Rhyheim & Khi Lavene is not only a hot, but also an educative and joyful experience. Indeed, it is the perfect prelude for the incoming expedition to Barcelona.

Khi Lavene

rhyheim and khi lavene
Rhyheim & Khi Lavene delivers one of the most joyful porn experiences I have enjoyed lately

There is a good chance you all know who Khi Lavene is. We have been following him since 2017. Back then this blog was just starting, and he was shining in The Fuck House. Those were pre-Neo Vanilla Porn times, when we were huge fans of Black Rayne Productions.

Khi Lavene never went beyond what used to be “alternative” studios. I may be wrong, but I think the only studios he worked for were the above mentioned in 2017 and 2018, and Dawgpoundusa in 2020. Most of his production has been for independent outlets, and included not only gay but also bisexual porn. You should join one of his own outlets, we will soon publish a report on his OnlyFans.

This blogger is not sure where he is located, but his creations make me feel like he belongs to the Atlanta cluster.

Not only Rhyheim & Khi Lavene is the first time these two creators are by themselves on the screen (they collaborated before in group scenes). Not only this is the first time Khi Lavene bottoms, although current porn breaking news are all about out it. Furthermore, this collaboration is the prelude to many more.

Welcome to The Cooperative

Although this is not the first time Rhyheim & Khi Lavene work together, the scene is heralding The Cooperative‘s incoming expedition to Barcelona.

Indeed, we will write a lot about the pornquake this expedition will trigger. But what makes us extra happy is the significance of this event for Khi Lavene’s future as an adult entertainer. He is an outstanding creator who so far has only shone in alternative circuits. His joining to The Cooperative announces a potential long lasting stardom in Neo Vanilla Porn.

As most new incorporations to The Cooperative, Khi Lavene is not only taking. Additionally to his performing talents, his own bisexual/fluid sexuality brand brings more diversity out of the shadows and into Neo Vanilla light. Adding him to the Barcelona’s expedition is another clue to Rhyheim’s genius.

Let’s take a closer look to the scene.

Rhyheim & Khi Lavene

rhyheim and khi joyful scene
The performers’ joy is contagious, eloquently documented by Eyefilmz‘ exceptional talents

Since Rhyheim and Elijah are together, duos coming from the legendary bedroom have become less usual. Of course, less usual also means more special. In this case, Khi Lavene bottoming for the first time is enough to make it a breaking news creation. However, breaking news in The Cooperative glossary is not enough. Often, it is synonym with breaking ground.

When we talk about a man’s first time bottoming, our most common association is with pain. If pain is what you are looking for, you will be disappointed. Instead, you will be showered by Joy.

Perhaps we should not be surprised. After all, Neo Vanilla Porn consistently highlights the Joyful nature of Sex. However, in this case, the “first time bottoming” theme brings more light to the extraordinary talents of the involved creators.

On one corner of the bed, we have Rhyheim Shabazz’ topping wisdom. On the other corner, we celebrate Khi Lavene’s openness to experimenting without hesitations. With them, EyeFilmz’ skills allow our eyes to be in the right places, in the right moments.

Finding joy in a Neo Vanilla creation is indeed not surprising. However, I was not expecting this scene to be one of the most, if not the most joyful collaboration I have ever seen coming from The Cooperative.

Outlining the scene

khi lavene playing with his hole

As usual in Big Bro/EyeFilmz’ creations, the scene does not start In Media Res. First, we witness a conversation between two friends.

Some excerpts of this conversation make the viewing experience extra educational. Of course, we are about to witness a lesson on fucking. But furthermore, at the beginning we enjoy a mini lesson on self marketing. Rhyheim’s support to his partners goes beyond giving them exclusive rights to publish their product (in this case, the scene will be available for two weeks at Khi’s OnlyFans, before Big Bro publishes it on his). Additionally, he shares the strategies that helped him to launch his talents over the One Million followers bench mark.

rhyheim and khi

After the friendly conversation, our heroes start making out. We do not have weed kissing as an opener, but several times throughout the action. Once they are stoned enough, and horny out of kissing and oral sex, Rhyheim starts to intentionally open Khi’s hole. He eats it and thoroughly works it, even when his cock.

rhyheim and khi

Some of my favorite moments are at the beginning, before the real hard fucking starts. There is something child-like in Khi’s joyful performance, masterly documented by EyeFilmz.

For instance, around minute 16′, Rhyheim gets inside for the first time. You should see Khi’s face. His expression is one of shinning happiness, and delighted frustration when Big Bro pulls out.

It reminded me of a boy riding a bicycle for the first time, and falling after a few seconds, shining out of pride and enthusiasm.

khi pushing rhyheim in

Once Big Bro gets fully inside, Khi Lavene performs like a veteran bottom. Not only does he take Rhyheim’s dick up to his balls. Besides, he pushes Rhyheim inside of him and, together, they go through a generous library of fucking positions. Indeed, Rhyheim & Khi Lavene is a hurricane of moaning, hot whispering, and laughing.

Nevertheless, it is more than that. You can learn a lot from watching how Rhtheym treats his lover. You can learn a lot from how Khi Lavene embraces self exploration and experimentation. We always said that there is a huge educational dimension in good porn. After this scene, we rest our case.

Waiting for the pornquake

Big Bro sucking dick

Is this scene announcing a new versatile era for Khi Lavene’s brand? Is Big Bro developing a new theme as tops’ top? We do not know.

We do know, as it was already announced, that soon Rhyheim & Khi Lavene will be departing to Barcelona. Right now, Rhyheim’s Twitter private messages must be flooded with European potential partners trying to collaborate. It is probably going to be one of this year top events in the Pornuniverse. I say “probably” because Big Bro keeps breaking his own records, and we are still far away from ending 2021.

Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, you should join Khi Lavene’s OnlyFans. For a couple of weeks, it is the only place where you can access the full movie. We have already joined. Besides Rhyheim & Khi Lavene, his OnlyFans contains plenty of smoking hot material. Soon, we will publish a full review. Bu right now, you can see how happy Khi is with his new toy.

Hasta la próxima pinga, amig@s!



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