Shadow is one of our favorite newcomers. We saw his collaborations with The Cooperative and ran to join his OnlyFans.

An outstanding top

shadow's dick

We rarely fall for tops. If we do, it is primarily because of what they trigger in their bottoms. Shadow is one of those cases.

He is a beautiful man, indeed. His body is flawless, without anything under or oversized. Notably, Shadow’s cock and erection are rock-solid and beautiful to watch. My mouth is watering when I picture his dick in my hands. However, it is not his physical beauty that captivated us.

We fell for Shadow when we saw his collaboration with Elijah Zayne. Without overacting his control, his confident demeanor and the masterful way he drove his partner to ecstasies forced us to stop and pay attention. I was not in front of a regular performer.

I joined Shadow’s OnlyFans almost immediately. What I found confirmed the promise I had foreseen. In this post, we will report on our findings.


shadow's dripping dick

Never before had we reported on a video blog as fresh as Shadow’s OnlyFans. Please take it as another sign of how impressed we are.

The first post is from February 2nd, 2022. Shadow has already posted 26 videos and 30 photographs despite this short time. Although he is starting his adult entertainment career as a prolific creator, there is a caveat.

Before celebrating Shadow’s talent, let’s deliver the bad news first. Unfortunately, the basic membership does not give you full access to his material. It is sad for us consumers but expected: it is a business model that has become mainstream during the pandemic’s first lockdowns.

Very few creators remain that provide full access for a flat fee, like Rhyheim Shabazz. Following the mainstream model, Shadow utilizes his OnlyFans as an outlet to dialogue with his followers, advertise what he is doing, and offer unique access to complete materials for an extra fee.

This report is based only on the creations accessible for the basic fee. We did not pay for additional access.

The first steps

shadow censored

Perhaps I should have written the first steps of the first steps. After all, we are talking about a career as young as four months. Yet, we can differentiate two clear periods.

During the first two months, Shadow does not show his face. Sometimes, not even his dick as in the picture above. Most pictures and videos are selfies when solo or a still camera on collaborations.

Full video available at Shadow’s OnlyFans

Many collaborations are excellent interactions with another porn creator, Prince Flackoo. His partner flashes his face very few times, but Shadows remains faceless.

Full video available at Shadow’s OnlyFans

For a moment, we wondered whether these two beautiful men were together. Their explosive chemistry is eloquent in their interactions. However, it was just a moment. We do not do gossiping, although we are curious.

Full video available at Shadow’s OnlyFans

Now and then, Shadow brings other visitors. The one in the clip above is a Grindr hook-up. Remember, these are all brief clips. Mostly teasers, sometimes as short as 10 seconds, invite you to request the entire video through a private message.

It is a tempting promise. Even when Shadow has not yet shown his face, his calm voice and easiness in control are highly appealing.

The second steps

Full video available at Shadow’s OnlyFans

The faceless season did not last long. As soon as April, Shadows started showing his full beauty. Besides revealing his face, there are also visible improvements in the camera and edition. If we guessed, we would say that the response to his porn debut encouraged him to engage in an adult entertainment career fully.

Shadow and Elijah

Although he had already revealed his face, Shadows introduces his collaboration with Elijah Zayne as his “official face unveil.” This is the scene that hooked us with him. Ironically, we did not choose a clip with his face to illustrate this reference.

Filmed by EyeFilmz, in Rhyheim’s White Castle, the scene is Shadow’s first premium product. EyeFilmz’s unique talent to put his lens always in the right place and in the right moment documents Shadow’s deep and masterful engagement in pleasing his lover.

Never before Shadow’s beauty and skills had been highlighted with such eloquence. Indeed, his collaboration with Elijah is a breakthrough in his porn career and brand.

Full video available at Shadow’s OnlyFans

Of course, getting access to Rhyheym’s White Headquarters also grants you access to countless collaborations. Above, you can see a little sample of his interaction with DeonX, another favorite young performer.

Full video available at Shadow’s OnlyFans

Besides being a gate to access talent, working with The Cooperative is also a learning experience. We witnessed how Big Bro goes out of his way to educate newbies to become independent creators.

Immediately after the productions in the White House, we found a duo scene with DadsMuscleBoy, the last posted material when writing this report. There, whoever is behind the camera seems inspired by EyeFilmz’s style. The result is sometimes clumsy, but a remarkable improvement compared to a still camera.

Shadow in the Future

Full video available at Muscle Boy Wrestling

Shadow’s future looks clear and promising. He has released his first movie for a studio, and we are confident that many others will follow.

However, we are more interested in his independent brand. Shadow’s last collaboration indicates that he is a fast learner besides a talented performer. Based on the rapid improvement evident in his creations, it is reasonable to expect more and better. There is more, though.

onlyfans survey

Shadow posted the survey above. We wanted to vote, but it was already closed. Hopefully, he will listen to his admirers and show talents other than being a confident Alpha Top.

Sexual fluidity is a current trend, although the only performer in my Pornosphera who has delivered so far is Khi Lavene. Shadow’s Twitter intro describes him as bisexual. There are no traces of bisexuality on what he posted so far, but we hope he will also expand his OnlyFans menu sharing this side.

We frequently hear complaints about a lack of talented tops. Well, if you are a member of that club, here you have the solution:

Even a switch to versatility will not affect his outstanding talents as a dominant top. Support this newcomer by joining his fans page, and let’s lobby together for full access for a flat fee!

Stay tuned.

Hasta la próxima pinga, amig@s!

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