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Ashton new fucks Ashton Summers returned

XL new fucksNew year, new fucks. Allow me to introduce you to my 2018 To Do List. Most names are not new, I have failed to meet them last year. Just a couple ones are new additions, beautiful guys I found out after my last New Fucks List. They are listed randomly, not in order of priority.


Ashton Summers

Ashton new fucksThis boy is new in my list. I had seen him before, but I did not actually noticed him until last year. His background is extremely appealing: former ballet dancer, architecture student, smart, Boricua, and a freak. Did I say he is astonishingly beautiful? And damn he likes sex, he cannot fake that in his porn performances.

The fact that his first language is Spanish makes him extra appealing. After all these years I am fully bilingual, but there is still a plus when I can connect in Spanish, that is one of the advantages of my adorable Isaac Powers.

There are a coupe of cons, though. I do not know whether or not he escorts, and I see no traces of him being into older guys. Based on what he shares in his Twitter account, I would say he is definitely into twinks.

Whatever he prefers, I would love meeting him. I think he will be one of the biggest porn stars if he decides to go on with his adult entertainer career. If he is in the market, and we coincide in the same city, I hope I can afford his time.

Victor Powers, probably the first to be dropped out of the New Fucks list

victor powers new fucksVictor is also a new addition. I noticed him last year when he started participating in the M4M forums. Besides an amazing body, he has a brain and a sense of humor very appealing to me.

My interest significantly peaked when I saw one of his porn performances. I think (I am not sure) his whole porn career consists of three scenes shot for Next Door Studios and Bromo. The one I saw is with Scotty Zee. He also filmed a threesome with Scotty and Lance Taylor for the same studio and a scene with Rod Peterson for Bromo.

There is a very good chance I will be able to remove him from my new fucks list and hopefully to make him a regular. He will be in DC in February, and we will be attending an event in April in Palm Springs, so I have at least two opportunities to get acquainted in the first semester. Wish me luck.

Osiris Blade

Osiris blade new fucksOsiris is a classic in my new fucks list. I have had him there for years now, since the first time I saw one of his porn performances. I already wrote about him and I refer to my own words. Perhaps this is our year, Lord of the After Life.


XL new fucksAnother classic. I almost met him last year. During one of his visits to DC I made a mistake while negotiating a meeting, he got upset and blocked me. Fortunately we made peace through Twitter. He was in DC last week but unfortunately it was not good timing for me.

Mike Maverick

mike maverick new fucksThis boy has driven me crazy since the first time I saw him in porn, when he was still unknown. He has been in my To Do List for years now, but luck has not been with me. He moved to California last year, making our meeting even less probable. You can check what I wrote before about him.

Timarrie Baker

timarrie new fucksIn order to meet Timarrie I have been willing to go further than ever before, but unfortunately it was not enough. We keep in touch and the possibility is always there. Just because he is the absolute #1 in my new fucks list, I dare to say there is a good chance we will meet this year. I really want it to happen.

Check what I wrote about him before. His Twitter account has been cancelled (twice!), but he is still reachable through his ad, his Rentmen ad, and his IG account.

I must meet him this year.

Louis Ricaute

Louis new fucksLouis has been in my To Do List for a couple of years now. Last time I was in Buenos Aires (his home base) I contacted him but our schedules did not match. I will be back this July. If he is there at the same time, bingo. I am not sure it is going to happen as he is traveling a lot because of his raising porn career. He is in Barcelona right now, just shot with Timarrie.


DiegoThe physical attraction I feel for this man is special. He has been in my new fucks list for several years. I do not want to repeat myself, please read what I wrote before.


Ali new fucksI discovered this beauty last year. His debut in porn was just outstanding. I devoted a post to him also. Hopefully he will start touring some day. Or perhaps, just like Mahoma, I should go to the mountain.

Alam Wernick

alam new fucksWell, this is just a fantasy. I am putting Alam in my new fucks list because I really, really want to fuck him. Unfortunately, I know it is not going to happen. Beyond my reach.

Corbin Colby

Corbin new fucksI discovered this boy also last year, in a video where he starts dressed in Football gear and gets fucked by a friend. I wanted him immediately. Whether or not he escorts remains a mystery to me, I have never really researched him. I just know I want him.



The list actually goes longer, but these are the guys I am willing to do an extra effort for. I hope 2018 is our year.

Hasta la próxima pinga, amig@s!


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