Joining Jin’s OnlyFans was the first thing we did after seeing his performance with Rhyheim Shabazz and Elijah Zayne. Perhaps you should do the same.

Jin’s Beauty

Jin in B&W
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Even when Asian performers are not frequent in the porn I watch, some of them mesmerize me when they show up. Jin is one of them. I find his beauty captivating, and his masculinity strikes me as undeniable and undefinable.

Perhaps, I should have also said compelling. Minutes after seeing him on my screens for the first time, I was joining Jin’s OnlyFans.

Although we often celebrate porn creators’ physical beauty, Jin’s is out of the charts. It is not only his young samurai’s face or his chiseled, spotless body. Jin’s OnlyFans and social media generously document his open-mindedness, humility, and lack of pretentiousness.

This blogger finds Jin’s shyness very appealing. Having a Japanese beauty bending continuously to express gratitude is boner inspiring. As an illustration, take a watch at the following interview:

Jin describes himself as a straight man doing gay porn. However, he shares that he cannot tell whether or not he will identify as straight his whole life. Rather than suspecting dishonesty, we think he is an excellent example of the younger generations’ attitude towards sexuality.

Unfortunately, many old-school guys struggle with processing a simple fact: young people do not feel as strongly as we do about binary sexualities and genders. The decision is yours: you can whine about the good old times or relax and join. Guess what we are doing.

Jin’s OnlyFans

Jin’s OnlyFans is as young as his porn career. In the beginning, it seems to show a lack of clarity about his brand. The first materials’ date is July 2021, and they are not pornographic. We can enjoy watching Jin fixing breakfast or a meal or doing his workout, but he is always fully dressed.

Jin's OnlyFans Frontal nude

However, soon the temperature starts to rise. As early as August 2021, we see the first fully nude clip and a masturbation scene, although highly pixellated.

We can hear that Jin is watching straight porn in the jerk-off scene. There are a few pixellated pictures of his mouth-watering ass, but nothing yet that could be interpreted as gay.

Jin with a vibrator

Even when perhaps there is a man behind this vibrator, it stays working on Jin’s dick and seldomly gets closes to his man-hole. Jin’s OnlyFans starts as a sexy Japanese straight boy’s video blog without much homosexual flavor.

However, we do not have to wait much for a homosexual touch. Dated September 2021, we see the first collaboration with Chinkou.

Jin and Chenkou

We said the first because he would become his most frequent partner. We do not know much about Asian porn, but Chinkou seems to be an already-consecrated Japanese porn star and one Jin has a friendly competition with. After that first video, many would follow like the one above.

The Classic Asian Period

Most of the first collaborations between these beauties show a friendship between two straight men. They watch straight porn together and jerk off at the beginning without touching each other. As collaborations pile up, the videos become more interactive. For instance, they would start shaking each other dicks first. A few clips after, they would start kissing. Of course, after months of working together, they deliver their first full fuck.

Jin and Chenkou first fuck

In this period, Jin’s OnlyFans shows characteristics of most Asian porn I have watched: genitalia is consistently pixellated, and homosexuality is not a planned or expected occurrence but rather an overwhelming force that takes control of the situation.

Jin and rio kanzaki

Above, you can see a sample of Jin’s first collaboration with a performer other than Chinkou. In December 2021, we meet Ryo Kanzuki. Although he also has a bisexual profile, these collaborations go straight to the point, without the circumvolutions of Jin’s story with Chinkou. Fortunately, pixelation becomes softer and not so disruptive, although it is not out.

Jin’s OnlyFans international period

As soon as the pandemic restrictions allowed him, Jin started to travel. Jin’s OnlyFans documents his first collaborations with USA performers and insinuates many more coming once they complete the editing process.

Jin and Reign

Jin’s OnlyFans’ first international creations could not be better. He landed in Los Angeles and produced a series of priceless collaborations with The Cooperative. Several of them are available, and others are still in the oven.

jin, Elijah, and rhyheim

One of the scenes still in edition is one of the hottest threesomes filmed in 2022. The Royal Couple hosted Jin in the White Palace for an explosive experience documented by EyeFilmz. Actually, the publication is delayed in Jin’s OnlyFans to adjust the video to Japanese regulations. The full video with no pixelation or blurring is available at Rhyheim’s and Elijah’s OnlyFans.

What about the future

Indeed, we want to see more of Jin and his unique beauty and talents in the sack. We will, as one of his personal goals is to become the Number One Asian Porn performer.

Jin’s goal shows ambition and intelligence at the same time. His dream seems to be supported by his talent and willingness to work hard. Despite having a very young career, he is already accumulating many productions. Jin’s OnlyFans shines with homoeroticism in all its varieties. You will find tons of pictures and videos, and the posting frequency is not slowing down.

But Jin’s goal also shows intelligence and realism. As long as his visual creations come pixelated or blurred, it will be tough to compete with Western porn in Western territory. Japanese regulations are an obstacle to his massive success out of Asia.

Besides that personal goal, Jin also mentions often a personal motto: エロで世界はもっと優しく繋がれる(Erotic connects the world more gently). As Jin’s traveling out of Japan seems to be inspired by that idea, we think we can remain hopeful. Perhaps, we will scale up his goal and figure out a way to dodge censorship and be able to compete on equal terms with his Western partners.

Meanwhile, join Jin’s OnlyFans. The fee is only ten bucks per month and gives you his total production without asking for extra payments for special access.

Stay tuned.

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