khi lavene with football ball

Joining Khi Lavene’s Onlyfans should be top in your shopping list. Welcome to another I Like Pinga Porn Fanspages Review.

Khi Lavene

khi lavene in suite

Before reporting on Khi Lavene’s OnlyFans, allow me a brief intro. Recently, when I wrote my report on Khi Lavene and Rhyheim’s porn collaboration, I made a mistake. I reported there that Khi had been active in porn since 2017. However, this sexy premature mortherfucker has been inspiring masturbations since 2016.

Whenever his Porn Day of Birth is, I met him in 2018 through Black Rayne’s Productions. Although I always liked him, I did not really notice him until he started to collaborate with Rhyheim.

The “problem” is, Khi does not have spectacular looks. Indeed, he has a spectacular dick and a cute sexy baby face, but overall he is a next-door boy. He is the kind that you need to look at twice to actually notice them. Certainly, I did not look twice, my bad. I do have something like an excuse: he was working next to guys like XL, Chino Blac, and Diego. I was distracted.

Fortunately, Khi started to work with Rhyheim, who has a super power: he highlights the best talents in his partners. I became a fan about an year ago, when he collaborated for the first time with The Cooperative, and he was promoting an outlet focused on bisexual porn.

It was not until then that I noticed how attractive Khi Lavene is. When he is listening to someone, it seems like no one else exists around him. If his gorgeous eyes focus on you, they seem to be searching for your soul. When he laughs, he drives the whole cosmos to an existential smile.

Indeed, the boy is Real. He does have a mask when he is alone with the camera, though. Interestingly, the mask is gone as soon as he interacts with other human beings.

Welcome to Neo Vanilla Pornuniverse

first pic in Khi Lavene's OnlyFans

Khi Lavene’s OnlyFans documents his adult entertainer journey since March, 2017. With eloquence, it shows the talent of many performers who back then created quality porn with no recognition from the industry.

In my personal porn life, there is a clear historic timeline in my walking away from mainstream porn. It starts with amateur porn, and follows with websites like Chocolate Drop. Then it continues with Dawgpound USA and PapiThugz, followed by Black Rayne and Flavaworks.

Khi Lavene’s OnlyFans shows many talented performers who shone in all of those outlets. These artists were producing smoking hot porn, with no recognition other than their followers’. Their hard and beautiful work was systematically ignored by all industry awards and mainstream outlets.

That is why it makes me so happy to see Khi joining The Cooperative circle. The Independent Porn Boom, led by Rhyheim’s Neo Vanilla Revolution, is bringing to the light all the joy and beauty of all these previously doomed to be outsiders.

However, Khi Lavene is not just a taker. His joining Rhyheim Shabazz’ circle of creators is also excellent news for the always growing neo vanilla inclusivity. Khi will gain a lot by reaching to a huge new audience and learning from unique artists like Big Bro and EyeFilmz. But he also brings his own significant audience, and his particular bisexual and adventurous brand.

Khi Lavene’s OnlyFans

first clip in khi Laverne's onlyfans

As I am writing this report, Khi Lavene’s OnlyFans houses 148 Photos and 454 Videos. Subscription fee is $14.99 monthly.

Overall, it is a typical sample of a traditional fans page. You have amateur porn with fans and hook ups, mixed with collaborations with other adult creators, and backstage video of their work for studios.

Khi's ceiling mirror
Khi Lavene loves mirrors in the ceiling

Of course, do not forget. We are talking about a sexy hot horny young slut. Indeed, the opportunities to hook up or have casual sex with other sexy hot horny young slut friends are countless. Gladly for us, Khi generously documents everything in his OF.

giving head in the car

We wrote above that the man is Real. Indeed, he is, and that is why he perfectly fits in the Neo Vanilla Pornuniverse. Neo Vanilla core feature is sexual immersion and celebration, and Khi Lavene has always been a hero of joyful self exploration.

The Warriors

the fuck house
The cast of the legendary porn series The Fuck House

In a Pornuniverse dominated by artificial posing, bad acting, and plastic pumped up bodies, an army of talented adult performers were fighting for recognition. Khi has always been one of those warriors. His OF tirelessly documents his meetings with independent and alternative studios creators. These are the heroes who paved the way to make the Independent Porn Boom possible.

Some haters are saying that Rhyheim is being generous by inviting alternative porn icons to join mainstream celebrity. I bet you Big Bro does not see it as an act of generosity, but rather one of Justice. We would not have Rhyheim Shabazz without the pre work of less recognized talents like Khi.

Truly, there are too many adult artists to list. Indeed, most of the big names of Black Porn have ridden Khi’s beautiful cock.

Khi lavene and understand trap

For instance, one of my favorite Warriors of all times, Understand Trap. We can enjoy his skills several times. I chose a few more personal favorites to highlight.

globalbrosceo and khi lavene

Unexpectedly, we found several collaborations between Khi and GlobalBrosCEO. In my opinion, he is one of the best adult performers out there who sadly has not yet gained the recognition he deserves. His recent collaboration with Rhyheim makes me dream, though. Hopefully, we will see him more often.

khi and Kash dinero

Being mostly an Atlanta guy, it is not surprising to see Kash Dinero, as well as Fame.

khi and fame

Although those two have participated in several local shit shows, Khi has kept a clear of scandals profile. This is another quality that makes him a good match for Neo Vanilla Heaven. Consistently, he has kept his career free of drama and focused on creating new materials working in community.

More Warriors

back stage freaks in training

It is hard to choose who to highlight. Khi Lavene’s OnlyFans is a parade of my favorite adult performers. Now and then, we have a few clips of backstage studio productions. Above, we have an example from Freaks in Training. However, most of the videos are actual unscripted sexual encounters with other creators.

khi and chino Blac

Obviously, during his work for Black Rayne’s Productions‘ movies the frequency of meetings with other porn stars would increase. Before, during, and after the fucking for the studio, Khi Lavene’s OnlyFans documents all the fucking for fun and his fans.

Diego and khi

Monsters like Chino Blac and Diego flash their talent several times throughout Khi’s OF. They are not the only monsters, though.

khi and XL

When I saw him, I think I wept. I miss him so much. Of course, being both Atlanta residents, Khi Lavene and XL crossed paths.

Let me highlight three more unbelievably sexy, iconic performers, even if I am leaving out many others.

drummer boi and khi
Drummer Boi
khi and Kidd
romance and khi

The Bi Touch

bisexual porn

Khi Lavene’s OnlyFans shares his personal journey in the Sexuniverse. Part of it is Khi’s exploration of his bisexuality. I wish there were more, but there are a few videos of him with a woman or in bisexual groups.

khi bisexual

A bisexual group is something that The Cooperative has not yet delivered. I would love to see an orgy with men and women, filmed by EyeFilmz.

khi lavene bi

Of course, not only is Khi exploring his bisexuality. His last scene with Rhyheim, where he bottoms for the first time, was probably not a surprise for his followers. It did surprise me, but I was not following him closely.

When I explore now Khi Lavene’s OnlyFans, I see clues everywhere. Certainly, it is not unusual to see him playing with his ass, or getting it eaten. Ridding a cock was just the next step, and he did an inspiring performance.

rhyheim and khi lavene

I am not going to repeat myself, but this is indeed one of the best porn moments of 2021 so far.

Khi Lavene’s OnlyFans’ promise

khi in the garage

As we wrote before, Khi Lavene’s OnlyFans not only delivers smoking hot porn. Besides, it comes with a promise. Because his joining The Cooperative and the expedition to Barcelona allows us to dream of more. It is clearly promising for his career, but it is equally promising for us, his admirers.

Khi brings a lot of experience, followers, talent, and personal brand. And he will be fairly paid not only with the boost coming from working with the Number One, but also with know how and mentoring. Both Big Bro and Eyefilmz are very generous sharing their knowledge and wisdom, as I saw with my own eyes.

ray and khi

Hopefully, we will see an improvement in Khi’s own creations, besides the materials he will upload from Barcelona. So far, he has not posted anything from his European experiences, I am sure the wave is soon coming.

Meanwhile, start enjoying the treasure of hot material already there. Join Khi Lavene’s OnlyFans.

I cannot wait to see him deploying his new versatile super powers. After all, there is nothing like a new landscape to try a new habit.

Stay tuned.

Hasta la próxima pinga, amig@s!


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