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César delivered an unforgettable afternoon during our last expedition to Medellín. If you are around and looking for company, do not miss him. Welcome to our last Gay Escorts Review.

Similarly to what happened with Manuel, I found César’s ad in Mileróticos. The website allows you to create a library with your favorite profiles. Easily, all your candidates are in one place where you can track whether or not they are available in your location.

Actually, I had found César two years ago, when I was researching the market for my first expedition to Medellín. Unfortunately, I was not lucky enough to meet him back then.

Besides Mileróticos, your best resource will be the hook up apps. My Grindr and my Scruffs were smoking with hits. This is not new, as in both of my visits to Medellín, the apps delivered. Needless to say, they are very effective in gay bars. If you go to a bar, instead of looking for locking eyes with a candidate, unlock your screens and search nearby. In Medellín, it has never failed me.

Clearly, planning for adult fun is not necessary. All you need is your phone. However, if you have disposable time to invest in pre-trip research, and you are looking for paid-sex, I can recommend one more resource: webcam services. I explored Chaturbate with great success.

But now it is time to take about César.

césar from Medellin

I also made the first contact through Grindr, similarly to Manuel’s case. However, closing the deal with César was faster. As I had been following his social media for almost two years, I did not need a verification video call and soon we were discussing the details for our appointment.

We met the following day. His location was not far away from my base, so I sent him an Uber and did not have to wait long for his arrival.

César looks exactly like his pictures, is a great conversationist, and an extraordinary kisser and lover. He is another example of how the Venezuelan diaspora has benefited the surrounding countries.

He is also a fine example of the Instagram generation. As all those boys and girls trying to look in real like as in an Instagram filter, César was wearing some make up. Fortunately, it was not much and my tongue quickly took care of it.

César butt

César delivered what he promises in his ad. Surprisingly, it is written in Standard Spanish and you will not have any challenges using your translations app. The only one word I want to highlight is “nalgón“. The adjective is related to “nalga“, the noun “butt-cheeks“. Nalgón describes a male with big butts.

Of course, it is not only his big and perfectly shaped butts what drives us to recommend him. César knows how to move, believe me. He made me feel wanted and was a demanding lover. In regard of our particular quest for younger men who find older men attractive, we have a find here.

Additionally, his pictures do give some clues, but they fail to reproduce the beauty of his skin and shapes. César is almost spotlessly hairless, smooth, and athletically harmonic. All the body parts that are usually fetishized are specially beautiful: his thighs, his abs, his nipples, his arms, his butts, his dick, his lips. They all are an open invitation to a licking, kissing, and sucking banquet. Easily, I can picture him as one of Tom of Finland’s characters.

When we discussed our contract, César used an expression that is not part of his ad. He made very clear that our arrangement was “sin afanes”. As in everything else, he also delivered on that promise.

César from Medellín

“Sin afanes” can be translated as “no rush”. Unlike their US colleagues, César and the overwhelming majority of South American gay escorts are not clock watchers. However, “sin afanes” is not a promise for unlimited time and you should not feel entitled to expect much more than one hour.

The key words are empathy and respect. “Sin afanes”, more accurately, means something like “I will hang out with you for not less than one hour and for as long as I am having a good time and have nothing better/else to do”.

Young gay escorts in South America are indeed a gate to a land of unforgettable pleasures, but they also are a unique way to access different cultures and world views. Approach them with respect, with an open mind, with curiosity and willingness to learn, and you will be surprised for how much you receive in return.

I strongly recommend César. I will spend more time with him in my next visit to Medellín. Meanwhile, please treat him well and keep him entertained.

Stay tuned.

Hasta la próxima pinga, amig@s!

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