Elijah Zayne is one of the few good things brought by 2020. Precisely, March 2021 is the first anniversary of his OnlyFans.

Discovering Elijah Zayne

Elijah Zayne in Rio
Certainly, Elijah does not care much for his Instagram account. However, there you can find pearls like this picture taken by Eyefilmz in Rio

Although Elijah Zayne has been sharing his talents in OnlyFans for about one year, we have been masturbating for him for a shorter time. The first time we saw him was back in July 2020. Elijah is one of the models in Haus of Konnor‘s portfolio. We accidentally discovered him when we wrote an article about that agency.

Shortly after drooling at his pictures in the portfolio, I enjoyed his first porn performance. Max Konnor invited Elijah Zayne to his legendary Beach House, where they shot a smoking hot scene. At that point I was really, really interested in this boy coming from Alabama. His physical beauty was shocking in the best way.

However, what confirmed to us his outstanding talents was his first collaboration with Rhyheim Shabazz. Of course, you can only recognize an exceptional lover when he interacts with his peers. All the clues, all the promising little details we had observed in his previous performances, blossomed in outstanding confirmation.

Since then, Elijah Zayne has been one of the most prominent adult artists in many productions coming from The Cooperative. As an illustration, you can take a look at his collaborations with Brazilian porn stars. Elijah was part of the American contingent that traveled to Rio last November, to join Joaquin Santana from Colombia and a group of local porn stars (Italo Andrade, Andy Rodrigues, Will Prado, Carlos Maranhão, and others). And The Cooperative does not stop growing.

Elijah’s OnlyFans

Elijah's OF

Elijah Zayne’s OnlyFans documents his mouth watering beauty, as well as his geisha talents and his growing as an adult entertainer and porn performer. His career’s success is remarkable considering his short tenure, but not surprising if you consider his exceptional pornographic charm.

The first posts are from March 4th, 2020. The frequency of posting was probably affected by the pandemic. After an intense beginning, there is a slow down. Elijah even complains in some of his posts about his isolation. However, it does not last and soon we are back to a very prolific amount of videos and pictures.

The first few months are mostly solos, and collaborations with second line performers like London from Atlanta. In all of the earlier scenes (I think there is only one exception), Elijah Zayne performs as a top. It is in his solo clips where we can find clues about a potential versatility.

Of course, Elijah plays with his dick in his solos, but not only with his dick. Additionally, he shows a lot of joy coming from teasing his own ass. Elijah may finger himself or may use a toy, but he is always overwhelmed by the pleasure he gets from his hole.

We have to wait until July 2020 to see a full scene of Elijah as a bottom lover. First, you will enjoy a couple of meetings with Max Konnor. Then, starting in August, many meetings with Rhyheim Shabazz will drag you to endless masturbation sessions. I do not think I am exaggerating when I say that each one of Elijah and Rhyheim interactions belongs to a future anthology of the best porn.

Sampling his OnlyFans

Certainly, showing is better than describing. Let’s share a few samples of what you will find in Elijah Zayne’s OnlyFans.

The beginnings

Elijah masturbating

First, it is like he is warming us up. Many solos, and a few videos with hook ups from Grindr, or collaborations with not very known performers.

Elijah fucks London louie

Although London is not a very popular performer, he is indeed hot as hell. Besides, he is one of the most tireless bottoms in the pornuniverse. Their different skin colors and talents complement each other perfectly. These two very fuckable young men have several collaborations along Elijah’s OnlyFans.

Elijah teasing his ass

We do not have to wait long to find out that there is more than one side to this top boy. Just after a few days of existence, his Onlyfans gifts us with this beauty. Elijah enjoys playing with his ass, a lot.

As a side note, I love that poster. I wonder whether Elijah is also an Astronomy nerd as this blogger.

Elijah plugged

Sometimes he tries something else besides his fingers. Elijah is loving this plug. Looking backwards, it is interesting to witness how his bottom side goes growing.

Elijah in the shower

Certainly, solos are enough when the performer is as beautiful and sexy as Elijah Zayne is. These few seconds are just a sample of a shower lasting more than 10 minutes. Imagine what else you will see after you join his onlyFans.

Elijah with some haircut

We are not going to spoil this one for you. Let’s just share that it is a threesome and let’s propose a game. If you join Elijah Zayne’s OnlyFans and watch the full movie, you must yell BINGO if the third guy also wears the same hair style.

Elijah gets head

Despite complaining about pandemic isolation, Elijah Zayne shares a few meetings with hook ups during the first months of his OnlyFans’ life. You will see more if you join.

Elijah's cumming

Indeed, Elijah has a beautiful dick and knows how to use it. With this ejaculation, we close the report on his beginnings, and move to his more seasoned production.

Elijah starts bottoming

Max Konnor fucks Elijah Zayne

Finally, in July 2020, we find the first full clip of Elijah as a bottom. Actually, it a series of clips, as his fuck with Max Konnor comes in three parts. Perhaps this is their first meeting, when Elijah signed up for Haus of Konnor.

Elijah and max in the beach house

Almost immediately after his first bottoming scene, Elijah visited Max in his legendary beach house. Last summer, from his house in the beach, Max shot a series of scenes with special guests, and named it “The Beach House”. Elijah Zayne was one of his many visitors.

first time of Elijah with rhyheim

From New York City, Elijah Zayne flew to Los Angeles. The clip above is a small excerpt of the full movie documenting his first encounter with Rhyheim Shabazz and EyeFilmz. These two monsters of adult entertainment were already starting the movement that I call The Cooperative. With their unique talent to pornify trivialities and trivialize porn, they introduce us to a more integral version of who Elijah is or maybe or could be.

It is easy to believe that Elijah is a dancer or acrobat or cheerleader turned into adult entertainer.

Elijah and EyeFilmz

Working with Rhyheim and EyeFilmz is a gate to unique opportunities for any adult entertainer. If you are an exceptionally talented one, as Elijah Zayne is, working with them is a guarantee for your success and professional growing. Indeed, for most performers, there is a before and an after collaborating with The Cooperative.

His consolidation as an adult entertainment star

The Cooperative’s core is a small group of exceptionally talented adult entertainers. The top talents stick together and continue collaborating intensely, while other secondary associates join them with uneven frequency. Elijah was immediately adopted and became one of the most frequently seen faces (faces?) in their productions.

rhyheim fucks elijah

As we pointed out, each of Rhyheim and Elijah’s meetings belongs to my imaginary Anthology of Best Ever Porn. Specially those filmed by Eyefilmz. It is not that they like working together, but that they like to fuck each other and, therefore, they do work together a lot. Once you join Elijah Zayne’s OnlyFans, be ready to see a lot of his collaborations with Rhyheim (and EyeFilmz behind the camera).

Elijah fucks Italo

Not only Rhyheim and Elijah’s fucks are in my Anthology of Best Ever Porn. This collaboration was posted by Elijah with the following comment: “I’ll cherish this night forever”.

We can relate to that. Our admiration and fondness for Italo Andrade is not a secret. We had the privilege to enjoy Italo’s talents and therefore can relate to the unforgettable experience comment.

This blogger was in Rio when the members of The Cooperative were prepping for this scene. I was thrilled because the plan was that Italo and Elijah would flip flop. I found the idea extraordinarily appealing and significant, as these two outstanding love makers would be meeting in opposite routes toward the same destination. Italo was coming from being mostly a bottom, Elijah from being mostly a top, both of them aiming to become more balanced versatile performers.

When I saw the final product, I was initially disappointed at learning that Elijah stayed at topping without flip flopping. However, as I watched the scene, my disappointments quickly faded away. This is really an extraordinary piece of porn. For a moment, I had forgotten what The Cooperative is about. Certainly, it is not about strictly following a pre written script.

More sampling from Elijah Zayne’s OnlyFans

Elijah fucks Joaquin Santana

Also from his trip to Brazil, this collaboration with Joaquin Santana is available to inspire your jerking off sessions. I love it, and at the same time it puzzles me. How come Elijah has not yet learn that it is better to film with the phone in horizontal position????

Elijah fucks judas

This is actually a foursome. However, considering the scope of this review, we chose to highlight only these two performers. Indeed, Judas King is other of our favorite guys and it is a pleasure to see these two hotties playing together.

Elijah and Carlos Maranhao

To close this section, a little clip from Elijah and Carlos Maranhao meeting in Rio. Elijah Zayne’s OnlyFans is an endless source of material for our Anthology.

Join Elijah Zayne’s OnlyFans

Why do I like so much this boy? He is indeed beautiful, with a body that would be the envy of an olympic gymnast or a professional dancer. He is indeed Fotogenic and Pornogenic. Many porn stars succeeded with only those features.

However, Elijah is much more than that in my pornuniverse. I am not looking for cute guys, but for sexual freaks. What I mean by “sexual freaks” is those guys with the deepest understanding of the sexual experience. One of the major conditions to be at that level is, in my opinion, understanding that sexual interactions are a shared experience.

Elijah lost into his bottom

As an illustration, observe him in the clip above. Far away from being lost into himself, he is lost into hid bottom. Elijah is paying attention to his partner’s joy, focused on pleasing him.

Or look at this other example, from one of the last orgies at Rhyheim’s legendary bedroom. The few seconds in this gif are not enough to appreciate at to what point he gets lost into the experience. By lost I do not mean disoriented, but instead merged into a different level of conscience where individual egos become something else, something different and existentially shared.

Do not wait one more minute and join today.

We wish we had more examples of his bottoming talents. I cannot believe that only an extraordinary talented top like Rhyheim is able to squeeze from Elijah the Joy of Bottoming we perceived in their interactions. Hopefully, he is in a transition to become less top, more versatile, more bottom.

Honestly, from the audience point of view, he seems to enjoy it more. Actually, we think that those in the bottom are always enjoying sex the most. Those in the top role cannot stop paying attention to their partner well being, they have to stay in control of the situation and themselves or their partner can be harmed. Unlike them, when you are bottoming you can let yourself go, give yourself thoroughly to your top. I envy versatile guys, those able to switch roles and alternate being in control.

Elijah Zayne is one of them. This first year of his porn career is not only successful, but also promising. Certainly, there is more coming. Do not hesitate, joining his OnlyFans is a good investment for your masturbatory inspiration. And it is only 9.99!

You will be jerking off for a while, but stay tuned and do not forget about us!

Hasta la próxima pinga, amig@s!

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