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Who the best escorts are around the world is the topic of this post. Actually, I should say who the best escorts are in the few cities around the world I have visited so far. 

Best escorts for me

best escortsThis is just the regular and periodically issued disclaimer. My opinion is absolutely subjective and based in my personal experiences, hints, and preferences. I have no pretension to be objective and label a professional in any way. 

Being not included in this list of best escorts does not say anything about a provider. Please, keep that in mind. However, in case you have been following my adventures and share my preferences; or even in case you benefited from my previous reviews, there is a good chance these guys may also be your best escorts.

Besides, never forget the scope of this blog has a huge limitation. This blogger quest is for younger guys (20s) into daddies, preferentially Black and/or Latino. There are many talented professionals who do not fit in that profile, so keep your mind open if you do not share my taste. 

One last limitation. I am poor. I wish trying every single desirable provider were at my reach, but it is not. We can only compliment the few ones we have tried. Let’s start by home.

Best escorts in Washington DC 

versatile surprise

Jaquan and Lee in Versatile Surprise, fully viewable in our OnlyFor.Fans account.

Of course the list must start with my Cherokee Warrior, the beautiful Lee. Not only Lee is gorgeous, but has consistently gone out of his way to please every single one of my wishes. He is the main protagonist of my video experiments. And his fee is one of the lowest in the market.

I am not sure about Jaquan. His last communication was to ask me to put down some of his pictures because now he was retiring and in a relationship. However, he has not put his ad down. It is posible he lied to me because he changed his mind and regretted taking those pics. The fact is that his ad is up, and the boy is a hot lover if you can contact him. I will not, as his last call was to tell me he was retiring.

Lee does only outcalls, Jaquan does in an outcalls, he has a very conveniently located, nice place in the H St corridor. Lee has a car and covers Baltimore and all the DMV area. Jaquan’s mobility is more limited. 

Best escorts in Las Vegas

KevinIf you happen to be visiting Sin City, you may have the privilege to enjoy my current favorite boy. Kevin has moved to Vegas just a few months ago. He is amazing, there is nothing new I can add to all I have written about him. You should not miss the chance to enjoy his company, his fees are very competitive. 

And he keeps his competitive fees even when touring the country. If you are not planning to visit Vegas but still want to try this delicious chocolate treat, keep checking his profile in Rentmen. Kevin travels quite often, I meet him during his frequent visits to DC. He will be soon visiting Canada.


Best escorts in Seattle, WA

best escorts

Timarrie Baker, Number One in my To Do List

This one, I have never met. Timarrie Baker has been the Number One in all my To Do Lists, since the very first day I saw him performing in porn. You should follow his IG and his Twitter accounts.

Not only Timarrie is astonishingly beautiful to my taste, not only his voice and his demeanor are irresistibly sexy, not only he is a sexual freak highly gifted in the sack, but also he is one of those boys who can actually feel a strong attraction for an older man. My guts tell me, and every single testimony from folks blessed by his companionship concur. 

A few times we discussed privately plans to meet in DC, but we have never been able to do it. That is one of the dreams you could help up with by joining our JustFor.Fans account. He travels quite often through the West Coast, recently moved to Seattle from Portland. If you are anywhere in the Pacific coastline, you should be checking his traveling plans. I do it, and I am in DC.

Best escorts in Dallas, Texas

best escorts

Amazing Allen

Allen and I met only once. I am right now struggling with contacting him to book our second meeting during his coming visit to DC. I would be very sorry if I do not hear back from him. Our meeting was explosive and one of my top sexual experiences ever for a first time. The boy is insatiable.

It is not only me. After his review was published, several friends contacted me to express their appreciation for the recommendation. Allen is really outstanding, there are no overstatements here. He is not only one of the best escorts I ever tried, but also one of the most voracious kissers and bottoms I ever been with. Period.

Best escorts traveling around

Sean recommended pingasI do not know where Sean Xavier’s home base is now. After he came back from his second retirement he has been touring the USA and traveling abroad to film porn. 

So keep checking his ad In Rentmen to follow his traveling plans. Sean delivers a premium experience in bed, and if you are looking for more, possesses a sophisticated intellect. He is the perfect choice for a traveling companion, or a multiple hours meeting.

Hurry up, before he retires again.

Best escorts in Buenos Aires, Argentina

best escorts

Carlos Aleman

Best escorts


best escorts










If you are staying even for one single night in the Argentine Capital, you must meet Carlos Aleman. He is not Argentinean but part of the Venezuelan diaspora.  The boy is beautiful and amazing, I cannot add more to this and this posts.

If you happen to stay longer, you may consider booking Carlos for all your staying, or you can try other local offerings. Interestingly, none of them is Argentine.

Douglas is a beautiful carioca that offers massages and escorting services. He has his own place in a safe and easy to access apartment in Barrio Norte, but he also offers  outcalls. This Brazilian garoto is 30 years old, I met him on his birthday day, but looks like 22. 

Randisan is Peruvian, and one of the most interesting characters I ever met in our hobby’s world. He does not have his own place, but fortunately “telos” in Buenos Aires are very affordable, safe, and comfortable. 

As I am writing this post, the city must be a hiring paradise if you are a foreigner from a country with a strong currency. Back in July, when I was visiting, the exchange was $AR 28 for one dollar. Right now is 40. The prices probably went up in local currency, but I doubt they were dollarized. 

Best escorts in Resistencia, Argentina 


From Forbiddel Apple, fully viewable in our JustFor.Fans account

If you happen to stop by Corrientes or Resistencia during your trip to Argentina, you must meet Forbidden Apple. The boy was an amazing finding during my last visit. Not only we had lots of hot fun but also produced some material for our JustFor.Fans account.



Best escorts in Paris, France

finding porn

Pablo Bravo doing what he does best

This is another special case, together with Timarrie. I have never met Pablo Bravo, but I do not need to. There is no doubt in my mind that if we meet, the experience will be memorable, at least for me.

Pablo’s physique is well documented to the millimeter squared in his abundant porn work and social media pictures. Not a conventional beauty. If you are a tattoo hater you should probably pass. To me, he is jaw dropping beautiful.

However it is not his looks what attracts me the most, or what gives me confidence about our potential meeting success. 

Pay attention to his videos. Observe his confidence. Observe the relaxed and calmed, but at the same time passionate way he interacts in both roles. Look at how careful he treats, how expertly he handles his partners when they are about to bottom for him. Look at how generously and openly he offers and gives himself when he is about to bottom.

All of which would be enough to assure me a successful experience. But there is still more.

Pablo is not just a beautiful man and a skillful lover. No señor. He is also an educated, highly intelligent and creative sexual being. It is not just my opinion but what it is clearly documented in his own porn studio and his Twitter and IG accounts. 

Best escorts in Manila, Philippines

best escorts


I met Eli a few years ago, when he was still living in DC. He was actually my first successful premium escort experience. Even when he is only top, we became regulars and played together most times without penetration. 

We stopped meeting shortly before he moved out to become a traveling blogger, settling down for now in Manila. The reason why we stopped meeting speaks loudly about how a devoted pleaser he is. It is a long story that perhaps I will share some time. Not now.

If you are around Manila, the boy is an engaged and passionate kisser, and I am sure a talented top. And a sweet, educated, and very sophisticated companion. Check his ad in Rentmen.

A very exclusive list

Indeed, that was a very exclusive list of best escorts. There are many more guys I have met and I can strongly recommend, but I wanted to select here only the best of the best. 

I can guarantee that meeting any of these guys will provide you with a memorable experience. The only ones I have not met (yet) are Timarrie and Pablo, and still I recommend them with no hesitation. 

Even if you are in a bad day, even if you are wired to fuck up your night, meeting any of these guys will loose you out and flip your mood. Resistance is futile.

Hasta la próxima pinga, amig@s!


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