Remember the world before Rentmen? There was a time when the bars, the streets, the public bathrooms, the parks, the docks, were the only places to cruise and hook up. As homosexuals became more daring, some started to sneak sex classified ads camouflaged in newspapers, printed ads that quickly moved away from clandestinity and flourished as gays became accepted in mainstream culture, and a gay press and printed media developed. This was also the golden age of hot phone lines.

Then Internet arrived. Discussion forums and IRC were the first steps that very fast evolved in a myriad of websites to hook up. Manhunt, Men4men4sex, cruisingforsex, gaysex, rentboy, men4rentnow, and many more.

Now is Rentmen and the hook up apps.

Rentmen has become the website to go when looking for providers in the United States. They have a sister site for masseurs, but I am not going to write about what I do not know.
The website can be navigated anonymously, or you can sign up to open a free account that allows you to have your own profile. They also offer a premium membership that gives you access to all videos and some private pictures. As a free member you can anyways request a password from a provider and he will allow you to access his private pictures and videos.

A little advice to use Rentmen:

  • Consider the reviews in Rentmen as one more piece of information when researching the market, but be cautious. Bad reviews are known to vanish and good ones are often fake. However many are truthful. Check who the reviewers are, you may even contact them, but at least you should research their reviews history.
  • Install a VPN app and access the website from a server outside of the United States. The narrative reviews are censored in American territory but accessible from abroad. By doing this you can access a wealth of information that is hidden to American eyes.
  • If you are used to accessing the website from a tablet, check whether you are navigating the full version or the mobil version of the site. Just scroll down to the bottom of your screen and click on the option “Full Site”. I like the full version to research and the mobil version to look at the pictures when I am in my tablet.
  • There is no shortage of fakers in the website. Always do your research, always verify the pictures and the information published in the profile. I strongly recommend against making a blind first appointment. Always set a videoconference call before closing the deal, or trust references from friends like the amazing people from the M4M forums.

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