Luiz Sartori’s OnlyFans is our first Porn Fans report of the new year. Of course, we started 2022 by joining one of our 2021 favorite new boys.

Luiz Sartori

Before joining Luiz Sartori’s OnlyFans, I had not seen much of his work. We found a couple of scenes for Irmão Dotados and a few samples of collaborations with other Brazilian porn creators on Twitter and Although we had not seen much, what we saw was enough to make him one of our Favorite Newcomers in 2021.

According to his profile in Irmãos Dotados, he is 26 years old. As his porn career started last year, that age is probably accurate. His height shocks me the most out of the stats we can see in his profile. Luiz is only 1,73 cm tall. This blogger has a weakness for athletic young guys shorter than him.

Although he is versatile, I was captivated by his bottoming talents. Luiz is the kind of bottom that trips with a cock inside, with his hard-on at full. He loves riding dick, and his own is big and thick.

If you are into big-muscle types, joining Luiz Sartori’s OnlyFans may not be a good idea. But if you admire talented Power Bottoms no matter their body type, you hit Bingo. He has a typical naturally athletic body. I do like his kind, and his face drives me crazy. When I first saw his talents on screen, I wanted to fuck him. When I learned his height, I wanted to marry him.

Luiz Sartori’s OnlyFans

Luiz sartori's onlyfans

Luiz Sartori’s OnlyFans is as young as his porn career. As of January 2022, there are 109 photos and 47 videos. The first post is dated May 2021. Even as he is starting his adult entertainment career relatively old for contemporary standards, you can find material from several years ago. For instance, there is a hot 5′ video where we can see 19 years old Luiz in action. The most extended video lasts 33 minutes, the shorter a few seconds. In general, there is a nice balance of traditional amateur video and more professional-looking collaborations.

The membership costs only five bucks monthly. If you sign up for several months, there are bundles to make it even more affordable. This blogger took the offer of 3 months for 12.65, but you can also take six months for 22.50.

Not only is the price affordable. Besides, Luiz follows the fans’ favorite business model. One flat-free provides you full access to all videos and photos. You do not have to pay any additional money to access “VIP” material, an unfortunate current trend in the market.

Luiz is physically beautiful, a skillful lover, a sexual being, and has an excellent relationship with the camera. His best work is when he forgets that the camera is there, which fortunately happens often.

Brazil is a Worl Wide Porn Powerhouse, and the local talent quickly recognized this promising newcomer. Since the first posts in May 2021, you can observe how production quality improves. In Luiz Sartori’s Onlyfans you will find collaborations with unknown independent creators side by side with big international brands like Rico Marlon.

Sampling Luiz

Luiz Sartori’s OnlyFans offers a variety of photos and videos and a unique window to his talents. Allow me to share a few samples.

Luiz Sartori's OnlyFans

The illustration above is from a 5′ video where Luiz plays with himself. I love the rim control he demonstrates here. And, I forgot to mention before, he wears glasses! I would love to have such a nerdy beauty in my bed.

Luiz sartori's onlyfans

This one is from a series of short videos lasting a few minutes, all collaborating with not very well-known local independent porn creators. Luiz’ all sweat voracity when taking dick is inspirational. He pushes the top inside.

Luiz satori getting his ass eaten

The gif above is a sample from several videos with a local creator, Bebecito2_4. I chose this excerpt because of Luiz’ facial expression when his partner starts to eat his ass. His eyebrows naturally jump in a gesture of overwhelming pleasure. You cannot fake that. As I said before, his best is when Luiz forgets the camera.

Luiz sartori topping

Luiz Sartori’s OnlyFans also documents his topping skills. However, this blogger thinks that bottoming is where he shines. I suspect Luiz would agree.

My favorite video

Luiz Sartori, Gustavo Mueller, and Guto Abravanel

There are many long videos in Luiz Sartori’s Onlyfans. One of my favorites is a threesome with Gustavo Mueller and Guto Abravanel. The script is silly, but Luiz’ performance is a masturbatory nuke.

Luiz is cooking in sexy straps in the kitchen while Gustavo and Guto (I think they are a real-life couple) are watching porn in the living room, jerking off. They notice that the cook is spying on them, and you know what happens. Our hero is wholly given to the action and unaware of the cam most of the time.

Luiz sartori, gustavo mueller and auto abravanel

Towards the end (the fucking lasts more than 30 minutes), there is some double dicking. Look at Luiz’ smile in one of the few moments when he remembers the camera. There is no better bottom than a happy bottom. This blogger has watched a lot of porn but has never seen a performer smiling and laughing so often while riding one or more cocks. And it seems he does it out of sincere joy.

Just a few minutes after the gif above, another of my favorite moments occurs. Guto, the performer facing Luiz, is continuously distracted by the camera. When Luiz reaches the paramount of his horniness, he demands full attention and is not getting it. He becomes so demanding that Guto has no other option than to give up on the camera and fully sink into Luiz.

They deeply merge into each other, passionately kissing. Guto licks and eats all of Luiz’ face while both tops never stop pumping. It is a moment that will live long in my masturbatory landscapes.

Join Luiz Sartori’s OnlyFans page

Luiz sartori sucking dick

You must join Luiz Sartori’s OnlyFans. The price is below average, the quality is way above, and you are investing in a promise. The outlet is only seven months old and already has a significant amount of diverse material. Imagine once this Brazilian god gains more recognition.

Of course, if I was not convincing enough, you can continue researching Luiz. His Twitter and Instagram are free and provide more samples than this report.

Joining Luiz Sartori’s OnlyFans has an additional value. Several times Luiz identifies his partners as clients. Although I have not seen any advertising of his escorting services, I think we can make an educated guess and assume that he escorts. Besides enjoying smoking hot porn, we would be window-shopping if we are correct.

My next trip is going to be to Colombia. However, I am closing my eyes and wishing to meet Luiz on my next trip to Brazil.

Stay tuned. We are writing less often, but we are still here.

Hasta la próxima pinga, amig@s!

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