La Casa Blanca de voyrs en rio en abril del 2023

VOYR’s White House in Rio de Janeiro is under construction. Considering the massive amount of porn produced without a fully functional studio, imagine what the future holds.

VOYR’S White House of Porn

This is not new if you enjoy Rhyheim Shabazz and The Cooperative. Big Bro is fond of White backgrounds. We were not convinced when he refurnished his former home in Los Angeles to make it a porn studio since Shabazz 2.0. However, we ended up appreciating his creative judgment. Since then, the Neo Vanilla brand has continued growing, and the White House is always on fire.

Above, you have a picture of the Royal Prince relaxing between shots. Perhaps, that photo is beautiful but not representative of the place. As you know, most times the room was significantly less empty. Some of the best porn of 2022 and 2023 has been produced in L.A.’s White Palace.

However, Rhyheim’s upgrade after Shabazz 2.0 seems to be relocating the Capital of Neo Vanilla Porn. VOYR’s White House is under construction, and we had the privilege to walk into it.

VOYR’s White House in Rio

VOYR’s White House in Rio is where Copacana dies, and Ipanema starts—a solid, eleven stories building with a single central elevator dividing the two wings. The building is representative of the wealthy Brazilians living back in the 1940s and 50s.

VOYR’s White House occupies one of the two penthouses, a three stories apartment with huge rooms and high ceilings. I was disappointed when I walked in. I thought I was going to walk into this:

Instead, the landscape waiting for me was this:


And this:

Gladly, that was only the first impression. Soon after walking in, Rhyheim gave me a tour around the palace. It has three impressive levels, all with huge rooms with jacuzzies, balconies, terraces, and two kitchens, and I forgot to count how many bathrooms.

Not only does the apartment have spacious rooms that can be easily re-arranged in different settings. Across the three levels, I observed multiple in and outdoor spaces that could easily be dressed differently for filming.

Besides, VOYR’s White House in Rio will allow Rhyheim to save lots of money on hotels and short-term rentals. It also provides comfortable living quarters for the working crew. The only reason I did not take pictures of the rooms is that they were occupied and, therefore, private.

We met some of the boys there:

They all are tagged in that I.G. post if you want to check who they are. In that picture, we can see most of the current VOYR’s heart (erase me). In another post, I will share more about the teamwork dynamics I observed so you understand what I mean by “VOYR’s heart”. Only Elijah and Alternativa are missing. Who knows where the Royal Prince was. The Royal videographer was healing at home from an injury (because he thinks he can dance). Perhaps you can argue that Luna is also missing, but you can see that she is behind her human.

Building for the Future

Our goal with this article is only to share the wonderful space VOYR’s White House will be for The Cooperative creators. It already is. I am sure you noticed the parade of smoking hot scenes launched from the Brazilian White Headquarters.

However, the most exciting news is coming for all the Neo Vanilla Porn minions. VOYR’s White House in Rio is not the first step towards a new way for porn creators to work and thrive. But it will be a landmark in the journey of sex workers toward liberation, away from exploitation.

Soon, we will be writing about that.

Stay tuned.

Hasta la próxima pinga, amig@s!

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