Rhyheim Shabazz vanilla renaissance Jay Alexander king of kissing keeps rising gay porn big bro third round

Rhyheim Shabazz gay porn stardom keeps rising. I am starting to think that Rhyheim is to Porn as Mayor Pete is to Politics. Also, find an exclusive clip that Rhyeim has shared with us in exclusive.

His following keeps rising

gay porn keeps rising
Jay Alexaner and Rhyheim Shabazz delivers a masterful lesson on good sex in this April 22nd double release. Check their Fans pages.

This blog has become almost some kind of Rhyheim Shabazz Times. Indeed, we have been paying a lot of attention to the gay porn man of the hour, because he deserves it. Rhyheim’s stardom keeps rising, and I am confident it is yet far away from reaching its pick.

We have been tracking Rhyheim’s Twitter following to measure his popularity. The number was 45.4 when we discovered him and his account was only three weeks old. When we are writing this report, on April 21st, the number is 106K, and keeps rising. From skyrocketing in the first 6 weeks to a slower but sustained significant growth, it must be a new record in gay porn.

However, we can also use other variables to measure Rhyheim’s growth. For instance, who is talking about him in the pornosphera. Until recently, many major porn outlets were picking up clips from Timtales and Rhyheim’s fan pages (OFF and JFF), but we were the only little blog devoting full original articles to him.

We welcome Str8upGayPorn to the group of gay porn market big players who show the good sense of following I LIKE PINGA steps. Although it would be nice that they recognize our contributions and mention us, instead of disguising their interview as “exclusive”. We are not shitty players like them and do link to their article, mostly stuff you all already knew from our first and second interviews.

His Gay Porn Status keeps rising

Rhyheim Shabazz‘ place in the Gay Porn Industry also keeps rising. Of course, he is a newbie and cannot compete on number of movies shot or number of gay porn studios you worked for. Specially considering Rhyheim started his career in the industry with an exclusive contract. We will thank you for ever, Tim Kruger.

Therefore, we suggest to look at the number of well established popular gay porn stars who have worked with him. The number is just overwhelming. Rhyheim Shabazz has been active in the industry for about only three months. Despite such a short time, his big stars partners are so many that I refuse to face the time consuming task of counting them.

Furthermore, we are not talking here about a newbie trying to hook up with a celebrity to get a traffic boost. In an unpredictable turn of events. Rhyheim’s bedroom seems to be the sanctuary countless big name porn stars are coming to in adoration.

You could indeed argue that also the big stars need to boost their following. You could say that fresh sexy meat like Rhyheim’s would clearly help up to revitalize any big gay porn star following. Those things are true and you would not be wrong. However, I do not think those are the reasons why so many stars are actually falling under the shabazzian gravitational field.

My hypothesis is that they come to him not to revitalize their popularity but themselves. Observe how not only the number of well established gay porn stars riding my man’s beautiful dick keeps rising, Besides, they want to come back. Notice the quality of the performances. Observe their interaction in social media afterwards. Interacting with Rhyheim causes euphoria and makes everyone’s talent shine.

Not always in my place

keeps rising gay porn
A talented veteran giving himself to a newbie’s knowledgeable hands. The result is a masturbatory bomb. Sign up to any of their fans accounts to enjoy this gem.

Soon we will release our third interview with Rhyheim. One of the things he shares is that he always prefers to have sex in his place. If you are following him, we all know that most of the action takes place in his bedroom in Los Angeles.

Nevertheless, having a contract with Timtales forces him to play visitor sometimes. Rhyheim has recently return from Europe, staying most of the time in Barcelona. Unsurprisingly, he spent most of his time fucking. He shot several scenes for Tim Tales and probably as many for his fans pages.

Just his fuck with Klein Kerr worth signing up for Rhyheim’s OF for a whole year. So damn hot. Those scenes (I am only linking to one of them above) were shoot in his hotel room in Barcelona, we count them as in his place.

Besides those self made masturbatory grenades, we got the ones produced by Timtales. I ignore how many of the models in Tim Krueger’s catalogue were taken down, but I do love the ones I know about.

TimTales just released a scene with super hot Colombian Santi Konnor. He is a well established muscular power bottom that shines at his best riding Rhyheim. Look at his Twitter account. It seems to be a before and after Rhyheim Shabazz. We can add his name to a list that keeps rising: famous stars with big followings that become themselves Rhyheim’s fans and followers.

Alongside with Santi, Rhyheim also worked with Joaquin Santana and John Thomas, who is talking about visiting Los Angeles. During this trip, Rhyheim also took a quick trip to London and shot with Gabriel Cross.

Back to my place

gay porn keeps rising
All the gifs shared in this article are taken from clips Rhyheim shared exclusively with I LIKE PINGA. Keep reading and you will see a 1:30 minutes clip edited by Rhyheim specially for us.

Rhyheim is now back home. After disrupting the balance of the Universe for a couple of weeks, we all are back to normal. We all are back in orbit around Los Angeles.

We can gladly add Jay Alexander to the list that keeps rising. Besides the 20 seconds clips available right now in Rhyheim’s and Jay’s social media, I LIKE PINGA had exclusive access to 7 minutes of the movie. Actually, I do not need to watch more, that is already longer than my regular gay porn watching.

The kissing is masterful. The chemistry is spotless. Rhyheim the newbie is, once again, the facilitator for an experienced talented performer shining at his best. They deliver an example of excellent porn, a model of outstanding good sex.

Jay’s giving of himself keeps rising throughout the fragments I saw. I am sure it does not stop in the rest of his performance. However, I saw enough to know that even when it keeps rising, it has already reached the heights of existential sex, which is the best sex I know.

That topic will be also addressed in the new interview with Rhyheim. The scene that he and Jay are double releasing tomorrow in their fans pages documents the fact that good sex is always spiritual. It graphically exemplifies how it is a deep personal connection what facilitates outstanding sex. It probes that it is not necessary to be in love to achieve the melting of your own existence into something else, something different, something shared.

Our love keeps rising

Jay and Rhyheim are already advertising tomorrow’s double release in their social media.

Together with his success and popularity, our love for Rhyheim also keeps rising. He is shy, humble, and with a few self confidence issues. It is hard to believe only if you do not understand shyness.

I do. Not only I am shy, but also introverted. Every time I say so, people laugh at me in disbelief. They think that because I can talk to a public audience, or openly discuss sex, I am not shy. They think that because I am sharing personal stuff in a blog I am not introverted.

Most of you would be surprised at how often porn stars do not match the narcissistic stereotype. This is one more reason to love Rhyheim. He is like a magnet attracting other thinking (like in “actually using their brains”) performers.

three groups

Liam Cyber, one of our favorite and most promising gay porn stars, blessed by the Shabazzian Power.

Some of them are already mature, educated, empathetic human beings who have already found some kind of path. Like per example, abrasively sexy Sean Zevran, although he is not the only one in this category.

Others are younger. They seem to be still confused about who they really are, sometimes. Although we all will always be in search for ourselves, their quest seems to be just started. However, you can see they are feeling the right fears and doubts, they are looking in the right direction. I enroll adorable Liam Cyber in this group. Let me point out here that in these two groups and the following, attraction is mutual. It sounds kind of tacky, but we all do found each other.

He also attracts guys like this blogger. Not a compulsive gay porn consumer (although there is nothing wrong about that), but someone enjoying gay porn as one more option in the framework of a sex positive mindset, in the even bigger framework of a more empathetic, common sensical, aspiration for a world of happiness and equity for all.

Mayor Pete keeps rising

Despite being quite busy in Barcelona fucking stars in and out of TimTales catalogue, Rhyheim found time to fly to London and play with international power bottom Gabriel Cross.

Everyone is talking about Mayor Pete Buttigieg raising in the polls and fundraising races. I witnessed his Power. The first time I watched one of his interviews, I immediately liked him. Some of you will be surprised, but I do not like him because of the gay stuff (I am tempted to say “shit”…. oops, I said it).

Actually Mayor Pete’s gayness is what I like the least of him. He is Christian and monogamous. He is the kind of gay who asserts himself by competing against the breeders on who is the closest to be the average guy, the one who wants to be acceptable.

I am an Atheist, a Proud Promiscuous Slut, I want to be accepted as opposed to acceptable. Mayor Pete’s policies are still to be known, but the way he lives his homosexuality does not give me any clue on whether or not I would support him. I would even be pessimistic should I was looking only at that.

Despite all of that, I fell trapped at his charm at the very first sight. It was truly remarkable, as it is remarkable the way his popularity keeps rising.

I have kept thinking about what seduced me. A guy with no clear policy proposals, with a way of life quite opposite to my mindset, who still catches my interest and affection.

Mayor Pete’s secret

One of the hottest fucks available in Rhyheim’s Fans pages.

It is going to sound silly, out of how simple it is. What captivated my attention and fondness was that he would actually listen to the questions, would actually answer them. It was at the very beginning of his raise, so he still did not have some of the talking points he has developed now.

In few words, he was something unseen in Politics for a long time. An educated, unpretentious, intelligent, empathetic, common sensical kind of guy, having an actual honest conversation. Actually talking, listening and responding in a meaningful exchange, without avoiding the point.

Per example, when he was asked about the Green Deal and its allegedly impossible goals, he humbly answered something like “I understand the difficulty, but the bottom line is we do not have an option”. I was immediately caught by that humble and at the same time unapologetic and common sensical way to recognize and point to the facts.

Mayor Pete’s secret seems to be quite simple: a return to the basics, to human empathy and civil dialogue based in factual data. Plus, he is a guy most people can identify with, and at the same time admire and look up at.

Rhyheim’s secret

We started this article with an analogy between Rhyheim Shabazz and Pete Buttigieg. It is time to explain it. Just as Mayor Pete personifies a return to the basics of civil public conversation, Rhyheim Shabazz has become the icon for the basics of good sex.

A new scene

Rhyheim edited this clip to be share exclusively with us. I:30 of pure Love. You are not going to find anything longer out of his fans pages.

This new double release with Jay Alexander is the perfect example. Double S, Simple and Superb. They smoke a blunt and then dive in sexual spiritual experience. No accessories or enhancements needed.

Watching Rhyheim and Jay interacting is reminding us what the important thing is. Often we lose our ways, distracted by paraphernalia, toys, costumes, designed drugs, and all the etceteras. All those things, that should and can be legit tools for our pleasure, have become avatars for pleasure itself.

Rhyheim and Jay “just” kiss. They “just” hug and cuddle, “just” make old traditional and conventional fucking. It is not what they are doing but how they are doing it, how they are feeling. They are 100% into each other, exploring and feeling each other, looking for that connection when they can forget they are two and become something else together. Based on the fragments I have the exclusive privilege to preview, they succeed most of the time.

Rhyheim is at his best, as he always is when he can forget about the camera. Jay is another example of an experienced veteran who we thought had already delighted us with his best, nevertheless reaching new highs of shining talent when touched by Big Bro.

Finally, we have the icing on the cake. The extraordinary connection reached by these two talented performers is documented by one of the best if not DA BEST camera in the market: Mr. EagleEyeXXX. His screen name is a good representation of his talent, the man does not miss anything that is relevant to document the connection. His eyes are always in the right places, and I am very thankful for that.

Waiting for we do not know what

Besides inspiration for my masturbatory fantasies and lessons on good sex, Rhyheim is filtering away the narcissistic assholes in the industry and pointing to the many cool guys entertaining us. Sean Zevran is one of my favorite keepers.

We are living in a weird moment. Things are changing very fast. I used to believe that my generation would not see the climate cataclysm, that someone like Trump would never be President, that Internet and social media were a revolutionary tool for the democratization of knowledge and science.

Apparently, I was wrong every single time. Change is self evident and you are crazy or stupid if you insist on denying or resisting it. I have been used and opened to change all my life long.

However, it is different now. This new age of changes comes with uncertainty. I am not sure of what is going on and have no idea where we are heading to.

We will not address Politics in this article beyond our previous references to Mayor Pete. But not only Politics are in the middle of a process of change, all social and cultural spheres are.

Focusing on sex, Rhyheim may be one of the manifestations of this new thing that keeps rising but we do not know exactly what is. Although we do have some clues:

Yes, another list:

  • It is sex positive. All consensual ways of sex are celebrated. Even when we do not enjoy all of them, we welcome all of them.
  • It is sex affirmative. We like Sex, we prefer freak, existential/spiritual sex, but we like even quick jerk offs in the shower, although those can also reach epic levels of spirituality. Any sex is better than no sex. We talk a lot about sex, We have lots of sex. You do not need to be a Proud Slut, but we are.
  • It is reachable to most people. Look at Rhyeim’s videos. They are smoking hot and still, pure classic vanilla. Masterful, but clean and vanilla. You can have an average sexual mindset (no kinks, no toys, no role playing, just an old school good fuck) and still achieve the height of an existential sexual experience.
  • It is love positive. We are far away from the waiting and the bitching abounding in social media, and specifically in the Porn and Adult Entertainment Industry, including Escorting. We celebrate and support our friends and ignore our haters. Leave your petty quarrels in Middle School.
  • It is sex holistic. We respect all persons as a wholes. We are both, body and something else usually called spirit. If you are having “only sex”, you are probably not understanding what sex actually is. Your are not leaving out your spirit, you are only hurting it. And please, bitch, I am not talking about love. I mean, not only.


We are already sharing in our Just For Fans page some soft core fruits of our meeting in Mexico City with sweet Randisan.

There is something I know is coming and you can wait for. Rhyheim Shabazz has just responded my following up questions and soon we will publish the third interview with the Gay Porn Superstar of the hour. This time the topic is sex and sexuality, and once again Rhyheim’s responses make me feel closer to him even when we disagree. Stay tuned.

You can also expect a report on Mexico City. We just returned from a short visit, fascinated by the unique syncretism achieved by the Aztec nation. You can check my traveling log in Boytoy, but in the next days you will find a report focused on Sex in Mexico City here in the blog.

Additionally, while I was visiting Mexico we crossed paths with Randisan and have our second hot meeting after Buenos Aires. We already started posting some soft core video in our JustFor.Fans page, there is a lot more, and there is an update to my original review also coming.

With less certainty I can announce more interviews coming. Rhyheim seems to honestly like my work and he is playing the role of my agent with other porn stars. Perhaps the next one will be Jay Alexander.

Anyways, as our hope keeps rising, let’s keep fucking and celebrating good sex and good lovers.

Hasta la prΓ³xima pinga, amig@s!



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