Max Konnor’s Justforfans is another interesting option for those looking for good porn. Not only you have a generous amount of quality performances, but also a very good price.

Max Konnor’s fans pages

In Max Konnor’s Justforfans we found 193 videos posted since June 2018 to nowadays. Max frequently updates his page, often several times per week. The price is very affordable, only 10.99.

Besides his Justforfans, we also located an Only Fans account with even more material, 250 videos. Unfortunately, this account is now “Inactive”. I wonder why Max would abandon OF. If you are reading, Oh Divine Max, sharing the reasons in the comments below would be an informative addition to this report.

After a few days navigating his library with one hand, and jerking off with the other one, we are ready to publish this new issue of our Fans Pages Reviews.

Max Konnor’s Justforfans

Welcome to the Realm of In Media Res Porn. Here, faceless hot men get their ass mercilessly pounded by Ebony God Max Konnor. Although Max’s generous production is indeed more diverse than that, such a description would fairly account for a significant majority of the videos.

If you make the wise decision to subscribe, you will notice an evolution towards an increased quality and diversity. However, the clips published during the first months show a clear pattern.

There is no kissing, no introduction, and no narrative. Very often, there are no faces. Sometimes, the videos come with a post that may give you clues on a possible narrative, but nothing beyond that.

You can expect very little camera game. Most times, it is a fixed camera, or sometimes Max is holding the recording device while fucking. Most times, the video starts with a close up of the beautiful butt of the day, already being pumped by Max’ mouthwatering dick.

Later on, the camera improves with the addition of a cameraman, often Max’s close friend Avatar. In the latest videos, you can clearly see EagleEye (perhaps is actually him?) and Rhyheim’s influence.

If you enjoy a focus on dick and holes, you will be in paradise my friends. Allow me to select some delicious sampling, although I am going after faces and kissing.

Sampling Old Max

At the very beginning, the clips are probably old material from his files. The posts framing these first clips in Max Konnor’s Justforfans make reference to Atlanta, probably from before our star moving to New York City, nowadays his home base.

Amongst my favorite ones, I am choosing this pearl:

Max Konnors justforfans

I am not going to say his name or share his social media because I understand he is now retired from porn. However, let me point out that this boy was one of my favorite performers until he left the industry. You should hear his moaning when Max pounds his ass.

June of 2018 is very prolific, Max Konnor’s Justforfans’ first month. Probably, he posted material he had on file. Whatever the explanation is, there are many videos dated June and July 2018. This is another jewell:

Max Konnor's Justforfans

This is London, a smoking hot bottom from Atlanta. We highlighted him in one of our reports about Rhyheim Shabazz. In the gif I am posting, we can enjoy one of the rare but hot kisses that we could find in Max Konnor’s Justforfans.

Although almost all clips are In Media Res and with no kissing, there are beautiful exceptions, like the meeting with Levi Fox:

Max Konnor's Justforfans

Obviously, I did not choose the kissing for our sampling. The scene does start with a smooth fore playing introduction, which is quite atypical in this porn library.

As an illustration of the little narrative you may find a few times, allow me to share this precious smoking hot clip:

max Konnor's justforfans

The clip does start in the middle of the action, with the boy giving head to our star, but Max posted a single line framing it: “Fucking a boy while his boyfriend waited in the other room.” Enough for everyone to make our own script.

Sampling the fresher Max

Towards September 2018 we start noticing improvements in video quality and camera framing. Remember, most of the clips are faceless and focused on dick and ass, we are sampling here only the clips we like the most, and we do like to see faces.

I like this clip a lot, because I also tried Arvion:

Max Konnor and Arvion Kyles

They had an epic fuck you can enjoy in two videos. This boy is extra hot, and I think is now back to be active in the industry.

To keep the sampling amongst gay porn stars, take a look at his meeting with Lucas Leon:

max Konnors and Lucas Leon

I must confess I never really liked this Latino boy until I saw him with Max. After this fuck, I wanna try him. However, I did not pick this clip because of Lucas but because of Max.

If you watch the whole fuck, you will notice what I like the most of him. Those who read the blog know of my admiration for bottoms’ ability to freak and lose themselves. Most tops, like myself, we are rarely overwhelmed and lose control. Unlike ours, Max’s ability to freak and get lost in pleasure matches the horniest Power Bottom.

Max in Rhyheim Shabazz’ Age

Indeed, that is what I like the most of Max, but not the only thing. Besides his love making skills, the man is a good friend and a generous professional. Not only he is supportive of less popular performers, but also confident of his own value and not into bitching about the competition.

Unlike other stars who become envious of other colleagues success, Max joins in celebration and learning. His association with Rhyheim’s circle is evident, and so are the benefits for the quality of his production. They are clearly recommending partners to each other, besides embracing EagleEye visual talents.

One of the partners they have shared is Derek Cline:

max and Derek

If you like this boy, you will love joining Max Konnor’s Justforfans. Derek is probably his favorite pet boy, and they partner up frequently.

Another of Max’s pet boys is Tyler Winx. Here he fucks both of them:

max fucks Tyler and Derek

Sorry, I like Tyler Winx a lot, and got distracted. We were talking about the partners shared by Rhyheim and Max, besides EagleEye’s blessing influence. Let me point out to three more jewels.

Sampling the latest Max

max fucks Chris Faded

Chris Fadedd is one of the favorite findings I owe to Rhyheim. Since the first time I saw him at the beginning of Big Bro’s rocketing career, Chris has been working out hard. His body is now spectacular, and watching at Max pounding that muscular ass is a privilege.

In many of the 2019 videos you can notice a switch in the camera work. From an intense focus on close ups of Max’s dick pounding an ass in faceless frames, we move to more wide frameworks. I may be wrong, but I attribute this evolution to EagleEye’s influence.

Besides that influence, we can tell that our favorite video maker has taken over himself in the most epic work available in Max Konnor’s Justforfans: Sean Zevran.

max fucks Sean Zevran

To close, we want to share another of our recent favorite discoveries: Judas King. I hope this boy escorts, because I want him.

Max fucks Judas

Bottom line, Max Konnor’s Justforfans worths much more than the 11 bucks you need to sign up. I hope you can enjoy it as much as I did. After researching for this report, my dick is soaring and I am putting my hand on ice.

Hasta la próxima pinga, amig@s!


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