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Alternativa’s OnlyFans is a gate to men’s sensuality and sex’s joy. Finally, we are delivering on the promise we made back in February.

Alternativa’s OnlyFans

You feel immediately welcomed when you start scrolling the posts in Alternativa’s OnlyFans. There is a light general atmosphere strikingly contrasting with most fans’ pages. Forget about the lustful kinkiness of most porn websites. Forget any darkness, any moaning in hidden, forgiven places. Instead, JotaPê’s kingdom is a land of light, sun, and outdoor life.

His kingdom’s landscape boils with men wanting each other in the open, with no inhibitions, hesitations, or guilt. Far from the solemnity and the overplaying of tabus and transgressiveness usual in the Pornuniverse, JotaPê’s work lightly celebrates homosexuality and homoeroticism with innocence, playfully, and everywhere.

Soon, you realize why you feel so welcome and at home. JotaPê showcases his deep understanding of sensuality in the context of his sense of humor and musicality. In my opinion, he is an erotic artist rather than a pornographer.

Not only is he a talented Creator of Adult Art, but he is also a generous one. When we write this report, Alternativa’s OnlyFans holds an inventory of 250 videos and 246 photos; a collection started in February 2021. This treasure is available for only $ 9.99 monthly, plus discount bundles if you sign up for multiple months. If that is not enough to make your decision, read one more thing. You will not have to pay extra fees to access full access to all materials.

JotaPê’s musicality and sense of humor

Besides piles of inspirational masturbatory videos, you will have fun if you join Alternativa’s OnlyFans. JotaPê can laugh at himself and, in the process, infects everyone else to the point that often, his sense of humor distracts the performers when he drops a casual joke in the middle of their interaction. These precious moments are profusely documented in his Back of Stage editions.

Although not precisely erotic, some of his most entertaining clips come from the mix between his talent for comedy and his sense of musicality. JotaPê likes dancing and particularly loves making everyone dance with him. Perhaps it is his way to relax and foster friendly, uninhibited bonds among the artists involved in every production. We do not know. Certainly, when he starts leading porn performers and others into a choreography, the joy is contagious.

Comedy aside, some of the most interesting products in Alternativa’s OnlyFans come from combining his musicality with his understanding of sensuality. Besides recycling his videos into “Director’s Cut” versions, JotaPê creates sensual video clips.

We cannot share his best works as they are behind Alternativa’s OnlyFans paywall. Above, you have a small sample of what he does. The clip illustrating this section is representative (although shorter and not as well-finished) of his early music video clips, charged with sensuality and suggestiveness but without explicit sex.

As his pornographic production takes over his earlier focus on lighter sensuality, the video clips switch to a rawer tone. I have seen very few Adult Creators producing this kind of work, and even fewer do it with talent and grace. JotaPê tops all of them (pun intended). I dare to say that although you can feel he enjoys everything he does, these musical video clips occupy a special place in his artist’s heart.

Backstage JotaPê’s Style

alternativa's onlyfans

Alternativa’s OnlyFans begins with sensual photographs, videos, and a few porn productions with independent Brazilian creators and local studios. As his involvement with The Cooperative grows, porn moves to a more central position. Finally, once JotaPê becomes VoyR’s main videographer, porn takes over.

Of course, you will find many full porn videos with VoyR’s watermark. However, you may also find those creations related to Rhyheim Shabazz’s new studio in other outlets. As we know, VoyR follows the spirit of The Cooperative, and often everyone participating in a collaboration shares a bite of the copyright and profits. Yet, there is something unique to Alternativa’s OnlyFans.

You will not find anywhere else his backstage videos. Not only are they unique to JotaPê’s fans’ pages. Besides, they are unique to the genre.

Backstage editions usually include video shots during breaks or before and after production, with brief, casual interviews with the involved artists. You will find many of those, sometimes filmed by JotaPê and other times by Pedro, another talented videographer and photographer. But besides the conventional backstage editions, JotaPê offers a unique addition.

Often, he sets a still camera to film a wide frame during production. Also, sometimes Pedro moves around filming JotaPê while shooting a porn movie.

On the one hand, it is educative for the audience. As spectators, we witness the mix of reality and artificiality in porn production. Fortunately, the backstage is edited enough to keep artificiality without breaking the magic.

On the other hand, it is educative for porn creators. As porn artists, they can see the lighting design, JotaPê’s moves, and the quality of the human interactions behind cameras.

Whether you are an audience member or a porn creator, if you are an admirer of Rhyheim Shabazz and his crew, these backstage videos are the main reason you must join Alternativa’s OnlyFans.

JotaPê’s Porn

alternativa's onlyfans

Brazilian savoir-faire and JotaPê’s sex-positive mindset are profusely documented in Alternativa’s OnlyFans and are the perfect match to mingle with Neo Vanilla Porn.

It is no secret that this blogger thinks the Best Porn is coming today from the creative cluster orbiting Rhyheim Shabazz’s rising star. In Brazil, JotaPê is the main VoyR ambassador, and therefore we have guaranteed access to premium porn if joining his OnlyFans.

This blogger only has two things to ask to make his orgasms closer to perfection. First, I do not like the lights and/or the filters. I think the ones JotaPê is applying, added to Rhyheim’s fondness for white backgrounds, have become distracting.

Its most disturbing side effect is the whitening of the performers’ skin. Far from enhancing the beauty of the darker skin tones in most performers, these lights and filters are too shiny and make everyone look whiter. Additionally, notice the shine on the illustration for this section; it takes screen out of the performers. Unfortunately (for me), this filter is used too often in the latest productions.

Second, I want more Brazil. Yes, most creators are Brazilian, the natural landscapes are from Brazil, and the joyful sex is 100% Brazilian original. However, porn and photos are still produced with a US/European mindset. We want to see more South American culture and colors reflected in these video productions. But this may be a topic for another article, as we should not load JotaPê with all creative responsibility. I will make a later call to the team.

Join Alternativa’s OnlyFans

alternativa's onlyfans

Joining Alternativa’s OnlyFans is a must for all the reasons I shared. You will have full access (no extra fees) to the best porn in the market and unique materials from one of the most talented adult artists of our day. The porn is available in other outlets, but the bone-inspiring sensuality of JotaPês’ photos and video clips, and his unique backstage raw sex editions, can be found only on his fan pages.

Besides, Alternativa’s OnlyFans delivers a didactic experience. Whether a porn consumer or a porn creator, you learn much about making an adult movie. The documented backstage interactions also teach us much about the participants’ characters and personalities. And, of course, watching these porn productions is always a learning experience that enriches our sexual lives.

Still not ready to decide to join? I have one more pitch to motivate you. JotaPê’s star is rising. He is still growing in popularity but more significantly as an artist. He has reached this point after just a couple of years of intense work. Think of the promise.

Hasta la própxima pinga, amig@s!


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