Sean recommended pingas

Yes, Sean is back.

It was not the first time he retired. The first time lasted a little bit longer. This second time many of us thought it was more serious, as Sean had just completed his post graduate program and started a new relationship. It really looked like he was closing a chapter in his life to start a new one.

Well, we were wrong. That was a short second retirement. Many were skeptical when Sean announced he was stepping down when his career was still going up. They were correct. The Ebony God is back and his Rentmen ad shows him available once again.

His wording is ambiguous, but it looks like his coming back is still within the parameters he shared with me before retiring. As you probably read in my previous post, his plan was keeping himself available for multiple days engagements. He may be fishing the market, I do not know. He has not responded when I tried to reach out.

Let’s keep tuned for more news, I anticipate new porn scenes.


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