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Sandriias & Gabriel is a masturbatory nuke and a learning experience from VOYR’s arsenal.

VOYR masturnuked me

sandriias and gabriel

Before jumping into my impressions on Sandriias & Gabriel, I must confess that I have not watched much porn lately. To make it worse, when you are a follower of Rhyheim Shabazz and The Cooperative/VOYR, it would be impossible to catch up even if you had hours to enjoy. Of course, this blogger needs his daily dose of adult art stimulation, but I am missing most of the new productions.

Because of that, I warn you that I may be overreacting at this scene. As you already know, we are admirers of the team Shabazz+Alternaiva. Besides, we knew both performers and liked them a lot, especially Sandriias. Before playing the video, we already knew we would like it.

But it was much more than just like it when I played it. I was amazed (and horny). The video is only 17’47” of condensed documentation of the connection between the two performers. Shabazz and Alternativa attained the most sophisticated product of Neo Vanilla art. Editing, framing, and performances, everything is on target, and no one second is wasted or not directed straight to our pleasure.

Sandriias & Gabriel, the crown of Neo Vanilla Porn

Sandriias & Gabriel

Do you remember the videos from Shabazz Beta and 1.0 times? Of course, you do. It is impossible to forget those movies, sometimes longer than one hour, documenting premium sex among premium men. In contrast, Sandriias & Gabriel lasts less than 18 minutes. In the old times, by minute 18, Rhyheim was still weed kissing while fore-playing with his partner.

Big Bro is not giving less to us. Instead, working collaboratively with Alternativa, he has refined the Neo Vanilla language.

The White background is the perfect framework to avoid distractions. All our attention is on the performers, who represent various ethnicities. There are no acrobatic positions; nothing unusual or spectacular other than the supreme sexual connection between both actors. The narrative is not about a fantasy primarily out of our reach but the austere documentation of a quality interaction that we all can aspire to experience daily in our bedrooms.

The camera and edition work significantly differ from the visual language in Shabazz 2.0 times. Do you remember EyeFilmz’s always moving single camera, searching for and finding the right spot at the right moment, with a little edition? In Sandriias & Gabriel, this blogger notices that Alternativa reaches the highest point in his visual language. The camera is not completely, but mostly still, and apparently, there is more than one camera. We are not sure; the edition could allow only one camera. What is undeniable is this new dynamic edition. A combination of frames, zooms, and angles generates the sensation of an engaging balance between still and moving.

But of course, there is no successful concept and direction without performing talent.

Gabriel Coimbra

Gabriel Coimbra for Voyr+Naked Sword

Gabriel Coimbra is the top in Sandriias & Gabriel. Originally from Baia, he is now residing in São Paulo. We met him in previous scenes by VOYR and loved him immediately. If you do not know him, you can do some research on his Twitter and Instagram and eventually join his OnlyFans.

Although we knew nothing about him until a few months ago, he had a career in adult entertainment long before VOYR. His Twitter was opened in March 2020 and currently shows 472K followers. We do not know when he started his OnlyFans, but nowadays, it includes 246 photos and 196 videos.

In Sandriias & Gabriel, he represents the archetypical Neo Vanilla top. He is not dominant but attentive and responsive to his partner. Gabriel delicately holds control and is ready to relinquish it when it comes. Mr. Coimbra is a connected and passionate kisser, dick sucker, and ass-eater. When the time to go in arrives, he penetrates his partner carefully. You will not see here a hammering pounding but an exquisite combination of rhythms, intensities, and depths. Gabriel’s focus is to please his partner because that is where his own pleasure comes from.

I will spare you my description of his looks. You have your own eyes. If I were a bottom, I would love Gabriel to fuck me.


Sandriias is the bottom in Sandriias & Gabriel. I already knew him. This blogger discovered him on Instagram and fell in love with his uninhibited charm. Later, I saw him performing for Brazilian studios but had never seen him as the bottom. You can check his Twitter and should join his OnlyFans. Right now, Sandriias has a special offer, and you can join for only six bucks. His adult career is just started (Twitter since April 2022), but his OF already shares 40 photos and 51 videos. Imagine what he will produce after joining The Cooperative.

I cannot tell you how much I like this boy. I shared that I do not have time to watch all VOYR productions. The only reason I watched this clip is because of him. I could meet him if I wanted, but I do not want to because I am afraid I will act like a teen girl with a crush. That much I like him.

In Sandriias & Gabriel, he represents the archetypical Neo Vanilla bottom. He is not submissive but attentive and responsive to his partner. He is a connected and passionate kisser and dick sucker and loves getting his ass eaten. Sandriias delicately holds control even when he is kissing and is ready to relinquish it when it comes. When the time to ride Gabriel’s humongous cock arrives, he enjoys every inch and never stops looking for eye contact and kissing, switching control back and forth. Sandriias’s focus is pleasing his partner, but he does not hesitate to demand to be pleased.

Both performers dive into each other and make the camera disappear. I only saw a couple of occasions when the fourth wall broke. When that happened, they seemed interrupted far from showing that they were acting for the camera.

Sandriias & Gabriel, the archetypical Neo Vanilla fuck

sandriias & Gabriel

Sandriias & Gabriel is the most archetypical Neo Vanilla scene I have seen. The Neo Vanilla pledge is straightforward. Sex is not about power and control but about the connection between (two or more) equal partners. This concept is delivered in its most pure and most simple form in this scene. No acrobatics, no playing on the edges of kinkiness but just the basics: two men kissing, eating each other, and fucking. Something reachable for most of us, often in our bedrooms. Indeed, a masturbatory nuke to the body and soul.

What may not be at our reach is the level of their skills. Gladly, there is a solution: watch, learn, and practice, practice, practice.

I said before that this is the most archetypical Neo Vanilla scene so far, that the performers in Sandriias & Gabriel kiss each other eat each other, and fuck. You may not have noticed, but I did not say fuck each other.

After Shabazz 2.0 and The Cooperative, versatility is the new standard in VOYR and the Neo Vanilla realm. Sandriias & Gabriel represents the genre almost perfectly, but it is only lacking here. To be perfect, the performers should fuck each other.

Well, that may be coming.

Sandriias & Elijah
Thanks, Rhyheim Shabazz, for the exclusive picture

Stay tuned.

Hasta la próxima pinga, amig@s!


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