Argentine escorts have a new outlet to advertise their services. Traviati has just shown up and I love what I see.

A sophisticated look for Argentine escorts

I learned the news in the Argentinean forums, once again proving their usefulness. Traviati, a new website for the local professionals to advertise, is now accessible and competing with Soy Tuyo, Revista Ratones, Skokka, Onyce, the local Rentmen (this is the link to RM Buenos Aires, but the website covers half dozen of Argentine cities),  and a few other outlets that do not deserve to be mentioned.

Quite a big number for a small market like the Argentinean. The whole country population is about 40 million people, but there are more gay escorts websites than in the United States. Rentmen monopoly is too strong here, and alternate outlets like Mintboys have to work extra hard to be noticed.

Traviati is starting small, and the slogan “LOS ACOMPAÑANTES MASCULINOS MÁS EXCLUSIVOS DE BUENOS AIRES” may be insinuating they plan to stay small. As this post is being written, only 12 ads are up in the website.

Are these really exclusive Argentine escorts?

Argentine escortsI wish I knew. Out of those 12 ads , I can recognize at least one who also advertises in other websites. He is Gonzalo, who can be watched performing in some of the clips by the local porn factory Latin Leche.

The other ones are a quite diverse mix, which I like. They all are from Buenos Aires city, the website is new and soon probably will include other inner country cities like Cordoba and Rosario. They all are indeed attractive, but they do not strike me as particularly exclusive guys.

I guess we will have to wait until my next visit to Buenos Aires to find out. Or perhaps the friends in the Escorts XP forums let us know before that.

Whatever the case is, the design is absolutely beautiful. To fully appreciate it, do not use a phone but a computer. The American outlets have here a model to copy.

DISCLAIMER: As I was writing this post, the number of ads went down to 11. The website is new and obviously changing quickly.


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