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Voyr+Naked Sword‘s collaboration announces an association never seen in Gay Adult Entertainment. Brazilian sensual talent will shine as never before in the US porn industry.

Something is coming…

Something was coming, indeed. This week, Voyr+Naked Sword heralded what seems to be the beginning of a long-term collaboration between two porn powerhouses. It is not the first time Rhyheim Shabazz and Tim Valenti (the man behind the Netflix of Gay Porn) worked together.

The first time, we think, was back in December. Tim Valenti flew Beau Butler to Rio, where Rhyheim produced materials for Voyr. They released a co-produced gang bang with all the creative genius of the tandem Shabazz & Alternativa.

Now, they introduced us to a more ambitious project. Every Wednesday and Friday for the next five weeks, we will find a new release by Voyr+Naked Sword. The first video, starring Gael and Markin, is already out. You can watch it on the Netflix of Gay Porn platform or regular pay-per-view sites like AEBN.

We had access to six out of the ten movies. In all of them, the cast is primarily Brazilian, and the videographer is always Alternativa. Although we do not know whether or not other movies will include performers coming from the US, we are confident that the creative direction is all in team Voyr’s hands.

Let’s take a look at the performers we know so far.

Voyr+Naked Sword casting

If you follow Rhyheim Shabazz, you will rarely see new faces. Most of the performers in this project already shone in previous Voyr productions. As an illustration, I think most of them participated in the best porn event of 2022 in Casa das Tartarugas. These are the performers in the six movies I have seen (all photos are by Alternativa, some of them shared by Rhyheim):

Gael and Markin for Voyr+Naked Sword

Gael and Markin

Andy Voyr+Naked Sword


Jordan Voyr+Naked Sword


Italo Andrade by Alternativa


Lucas by Alternativa


Gabriel Coimbra for Voyr+Naked Sword


There are a few more performers I was not able to identify. They all are combined in a diverse array of scenes. You will find from duos up to orgies. Some scenes are In Media Res porn, and some include a simple and brief introductory narrative. If you are a follower, you will not be surprised: you already know the combination of chemistry and skill in bed, with empathy and creative talent behind the camera. As a whole, they are a fine example of Rhyheim Shabazz’s Neo-Vanilla brand.

Voyr+Naked Sword’s significance

We are about to feast on some of the hottest Brazilian men in adult entertainment. We all can see the facts: Voyr+Naked Sword brings us premium quality porn. As a side note, as I write this post, I am getting horny at Gabriel, as he is a new face for me. So bad he is only top.

Beyond the facts, what is the significance of this association between the most popular US Gay Porn Studio and the most important Independent Porn Creator? Is this an exclusive partnership, or is Voyr free to make agreements with other mainstream porn outlets? Is Rhyheim moving away from opening Voyr’s website? Is he, instead, moving towards co-producing with established studios? Besides money and advertisement, will Naked Sword bring some of their stars to the series?

I only have questions. After the facts, welcome to the world of my imagination.

Is Voyr+Naked Sword a strategic association?

We have been waiting for Voyr’s website for some time now. However, we have enjoyed plenty of productions with Voyr’s watermark.

Has Rhyheim decided that the troubles associated with running your outlet are not worth it? He has always depended on someone else’s logistics (OnlyFans, JFF, studios) to monetize his creations. Perhaps the complexities associated with the business part of adult entertaining had him frustrated. Maybe Big Bro decided to focus on creative production while establishing partnerships with other businesses.

Again, this is just my imagination.

Is VoyR+Naked Sword an exclusive association?

Whether or not partnering is strategic or occasional, the question of exclusivity remains unanswered. An exclusive partnership between Tim Valenti and Rhyheim Shabazz would cause a pornquake of historic dimensions.

Tim Valenti has built an impressive porn empire through associations and takeovers. Falcon Studios, Naked Sword, Raging Stallion, and many others are bending to his crown under the umbrella of The Netflix of Gay Porn. Rhyheim Shabazz has become a porn powerhouse comparable to any individual studio with his premium quality productions and massive popularity.

A long-term exclusive alliance between these two Porn Forces will send waves across the pornuniverse.

For instance, Rhyheim Shabazz and Voyr were highlighted in The Sword for the first time last December. Despite all his unquestionable and historic achievements in gay adult entertainment, they had never published an entire article about Big Bro until he collaborated with Tim Valenti in Blame it on Rio. Mr. Butler’s gang-bang was generously covered, as this new series will be.

On the other side, Str8upGayPorn seems to be moving his support for Rhyheim to the back front. Not only have they not mentioned the Voyr+Naked Sword partnership. Besides, the advertisement for Rhyheim’s associates is not visible anymore at first sight as it used to be.

Do not be surprised if next year, the gay porn awards ceremonies have Rhyheim’s stamp everywhere.

Is this the next step in Rhyheim’s voracity?

Whether or not Voyr+Naked Sword is strategic and/or exclusive, is this a further step for Rhyheim’s voracity for audiences?

After all, the Neo Vanilla brand has been one of inclusiveness. Far from exhausting a niche, a standard business model that would not have taken him any further, Rhyheim has cannibalized audience after audience. Once he had no more admirers to make from the independent market, his only way to grow was to go for the mainstream audience.

If you read this blog, you know Rhyheim’s pornography. Nothing in these movies will be new for you beyond a few faces. However, imagine the impression of these regular Neo Vanilla masturbatory bombs on someone never before exposed to Big Bro’s porn. It is easy to predict a legion of new fans.

Achievement for all People of Color

No questions here. Voyr+Naked Sword is a benchmark in the rise of non-White gay adult entertainers in the US and the world. Never before a Black Gay porn creator was able to sit at the negotiation table with a mainstream studio as equals. People of Color from all over the world gained a privileged window to display their immense talent.

This is not about some Black, Latino, or Asian individuality pumped by the leading studios to earn their diversity credentials. Instead, this is porn created 100% by People of Color, recognized and celebrated by a mainstream porn outlet.

A reconsideration of Naked Sword and friends

If you are like me, Falcon Studio and the rest of Valenti’s children are not your favorite porn outlets. They produce porn that is boring for us. Besides, there are other issues we will not mention in this celebratory report.

Not too long ago, we heralded the Independent Porn Boom and the demise of traditional porn studios. Back then, we predicted that the studios would have to learn and feed from independent creative energy to survive. Voyr+Naked Sword may be a good example of a studio recognizing the finest product of the Rise of Independent Porn.

We wish this recognition transpired to the porn they produce in their outlets. However, today we send a massive shout-out to Naked Sword.

Waiting for the next installment of Voyr+Naked Sword

The first one is already out there. While Gael and Markin charm us with their beauty, sexiness, and skills in the sack, be ready for the next Alternativa’s work of porn art.

Our questions will have to wait to find answers. Time will tell. Meanwhile, I am suffering the last days of Winter in Washington, DC. One of the ways I warm myself up is by planning my next trip to Rio de Janeiro in April. Hopefully, I will have the opportunity to talk to Alternativa and Rhyheim Shabazz and share with you all my findings.

It will be the first time I have spent two weeks in Rio. One is always rushed in one-week trips. Probably, in April, I will have time to get to know better some of the many appealing characters popping out from Voyr’s birth.

Stay tuned.

Hasta la proóxima pinga, amig@s!


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