The clips with Rhyheim & The Cash Twins are the last breakthrough in our favorite star’s production. However, there is much more to report.

Playing catch up

Evidently, this motherfucker cannot stop drilling every single hot ass at reach. Our intention was to devote a full post every time Rhyheim produced something specially good. However, this man produces premium material too often. In order to follow my original plan, I would need to become a full time blogger.

But I can’t. In view of his prolific creative drive, I have to address more than one exceptional scene in each post. Needless to say, I am talking only about the clips I like the most. Reporting on every single man who walks into the legendary bedroom would be impossible.

We chose “Rhyheim & The Cash Twins” as headline, though. Why?

Since our last report, Rhyheim has produced several extra hot scenes. To be honest, Rhyheim & The Cash Twins is not even my favorite one. However, I recognize it as his last breakthrough. That is why I chose the headline for this post. I will expand on that topic. You can scroll down to that section if you came looking for The Cash Twins.

So this is my attempt to catch up with our adorable mass fucker. Since Rhyheim is traveling, his production will slow down for a few weeks.

Rhyheim & Jack Hunter

Rhyheim fucking Jack Hunter
Rhyheim hammers mercilessly Jack Hunter’s ass. Once again, we thank EagleEye’s camera skills.

We are not even starting our list with Rhyheim & The Cash Twins. After his swimming pool scene with Jay Alexander, several partners recorded before The Cash Twins, but only one impressed me.

Jack Hunter performed the best fuck of his entire career. I have been following this boy since his first clip, and never saw him fucking as well as with Rhyheim. I just wish he did not paint his nails on black. It gives me the creeps.

Once again, remember I am highlighting the scenes I like the most. Rhyheim is posting much more material. You may want to take a look at the scenes with Xaddy Corvinus, Adam Ranzi, and a threesome with Xmanican and Carson Cruise. All of them came before Rhyheim and The Cash Twins.

Certainly, let’s not forget to recognize the talent behind most if not all of these scenes. EagleEye keeps our attention in he right places, always.

Rhyheim & The Cash Twins

rhyheim and the cash twins
These are the moments I look for when watching porn. Look how Eagle Eye’s camera perfectly documents these three lovers facial expressions.

As we mentioned before, we chose Rhyhyeim & The Cash Twins to headline this report not because it is our favorite scene, but because it is the breakthrough production in this batch.

To illustrate my point, let’s remember the last two breakthrough works coming from Rhyheim’s factory. His scene with Kurt Jacobs brought a completely new imagery to the scenarios Rhyheim had accustomed us to before. Rhyheim’s expanding pornuiverse includes now bearish older men and cigar smokers.

Then Shabazz blew our minds with a romantic masturbatory nuke. His scene with Jay Alexander breaks all the standards for porn productions, not only home made ones. The talent of these two superstars and EagleAye together with Rhyheim’s creative genius, gave as a piece of art that has no equivalent in many years of porn productions.

Now, we got Rhyheim & The Cash Twins. Once again, Big Bro breaks with all stereotypes and expectations, and bring us two partners no one would have predicted would be sharing his legendary bed. Once again, our favorite mass fucker expands his pornuiverse and, of course, his market.

Rhyheim & Judas King

Rhyheim and Judas King
OMFG. This meeting is one of my favorite ones in Rhyheim’s history. You should listen to the moaning, and the wet noises when fucking.

As we said before, Rhyheim & The Cash Twins is not actually our favorite scene. I find it conceptually very appealing, but rather weak in its masturbatory inspirational power. Yes, it is just my opinion, my preference, and my masturbation.

Indeed, my favorite scene in this batch is Rhyheim & Judas King. Before seeing it, I did not know who Judas King was. Now, I am ready to dive in my knee and propose to him. This boy is a beauty, he hits all the bullets in my list.

They have such a nice fuck. First they flip flop in a massages exchange. Then, the drilling starts. Just recalling Judas’ moaning is giving me a boner while I am writing these comments. Once again, Eagle Eye documents spotlessly the best moments, the best expressions, the best noises.

What is next

There is more after Judas, if you are curious. You can check Rhyheim’s fuck with Josh Moore, and the amazing Italo Andrade fucking with a Brazilian partner.

Right now we are witnessing a romance (we do not know whether this is just a porn crush or something more serious) between Rhyheim and Jay Alexander. Out of the blue and from Italy, Big Bro has invited Jay to join him in his tours, and Jay has accepted. We know something is coming from that meeting, specially considering that Rhyheim’s invitation included EagleEye.

Besides that future “collaboration” coming, Rhyheim left us a last gift before boarding his place. After 8 months since their first movie (the one who launched BigBro rocketing career), Rhyheim and Leon Reddz gave us another jewell. The full movie is not yet published, but you can enjoy several previews in Twitter.

Let’s wish a safe trip to our favorite mass fucker and his crew.

Hasta la próxima pinga, amig@s!


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