VoyR’s White House is just three blocks from the Airbnb where I’m staying. Of course, I had to visit my neighbors.

Exactly one year ago, we had the honor of visiting VoyR’s new studio in Rio. Of course, at that time it was far from what it is today. Covered furniture, scaffolding and tools, as well as a Rhyheim Shabazz dressed as a housewife, spoiled the scene.

Let us remember that although this Copanema studio is generally recognized as the official headquarters of VoyR, it is actually the second White House. When Rhyheim decided to take a leap in quality in his production, approaching the studio model, he converted his condo in Los Angeles into a studio and went to live somewhere else. This blogger called this jump “Shabazz 2.0“.

Since our first visit, several things have changed. VoyR was just a project, taking its first steps in a partnership with NakedSword. Now, not only Rhyheim’s dream has its own entity and its own website. In addition, it has the undisputed recognition of the entire adult entertainment industry, from large companies to independent creators. The team behind VoyR received multiple nominations and won several at the industry’s annual awards ceremonies. Stay tuned for the European Grabbys next week. (remember, this article was originally published, in Spanish, a week ago)

Believe it or not, these photos show the same room where Rhyheim is wallowing above. It is the spacious first floor of the studio, where there is also a bedroom and a kitchen. There are two other levels with more rooms and terraces, which allow variations in the scenarios. Despite that, I did not want to invade the privacy of the visitors by exploring above. Instead, I stayed immersed in the flowery whiteness that has become the characteristic mark of the Shabazzian aesthetic.

What I was most curious about was not the architecture of the place, but seeing Gabriel Coimbra and Caio Rodrigues at work, filmed by Alternativa (JotaPe). I’ve been following Rhyheim’s work since his first video for TimTales. I have had the privilege of observing from backstage on multiple occasions. But Rhyheim was always there. The only time he left me alone was at Casa das Tartorugas, but that was a massive event.

This time it was a much more intimate scene, with only two creators that I love, a visual artist that I admire, and without Big Bro and his direct influence on VoyR’s White House.

Why is it important that Rhyheim was not there? Because it was the first time this blogger could see whether his work ethic held up in his absence. By work ethic I mean an atmosphere of creative collaboration, and professional and personal respect between all participants.

When I arrived, Gabriel greeted me. We had never met before, so we introduced ourselves and he went back to what he was doing upstairs. I waited a few more minutes for JotaPê to arrive, immersed in Shabazzian Whiteness.

When JotaPê arrived at VOYR’s White House, we chatted for a while. Caio immediately came down (he was upstairs with Gabriel) and they began to prepare the stage. Not much to prepare, other than tidying up the whiteness and the Shabazzian flowers. In a very relaxed way, the three artists discussed details of how the scene would play out. In this case, there was no pre-established script, beyond the intimate meeting between the two actors.

First, they spent a few minutes taking photographs. Afterwards, they paused to prepare and in ten minutes the scene began. The atmosphere was warm, relaxed (in a good way), a group of professionals with a friendly relationship, enjoying their collaborative work. All decisions were discussed, but in reality there was almost no talking, rather it was good harmony what fueled a natural and fluid interaction.

In some key moments, the actors needed more time. JotaPê, at these moments, stepped aside, turned off the camera, and gave his colleagues time and privacy to flow as they needed. Once ready, he returned with his camera up and continue documenting Gabriel’s and Caio’s talented performance.

Definitely, I observed the same thing as on other similar occasions. It’s easy to understand why Rhyheim and his team are so loved and respected in the community. It is easy to understand why the title of The Cooperative fits them so well.

lubricante en La Casa Blanca de Voyr lube at VOYR's White House
Family Size Lube at VOYR’s White House in Rio

JotaPê, in particular, has an unstoppable sense of humor and makes comments all the time that help the actors feel comfortable and relaxed. This amusing talkativeness was one of the features of our subsequent conversation.

When the scene was over, JotaPê cleaned and rearranged everything, because our visual artist is much more than just a videographer for VoyR’s White House. Within minutes he was ready and gave me the privilege of over an hour of his priceless time. We talked about his artistic career, that he actually started as a dancer and choreographer, and about how he evolved into photography first, and video and film later. We talked about his experience with VoyR and other studios, and his projects.

Everything was recorded (voice only) and as soon as my vacation is over and I am back in the United States, I will get to work transcribing the conversation with this fascinating artist.

Please be patient. Stay tuned.

Hasta la próxima pinga, amig@s!

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