Rhyheim Shabazz is the last boom in the Pornosphera, indeed. We have the privilege to be the first ones to interview him.

Who is Rhyheim Shabazz?

Rhyheim Shabazz interview
Since his coming up in Twitter a few weeks ago, porn stars and performers have paraded through Rhyheim Shabazz’ bedroom.

If you are into porn and have a Twitter account, you have been already exposed to Rhyheim Shabazz’ magic. His power is strong enough to cause an unexpected effect: it confuses, disorients you. It cannot be real, such level of perfection and excellence.

Of course, when I had my initial shock, I thought I got a crush on this man. However, it did not take long to realize that it was not just me. We all have a crush on Rhyheim. When I wrote my first article about this outstanding performer, he had 45.4 followers in his Twitter account, after opening it just a few weeks before. When my second post devoted to him was published, his followers were 54.2K, only 4 days later. While we are writing these words, one day later, the count is 59.2K.

Clearly, Rhyheim’s raise can only be compared to Alam Wernik‘s booming in social media a couple of years ago. However, it took long months to Alam to get to the place Rhyheim reached in a few weeks.

I LIKE PINGA reached to him asking for an interview but Rhyheim Shabazz’ initial reaction was reluctant. Fortunately, he changed his mind. And he did it because he read us, and liked us. Needless to say how proud and honored we are.

The interview to Rhyheim Shabazz

We completed the interview through email. Someday, we will have the privilege of a video recorded one.

  • ILP: How old are you?
  • RS: 37… Born October 22.
  • ILP: How old is Shiva?
  • RS: Shiva’s 2. She’ll be 3 in July.
  • ILP: What are your full stats?
  • RS: 6’3, 185 lbs, size 11 feet …anything else?
  • ILP: Where are you originally from?
  • RS: Born and raised in southern New Jersey. Not an exciting area but it’s home.
  • ILP: What are your personal interests and hobbies? What do you do for fun, besides fucking every single available hottie?

Rhyheim Shabazz is into bitches

  • RS: Ha. I think that I did way more fucking before helping Leon start his fan page than I do now. My daily activities are pretty dull to most of my friends. I’m mostly with my dogs so I’m usually on a hike or being silly at the park. Very much a homebody. Things like reading, smoking, watching CNN… that’s me.
  • ILP: Dogs? So Shiva is not the only bitch in your live? How many dogs do you have?
  • RS: My first dog is Violet, an 11 year old yellow Labrador. I spend hours at the park with her playing frisbee. Two years ago I went to the park one weekend morning to play frisbee with Violet. I noticed a couple at a picnic table with this cute husky puppy running around them. I asked if they were training her. Then I noticed that the woman was crying. They said that they had a flight in a matter of hours and needed to find a home for her. They’s noticed me at the park with Violet a few times and asked if I’d like to take her. I looked her in those blue eyes and it was a no-brainer.

A major in Political Science

  • ILP: Would you mind sharing your professional/academic background before starting you porn adventures? If you do not want to share that, would you at least tell us whether or not you had any experience at all related to the adult entertainment industry and/or social media?
  • RS: I’m an open book. I went to college at Morehouse College and Rutgers university, but ditched school for LA. I studied political science and English. I don’t think that I really studied anything remotely related to what I’m doing now. Before Halloween I’d NEVER used twitter and had been gone cold turkey when it comes to social media for about 5 years. 

The beginning

Rhyheim Shabazz and Leon
The room mates taking a bath.
  • ILP: How did you end as Leon’s room mate (or vice versa)?
  • RS: While in Barcelona last summer I randomly hooked up with Andy Star and we watched a few of my homemade movies. My friends and I would get together and record our sessions (which are so fucking hot that it’s such a shame that they’re private) for the fun of it. He thought I’d be good to have a fan page. After he explained to me what a fan page was, I decided to contact a few guys via Grindr and Jackd about working on a fan page for them. Leon was the only one foolish enough to come over and hear me out.
  • ILP: How were you discovered by Tim Kruger?
  • RS: I was introduced to Tim Krueger by Andy Star. I’d posted my amateur video with Andy and I guess a lot of people liked it.

Porn career or not porn career

  • ILP: Your Twitter profile says you are Timtales exclusive. How long is your exclusive contract?
  • RS: They’re pretty amazing as people and at the way they run things. I’m person that’s all about loyalty, honesty, and respect. At Tim Tales I’ve found all three. This is home for as long as they want me.
  • ILP: Are you starting a serious career in the industry? What are your plans?
  • RS: I hate to disappoint everyone, but I’m really just having fun. Everything is new and a bit interesting to me. The learning process is what’s fun (maybe because things are working). I can’t say that I would have lasted a week if the response were mostly negative.

Rhyheim Shabazz and the Porn Industry

Rhyheim Shabazz fucks Sean Zevran interview
Observe this scene arrangement. These guys are about to give another hit to the already struggling porn studios. Who need them when you can display this creative talent without them?
  • ILP: Even if you are new to the Porn Industry, I am sure you have a well informed opinion from your short (so far) but booming experience or as a consumer. What do you think of the state of the industry right now?
  • RS: I’m really clueless when it comes to the workings of the professional porn industry. I mean I’m wiser now but I’m no expert. From my perspective, it’s like every other industry… in a constant state of change. There’s a creativity and art that I feel people are embracing but it’s easily overshadowed by the greed and ego of a few. 
  • ILP: Do you have any favorite porn studios?
  • RS: Obviously I’m going to say Tim Tales. They know and respect their audience to the point that my controlling nature was able to relax and take direction… all from the respect that I gained from the Tim Tales family while visiting Barcelona.

Interview Breaking news #1

Rhyheim Shabazz fucks Sean Zevran interview
Although I am not sure whether or not it is love, I can indeed see some feelings in that face.

With my apologies, I have to make a comment here. Noticeably, some of his followers in Twitter already pointed to this. Rhyheim has a serious crush on Sean Zevran and you can tell it from the next answer in the interview.

However, what is not similarly clear is whether or not he is corresponded. Although Sean Zevran has made some posts that are ambiguous and playing with suspense, he has not openly declared his fondness up to the extent Rhyheim does below.

Are we witnessing the birth of the porn romance of the Millennium?

  • ILP: Do you have any favorite porn performers? You are fucking all of them.
  • RS: I love Andy Star to death. He’s smart in a way that’s hard to describe, yet sexy in a way that’s obvious. He’s also just a sweet person all around. Just days ago, I met Sean Zevran for the first time. He is EVERYTHING in so many ways that I get warm inside thinking of words that would describe him. Sean embodies what I’d want in not just a companion, but also a friend and a human being. He’s so unaffected by the admiration for him that he breaks a sweat just to accept a compliment. Sean doesn’t need an entourage. He doesn’t need VIP. He doesn’t seek attention or parade some heir of celebrity. In this industry I’ve seen it in people like Viktor Rom, Cade Maddox, Diego Summers, Deep Dicc and a number of others. That humility is what I look for and what I need when dealing with folks. It’s just that with Sean it’s illuminated beyond belief.

His self produced masturbatory nukes

Rhyheim Shabazz interview
What about here? Love?
  • ILP: In my opinion, your scene with Timtales was a nice kick start but not the secret of your astonishing success. What blew our minds is your self produced videos shot in your bedroom in Los Angeles. Everyone notices your mouth watering good looks and your talent in the sack, but not many realize that we are actually seeing what the camera is showing us. Who is behind the camera?
  • RS: Ha. I usually hold the camera but I have a friend that’s a magician with a camera. He’s been begging for MONTHS to hold the camera for me. When I decided to create my twitter account and show my face, it was a no brainer to contact him so that I can relax and focus on what’s important. Fucking.
  • ILP: Are you working by yourself on launching your career or you have a team and a business plan?
  • RS: There is no machine. There is no plan. Everything is spontaneous. So whatever you see happen going forward… it’s fate. I take no responsibility.

Interview Breaking News #2

Recently, everyone went crazy because Facebook and IG went down. Perhaps, tomorrow March 15th, several Internet servers will crush, overwhelmed by the explosive traffic generated by Rhyheim Shabazz’ new fans page.

  • ILP: Are you going to open your own JFF or OF account? Can you do it under your contract with Timtales?
  • RS: There are no fan page restrictions under my contract. I think that answers both questions. 
  • ILP: When will you open your own fans page?
  • RS: I hope to have my pages up and running Friday (March 15th)
  • ILP: Besides performing in porn videos, are you planning other roles in the adult entertainment industry? (video production, go go dancing, strip teasing, party hosting, etc.)
  • RS: Again… 0 plans or expectations

The interview delivers bad news…

As you probably know, most of our blog readership comes from middle age and older men into hiring escorts. Unfortunately, Rhyheim delivers bad news for us in the next section of the interview.

  • ILP: Do you have any experience escorting or would you consider it now?
  • RS: Ha! It’s how I grew out of my shell. I started escorting in college at the age of 20. Retired at 30. Yes… I’m one of the lucky few that “landed” a sugar daddy. I don’t think that I have the kind of patience that I had back then, which is more than necessary when people are paying good money for your time. Rather than cheat folks outta their money, I prefer to leave it to the pros that don’t disappoint.

and also good news for us

Rhyheim Shabazz
Perhaps, this is a premonitory picture. The Rhyheim Shabazz family.

Despite the disappointment, we also received good news. Clearly, we have a few very important things in common, besides our fondness for freak sex: a passion for honesty, progressive politics, human empathy, and weed.

  • ILP: What are your turn ons and offs?
  • RS: Turn ons… HONESTY and confidence. It’s a requirement if you plan to be around me. Otherwise, I go out of my way to make sure that you don’t like me. Turn offs… Hypocrisy. I’m a person that’s big on empathy. Practice what you preach.
  • ILP: Indica or Sativa?
  • RS: BEST INTERVIEW EVER!!! Indica dominant hybrid. Am I the only one that doesn’t feel much from Sativa?

Waiting for Rhyheim Shabazz’ fans page

Probably the interview does not ask many f the questions you would have asked. Be patient, it is only the first one. I am confident that soon other outlets with more resources and traffic than I LIKE PINGA will fight to have their own interviews.

Unfortunately, this is the best we can do. Although we are not planning any meeting, perhaps some time in the future we will coincide in the same place. In that case, we will shoot a video interview, a very good one indeed. It looks like our world views are very much aligned, and I am confident that the dynamics of a real conversation would produce an entertaining and interesting result.

Meanwhile, we are waiting to receive the alert from JustFor.Fans.

If you like what you are reading, follow us in Twitter. That is the way you learn about a new post.

Hasta la próxima pinga, amig@s!



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