, I had made some research and saved a few candidates among my favorites, a free service in Mileróticos. His ad was in the list. However, before calling, I found him in Grinder’s grid. After a quick chat to check for compatibility, we exchanged WhatsApp numbers to discuss businesses.

Of course, before closing any deals, I asked for a videoconference to verify the photos in his ad. Manuel had no objection, and in a few seconds he was flashing his beautiful smile on my screen. We closed the deal.

Manuel arrived to my place punctually, in his motorcycle. He had been keeping me posted on his progress and I saw him arriving. Indeed, it was a good beginning to see this beautiful Colombian man pulling out his bike to come to me. Sexy.

laughing Manuel

First, he arrived in a motorcycle. Second, when we talked for a few minutes I understood why his accent was so sexy for me. Manuel is a Costeño, plus he has lived many years in Venezuela. To me, those regions delivers one of the sexiest Spanish accents in South America.

Beyond his appealing looks and his tantalizing accent, his service was spotless. Not only was he willing to please me, but he also demanded me to please him. The interaction was quite explosive, in the best sense.

This blogger enjoyed the culeo intenso, up to exhaustion. However, what I enjoyed the most was the “trato de novios”, the boyfriend experience. Manuel is great at conversation in a wide variety of topics, which this blogger appreciated as the bad conversationist he is. He is indeed an excellent company to explore the city and its restaurants and night life.

Manuel from Medellín

Definitely, we recommend Manuel for any kind of gay adult fun you may be looking for. His fee is aligned to the local market, and he is very generous with his time. He speaks a very elemental English, although he is working on it. Yet, you may need the support of your phone’s translator when you are not eating each other.

Manuel is educated and knows Medellín. If you are in need of company to support you navigating the city and exploring its treasures, consider contacting him. As I reported above, he is very talented at delivering the boyfriend experience. Clearly, having him around permanently is a pleasure.

Below, I am sharing a few more photos:

As you can see from the photos, we spent a lot of time together. Indeed, those moments are some of our best memories from this trip to Medellín. Call Manuel, I am confident he will deliver the experience that you want.

Stay tuned.

Hasta la próxima pinga, amig@s!

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