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I met Eli a couple of years ago. He was my first fully successful experience with an escort. I had been checking his pictures, specially attracted to the close ups to his face, and had not made the first move yet because I thought they were too good to be true. Until a friend from he M4M forums recommended him to me.

Contacting him was very easy and the communication was friendly, warm, and promising. We made an appointment on his birthday. A friend of him gave him a room in the Palomar as a birthday gift, and we met there.

When he opened the door, his smile immediately captivated me, but I was completely lost when he turned around and I saw his butts pumping up trying to jump out of his jeans. He is relaxed, cool, educated, charming and extremely attractive. We smoked a joint in the bathroom and discussed our session a little bit. He is a dominant top, and was concerned about how well would perform as a sub, although bottoming was out of the table.

No concerns, we struggle a little bit but I felt he did great. He was absolutely focused on pleasing me. When I said before this was my first successful escort experience, I meant that for the first time I felt like both of us were into each other. However, later on I would learn it has not actually been a great but just a good experience, because the rapport went on improving.

I continued meeting him several times. I came to know him better and found out he is one of the most talented teasers I have ever met. That first meeting that impressed me so much was just a sample, a promise of what was about to come. Eli shared his best skills one at the time, adding a new one each meeting. If you decide to call him, you will have a great time, but rest sure it is nothing compared to what is waiting for you once you become a regular.

I consider myself a dark spirit, someone in contact with the tragedy of being a human, I now and then let that dark side drag me down. Not Eli. He has faced and is facing much challenging experiences I have, and however he always radiates light, and life, and optimism. Meeting him is a consistent uplifting shot of young energy, curiosity, and surprise. And of course, of so much pleasure!

I cannot wait to see him again.


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