Eric Rey’s OnlyFans is one of the best investments for your porn budget. Hot men flock to enjoy his beauty and talent, and he shares everything.

A Newbie with a lot of Future

Eric Rey with glasses

It happens to me very often. I see some new guy in my porn surfing, get captivated, and then find out he is from Brazil, Colombia, or Venezuela. Of course, it has nothing to do with their passports. It instead has to do with the particular racial and cultural cocktail in those South American countries. Eric Rey is another example.

We discovered him a little more than one year ago when he first collaborated with Rhyheim Shabazz. That legendary scene that starts as a duo and ends as a fivesome, all recorded by Rhyheim’s phone, is part of the treasures you will find in Eric Rey’s OnlyFans.

Physically, Eric is impressive and perfect for my eyes. His body is well proportioned without any over-development or deficit, pure harmony. His skin is smooth and spotless, and his face is a dream. Eric’s red lips shine and highlight the ubiquitous sensuality of his facial expression.

It is not only the looks. Eric Rey’s OnlyFans meticulously documents his many talents as a porn creator. Clip after clip, scene after scene, photo after photo, his inhibited submissiveness inspires my most rigid boners.

Eric Rey’s voice is as expressive as his face. His trembling whispering leaves no room for skepticism. When he begs, we must believe him. It would be best to watch his performances, turning the volume up.

After a short career in independent productions, Eric has started to work for porn studios. I am not the only one who noticed him. But this post is about his best work.

Eric Rey’s OnlyFans

Eric Rey's butts

The first post in Eric Rey’s OnlyFans is from January 27, 2020. Since then, he has stored 205 Photos and 90 videos. The images are a well-balanced mix of selfies and self-made videos on one side and professional photography and videography on the other. There is a hike in the quality of the videos immediately after he joins the friends in The Cooperative.

Although Rhyheim filmed his first collaboration, Eric soon started to perform under EyeFilmz’s magic camera. However, he already had a prolific independent career when he met Big Bro. Joining The Cooperative increased the reach and the size of his network, indeed. But Eric’s promise precedes this event as his OnlyFans documents.

Eric’s business model is our favorite: one flat fee provides access to all the work. It is a very affordable fee of 10 bucks to make it even better. Additionally, you can choose a bundle to save some dollars. This blogger chose one for three months at $ 27. Take advantage of this offer if you are ready to join.

If you are not ready to join Eric Rey’s OnlyFans, take a look at his Twitter and his Instagram. You will find tons of free samples.

What did I learn from Eric Rey’s OnlyFans?

Although we were already fans, we had not seen a lot of Eric’s work before joining his OnlyFans. We mainly had enjoyed a few scenes with Rhyheim and a few collaborations under EyeFilmz’s lens. This blogger knew that Eric was Brazilian, hot, and talented. What else did we learn after joining Eric Rey’s OnlyFans?

My lessons

Eric Rey's first picture in his OF

This blogger learned that before being Eric Rey, he was Twinkbttm. The picture above is the first photography shared in Eric Rey’s OnlyFans, on January 27, 2020.

Full video available at Eric Rey’s OnlyFans

I learned that Eric did not show his face for a long time. The pictures would be from the neck down, and the videos would exclude faces, or Eric would wear a mask. The video above is a sample of others teaching how much Eric enjoys playing with his ass and nipples.

Full video available at Eric Rey’s OnlyFans

We learned that Eric is into Daddies. Most of his partners are men considerably older than he is. You should see the whole clip and hear how Eric begs and purrs when his daddy plays with his ass.

Eric Rey and Austin wolf

We learned that the first time Eric showed his face in his OnlyFans was on December 14, 2020. On that day, he published a collaboration with Austin Wolf. Eric was still Twinkbttm but started consistently showing his face in videos and photos, beginning a week after posting his scene with Wolf.

Eric Rey by Marc Henderson

This blogger learned that Eric likes lingerie and looks great on it (I know, the latter was easy to guess). Furthermore, I realized that Eric looks outstanding in every picture, rendering the photographer’s talent unnecessary.

You may not know it, but we are not fans of Mark Henderson. However, even one of my least favorite photographers delivers pure mouth-watering erotic art when confronted with Eric’s unique photogenic beauty.

Waiting for more Eric Rey

Full video available at Eric Rey’s OnlyFans

Those are the lessons I learned. Eric Rey’s OnlyFans also confirmed many things I already knew. Eric’s charm has much to do with his striking looks. However, as marvelous as he is, this blogger thinks what makes the difference is something else.

Eric’s magnetism comes from the joy he finds in sex and a perfect relationship with the camera. He finds pleasure in every single square inch of his body. Plus, he is unapologetically submissive. Even the anticipation of being fucked turns into digital Viagra when he is the performer. As evidence, look at the clip above.

Lately, the studios have discovered his talent. Of course, we wish Eric a very successful career in the mainstream porn industry. Anything is good if it helps you grow your brand and bank account.

However, I also wish he would continue collaborating with The Cooperative and other independent creators. Indeed, his best work always comes from those sources.

Unfortunately, Eric Rey’s OnlyFans did leave me with one unanswered question. Does Eric escort? The daddies in his OnlyFans are all hot older men, often with their porn brand. He never uses the word client. Therefore, we have no clues.

It does not matter. Anyways, Eric will continue having the same role in one of my favorite masturbatory fantasies. While I am shopping for garotos de programa in a Brazilian sauna, I meet him. And we get married.

Hasta la próxima pinga, amig@s!

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