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We are witnessing the birth of VOYR in Rio. The Gods of Porn led me to rent my Airbnb in the same building where Rhyheim Shabazz had set up his filming stage for a few days.

The Towering Inferno

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We knew that we would have some access to the birth of VOYR in Rio, but we did not think we would be so close to it. When I was in the lobby waiting to check in to my Airbnb, Rhyheim texted me, and we learned that I would be only five floors below the apartment where he was filming and hosting some of the porn creators he was flying in.

Of course, as soon as I was settled and done with my telework session, I was humping into the elevator. The welcome could not have been better. After hugging Big Bro, saying hello to Alternativa, and dodging Marcelo Caiazzo’s hard rock boner, who greeted me on his way to film with Jin Narumiya, I was ready to catch up with my favorite adult entertainer of all times.

I had been disconnected. As I have new circumstances, I do not have much time and energy to watch Porn. Plus, this blog got infected with malware, and I decided to pull it offline for a few weeks. Indeed, I had much to catch up on.

The birth of VOYR in Rio

rhyheim and gael by EyeFilmz
VoyR in Rio

The birth of VOYR in Rio started a few months ago. We wrote about some of the fantasies that Big Bro’s productions during his previous trip triggered in us.

One of my flaws when I (attempt to) analyze Rhyheim’s work is that I am a conventional guy who keeps forgetting how unconventional Big Bro’s path has been. This blogger was expecting a regular launch of the new porn studio and would contemplate the productions released since last August as experimentation and warm-up.

Now I am changing my mindset. Rather than expecting a birth, VOYR in Rio is one more stage in a long metamorphosis. Just as Big Bro’s production seemingly evolved to Shabazz 2.0, we are moving towards the new upgrade without needing to restart anything. Just as one morning we woke up and learned that he bottomed, we may wake up another day and find out that the new website is up and running.

In the current stage of this ongoing metamorphosis process, we must highlight one significant change, already insinuated back in August. Up to then, this blogger could not conceive The Cooperative without EyeFilmz. Since then, his participation in the collaborative has faded up to extinction.

Right now, we see many faces we know and many new ones.

VOYR in Rio, November 2022

Many things remain unchanged. I had the privilege to share my space with Rhyheim’s team occasionally. The atmosphere was always joyful and friendly. From my backstage corner, it was easy to see how everyone contributed to the creations. There was observable mutual respect and support, despite the challenges presented by the lack of a common language. Even the leadership role sometimes fluctuated, although the command was clearly on Rhyheim and Alternativa. Although everyone takes this seriously, it is also evident that they all are having fun and enjoying it. All these observations do not depart from my previous backstage experience.

Remember that this is one of the most international gatherings by The Cooperative. I may be missing some, but we have ambassadors from the USA, South Africa, Venezuela, Portugal, Brazil, and Japan. Should I add myself and also list Argentina? Although most collaborators speak English as their first or second language, several only speak Portuguese or Spanish.

Let’s take a look at the crew summoned by Rhyheim Shabazz.

Alternativa, the central Ambassador of VOYR in Rio


To my knowledge, Alternativa has collaborated with The Cooperative since 2020, first as a photographer and later as a filmmaker. My admiration for his talent sky-rocketed with the above scene, also filmed for VOYR in Rio but in last August. He seems to be overtaking the role EyeFilmz used to play in the collaborative.

You can check his Twitter and his Instagram and join his OnlyFans. Or check here for an extensive list of all of his outlets.

Elijah Zayne, the Prince of VOYR in Rio

Elijah Zayne in Black and White

What else can we add to what we have already written about Elijah? He describes himself as”Aphrodite’s favorite son,” and we cannot help but agree from our mouth-watered admiration. He is nominated for best duo scene, together with King Shabazz, for the 2023 GAYVN Awards.

Explore his Twitter, his old Instagram, and the new one he seems to be starting, and join his OnlyFans. You can also access here the extensive list of his outlets.

Needless to say, Elijah, Alternativa, and Rhyheim are currently the core of The Cooperative. The following creators are randomly listed; they all work with VOYR in Rio.

Alex Rosso, from Venezuela to VOYR in Rio

Alex rosso

Alex is a fine representative of the younger generations of versatile lovers and a member of the Venezuelan diaspora that is improving the rest of the continent. He currently resides in Bogotá and has become one of our favorite performers since we first noticed him last August.

You should research his Twitter and his Instagram and join his OnlyFans. You can also access the entire list of his outlets here, although you may need to wait for his profile to be verified.

Sir Peter, from Portugal to VOYR in Rio

sir Peter

Sir Peter is an internationally recognized performer. Recently, he earned a few nominations for the 2023 GAYVN Awards. We learned it while he was working with VOYR in Rio. Originally from Portugal, he resides in Madrid and continually travels.

Follow his Instagram and his Twitter and join his OnlyFans. You can access here the entire list of his outlets.

Jin Narumaya, from Japan to VOYR in Rio

jin narumaya
voyr in rio

Self-identified as Straight, Jin is perhaps one of the most intriguing porn creators collaborating with VOYR in Rio. We had to write about him as soon as we met his work.

Follow his Twitter and Instagram, join his OnlyFans, and check the rest of his outlets here.


Gael voyr in rio

Gael is also in the overcrowded group of my favorite Brazilian performers. Working with VOYR in Rio, he is exhibiting remarkable versatile talents besides carrying perhaps the sexiest nipples in the crew and a smile that works as a sun rising.

His Instagram seems down, but you can follow his Twitter and join his OnlyFans. Here you will find all of his outlets.

Marcelo Caiazzo

Marcelo caiaco

Despite being a recognized local adult entertainer and sex shop owner, I did not know Marcelo until this session of VOYR in Rio. They say that first impressions are unforgettable, so I will never forget how I had to dodge his rock-hard erection the first time we were introduced. He is the funniest character in the crew; I think he should host his adult comedy youtube channel.

Meanwhile, follow his Twitter and his Instagram and join his OnlyFans. The rest of his outlets are here.

Lucas Dias & Markin Wolf

Lucas dias & markin wolf

Lucas & Markin are a couple and advertise their work together, so I report them together. They came from São Paulo to collaborate with VOYR in Rio last August and rejoined in November. Markin’s outgoing personality generously compensates for Lucas’ shyness. They are a perfect team and keep rising in my consideration.

Follow Lucas’ Twitter and Instagram, and join his OnlyFans. Follow Markin’s Twitter and Instagram, and join his OnlyFans.

Felix Fox, from the USA to VOYR in Rio

Felix does not need an introduction. He was a recognized USA porn star and frequent (cock) rider in The Cooperative before joining VOYR in Rio. While here, we learned that he earned a few nominations for the 2023 GAYVN Awards.

Follow his Twitter and Instagram, and join his OnlyFans.

Blessed XBoy

Blessed XBoy is another Brazilian talent flying from São Paulo to join VOYR in Rio. I did not know about him until I enjoyed the backstage at his recent gang bang scene.

Follow his Twitter and his Instagram and join his OnlyFans. You will find the rest of his outlets here.

Grande Simões

If you think Simões is beautiful on the screen, I hope you have the chance to meet him in person. His gigantic dimensions and the spotless tone of his skin are just mesmerizing. Additionally, he is a friendly and approachable giant. Next to him, even Rhyheim looks like a little action figure. He flew from Salvador to join VOYR in Rio, as he did last August.

Follow his Instagram and Twitter and join his OnlyFans. You can explore the rest of his outlets here.

Loc Rios, from Mexico to VOYR in Rio


Originally from Mexico but currently residing in the USA, Loc is another porn artist growing fast in my appreciation. I noticed an anti-imperialist statement on his Instagram and almost choked out with joy. It is hard to believe he is only 21 years old. His demeanor and skills in the sack speak of more experience and maturity.

Follow his Twitter and his Instagram and join his OnlyFans. You will find here the rest of his outlets.

Samuel Hodecker

Sam is another fine representative of Brazilian beauty and Carpe Diem wisdom joining VOYR in Rio. He comes from Santa Catarina. I found his face especially beautiful and his mouth sensual. Hopefully, we will see more from him.

Follow his Twitter and Instagram, and join his OnlyFans. The rest of his outlets are here.

Marlon, from South Africa to VOYR in Rio

Marlon is the first adult entertainer from South Africa I had the pleasure to meet. His profile indicates that besides being an adult entertainer (porn actor, stripper, and escort), he is also a Queer political and social activist.

Follow his Twitter and join his OnlyFans.

Of course, there are more sexy men working with VOYR in Rio. The ones in this report have shared at least a handshake with me. If you follow Rhyheim’s Twitter, you will learn about others.

After VOYR in Rio

Rhyheim lying down in Rio

This blogger is thrilled to see VOYR’s evolution. This is the first time that a Black independent porn creator is in the position to compete on equal terms with the mainstream Porn Industry. I am confident they will throw spanners in the works, but I am equally optimistic that VOYR will not share the faith of other Black-owned studios.

Several times, I tried predicting Rhyehim’s path with uneven success. Right now, I do not feel like trying again beyond the obvious. Big Bro has already started to step aside and increase his focus on backstage work.

In one of our first interviews, this blogger remembers that Big Bro forecasted that the interest in him would fade in less than one year. He did not expect this success when he started his porn adventure.

Rhyheim has been trying to step aside for some time, coaching his partners to take his place. I think that one of the reasons why he is still performing so frequently is his very exceptionalism. Remember that beyond his unquestionable talent, his influence is something like a magical superpower. Having a studio will provide a structure for him to foster others’ talent with the support of his brand.

The Permanent (R)evolution

Elijah Zayne and Rhyheim Shabazz

Yes, this blogger dares to paraphrase Leon Trotsky when discussing Porn. I believe that Sex is Politics and that only the ignorant and the disingenuous mistakes Political speeches for Political statements.

Rhyheim Shabazz rarely speaks with words. His OnlyFans laconically states, “I’m about creativity, respect, honesty, and unity. I’m just a proud ho out to put a smile on a bunch of faces“. His Instagram says, “Nothing to say.” Nevertheless, his actions are eloquent.

His haters speak mostly against his motivations, as though they could know what is going on in his mind. I am still working on my telepathic powers, so I will only speak of his actions.

Big Bro has consistently worked independently, supporting other Performers of Color. Once he gained (in record time) a massive following, he generously shared his influence with less-known adult entertainers, overwhelmingly of Color. Not only did he support them by sharing his following, but he coached them on owning their talent. Contrast those actions to what other famous Porn Stars of Color do.

They keep talking against Racism in the industry and, at the same time, keep kissing every single White ass owning a studio, working for them, and joining them in phony awards celebrations. To make it even worse, under the pretension of promoting new talent, they are coaching young performers into becoming as dependent and White ass kissers as they are.

Not only Rhyheim’s actions are an eloquent Anti-Racist statement. His support of South American performers speaks of anti-imperialism.

Unlike other studios and independent producers who come to exploit and shamelessly take advantage of performers in “developing countries,” Big Bro covers all of their flying, lodging, and everyday expenses, pays them competitive rates, provides them with ample time to produce their collaborations, and coaches them to be independent.

Additionally, when we are still fighting against the Sex Negative trend triggered by the AIDS epidemic and against the Conservative Gays trying to replicate heteronormative models of relationships, Rhyheim and Elijah shine as an open couple, modeling that Sexual Promiscuity is compatible with deep Love.

Rhyheim does not say much with his words, but you must be deaf not to listen to his actions.

Stay tuned.

Hasta la próxima pinga, amig@s!

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